Open Innovation vs Closed Innovation: Here’s the Lowdown


“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.” Margaret Heffernan – Entrepreneur, CEO and writer Few would disagree with the notion that innovation is driven by the sharing of good ideas. What is Open Innovation?

Living Labs and Open Innovation

HYPE Innovation

"Living labs" is a label applied to an array of very different innovation infrastructures that did not make it in the Jargon Madness finals of Forbes but is nonetheless “trendy, but confusing.” In this post, you will learn what it means and how linging labs is a usefuly concept for open innovatino programs. Ideation & Collaboration


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Ideation in Times of Crisis


The post Ideation in Times of Crisis appeared first on InnovationManagement. Collaborative Innovation Open Innovation coast guard continuous improvement coronavirus covid-19 Creativity crisis crisis response Crowdsourcing disaster preparedness disaster response Ideation social distancing

An Openly Innovative Attitude.


As a “newbie” to the innovation sector, I have to admit I had some help from the jargon buster. I’ve also come to understand that open innovation is no longer a novelty concept, rather a part of the culture at the heart of many companies, including Carlsberg , Argos , and Oxfam. This openness is helping them challenge conservative approaches thus, stand out from their competitors. Opening innovation up.

Open Innovation vs Closed Innovation: Here’s the Lowdown


“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.” Margaret Heffernan Few would disagree with the idea that innovation is driven by the sharing of good ideas. What is Open Innovation? What is Closed Innovation?

Three Flavours of Open Innovation: breaking down institutional boundaries through the X-Factor, Speed Dating, and iOT


A great deal of activity has been happening under the topic of ‘open innovation’, however we have found very different initiatives launched by our clients that challenge a common definition of the term. From this cross-client perspective we understand a broad set of practices and ambitions for open innovation, which we can begin to place in patterns of approach or flavours. We have just peeked at three different flavours of open innovation.

World Open Innovation Conference 2015: Final Program

Open Innovation

Thu 10:30 AM (Salon D): Modes of Open Innovation; Moderator: Marcel Bogers Mehdi Bagherzadeh and Sabine Brunswicker Mix and Match: Preferred ‘Mix of Open Innovation Modes’ for Solving Innovation Problems Roberto Camerani, Stefano Denicolai, Monica Masucci and Giovanni Valentini The Interplay of Inbound and Outbound Open Innovation and its Impact on Firm Performance Saumya Amarasinghe, Kenneth Husted and Frank Siedlok How Revealing is Revealing?

Open Innovation Platform for Singapore


Singapore is looking to ramp up its innovation efforts and therefore will soon be launching the Open Innovation Platform, a virtual crowdsourcing platform that aims to foster innovative ideas and narrow the gap between research and commercialization. Open Innovation Goals. Catalyzing innovation by developing a community of problem owners (such as trade associations, SMEs and Singapore-based companies) and solvers. Innovative Solutions Wanted.

Crossing Participative Innovation with Open Innovation (2/2)

Innovation Excellence

How compares Open Innovation with the Crowd with Participative Innovation? And what if, if Open Innovation, which was intended to seek out outside, were coming back inside? Continue reading → Customers Innovation Uncategorized collaboration Chesbrough co-creation Crowd Innovation Crowdsourced Innovation Hackathon ideation Open Innovation Participative innovation

Open Innovation Meets Democracy on Malta


The island country of Malta may start to change the way it does politics, by taking an open innovation approach. Within the last few days the Nationalist Party, a Maltese Christian democratic and conservative party launched the IDEAT project to encourage citizen engagement. In this vein it is requesting that citizens propose their ideas and open them up for discussion. For more information about the IDEAT Project, visit the party‘s website.

An open innovation success story


We have a particular key learning to share along with an open innovation success story. In a nutshell, she studied the world’s most innovative and creative companies and came to a particular discovery. Perhaps we can even say that human-centricity is needed more than ever in today’s Age of Innovation. As we are now in the new year of 2018, the power of innovation through Collective Creativity is not dying down. Nurture an innovation community.

IdeaLab: A New Kind of Open Innovation Platform

Collective Innovation

Open innovation means allowing everyone a voice at the table. Each individual has a unique perspective to add and can identify opportunities and problems that you otherwise may not see with the traditional closed innovation model. At Collective Innovation our focus has always been on increasing engagement, since your personal and organizational success is based on the buy-in and active participation of your community.

10 Commandments of Corporate (Open) Innovation


Yet, they are failing at corporate innovation. We believe that it doesn’t take a lot to do innovation better. Here a few rules companies can adopt instantly to get better at open innovation in no time! Corporate Innovation Rules 1. Create corporate innovation based on best practices, not by copy-pasting competitors’ activities. struggling with innovation the same way as them!?—?to to employ a generic innovation mechanism.

Sourcing Novel Timber Building Concepts with Open Innovation


To source innovative timber building designs Metsa Wood (part of the paper group Metsäliitto) invited architects, engineers and innovators to take part in the world’s first Open Source Wood Hackathon, which took place recently in Nantes, France. “This is the first Open Source Wood Hackathon, but also a pioneering event in the wood construction industry, “said Mikko Saavalainen, SVP Business Development at Metsa Wood.

An Innovation Market Can Find Your Next Winner

Destination Innovation

But if you do not have such an app or you just want something more immediate and engaging then try setting up an innovation market. What sorts of innovations does the organisation need? The post An Innovation Market Can Find Your Next Winner appeared first on Destination Innovation.

Participation leads to Innovation

Destination Innovation

Spigit is a leading innovation management software company. They recently published a research paper entitled ‘Quantifying a Culture of Innovation.’ They report a significant correlation between ideation rates (generating good ideas) and profit growth. They found that four factors were particularly important for success with innovation and growth. Frequency – the more brainstorm and ideation events the better.

7 Essential Ingredients of a Crowdsourced Innovation Campaign


Many companies are introducing Innovation as a Service, which means an internal group acts as a consultancy that can solve problems for business owners. The post 7 Essential Ingredients of a Crowdsourced Innovation Campaign appeared first on InnovationManagement.

Open Innovation Challenge for Encapsulation Delivery Technologies


Global Ideation Campaign to Identify Advanced Delivery Technologies. Fernandina Beach, Florida: Disruptive and transformational solutions are at the forefront of innovation. eZassi, a leader in open innovation software, crowdsourcing and idea analytics, announces the launch of a new open innovation challenge, “Delivery Technologies.”. Innovators sometimes feel too scared to share and they don’t want to be at risk with their ideas.

New Open Innovation Drive to Enhance Lives in India


Software giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has launched an open innovation center in Nashik in India to solve community problems. The project is called Digital Impact Square (DIS) and its challenges are open to students, individual entrepreneurs and early-stage startups. Open Innovation Challenges. In the Spot Phase , DIS will select up to 20 solutions and/or up to 100 ideators. For more information on this open innovation project, click here.

Ideation Collaboration Software – Did you know your innovation software is an amazing collaboration system?


Ideation Collaboration Software: Killing three or more birds with one software. We often find that our prospects and clients are amazed that our innovation software platform replaces or can replace what they need in an ideation collaboration software, killing three or more birds with one software. Here’s how… Ideation Collaboration Software: Unlimited collaboration projects. Ideation Collaboration Software: A collaboration platform that leads to innovation.

Ideation: Anatomy of a New Product Idea


Ideation: Anatomy of a New Product Idea. In the broadest sense, we’re talking about open innovation. It’s a concept outlined in The Innovator’s Method and maps the customer journey/jobs to be done, identifies pain points, performs root cause analysis ( 5 Whys ) and outline assumptions underlying key problems. Kevin drives product innovation for Taivara, testing promising business markets and forging robust client relationships to boost top-line revenue.

Why People Buy Innovation Management Software


Every year, IdeaScale analyzes our system and customer data and releases a report on crowdsourced innovation trends and benchmarks. The post Why People Buy Innovation Management Software appeared first on InnovationManagement.

Crowdsourcing at Work: Open Innovation with Unilever’s Foundry IDEAS™


One of those brands is Unilever , one of the world’s leading suppliers of Food, Home and Personal Care products that launched its crowdsourced innovation program , Unilever Foundry, last year, to make sustainable living commonplace by collaborating with innovators. Unilever Foundry is becoming a proven model for generating innovation and harnessing people’s ideas,” says Karen Hamilton, Unilever’s VP of Sustainable Business. The world has a lot of problems.

The Three Challenges of Crowdsourced Innovation


IdeaScale has recently acquired Betterific, a crowdsourcing platform that engages a community of 18,000+ creative problem solvers, design thinkers, and ideators to help you come up with your next big idea. Learn more about how you can tap into this innovative community.

Intel & Innovation – IT Industry Giant Launches Qmarkets’ Ideation Platform Across Strategic Business Units


The Intel Business Innovation Team has launched Qmarkets’ award-winning idea management platform to collect innovative ideas and solutions from employees of specific internal business units.

Intel & Innovation – IT Industry Giant Launches Qmarkets’ Ideation Platform Across Strategic Business Units


The Intel Business Innovation Team have launched Qmarkets’ award winning idea management platform to collect innovative ideas and solutions from employees of specific internal business units.

Open Innovation: How the United Nations is Changing the World by Collaborating with It


To better understand complex and connected challenges in the developing world, the United Nations (UN) , the international organization tasked with bringing nations together, turned to Spigit to power their open innovation challenge , #SDGInsights. SDGInsights is one of many idea challenges open to the public the UN has ran since launching their ideation program, Unite Ideas. Why is the UN leveraging open ideation? External Innovation

Unpacking Innovative Ideas in the CPG Industry


Innovation in Consumer Packaged Goods. Now more than ever there is unlimited innovative potential in CPG, and the variety of brands that best harness their creative visions and deliver superior goods will be their companies’ most popular and profitable products.

Five Takeaways from Our Innovation Conversation with Clorox


IdeaScale hosts a monthly podcast with innovation leaders, intrapreneurs, and other game changers out there. This past month our interviewee was Dr. Navin Kunde who currently leads the Open Innovation group at The Clorox Company, a US-based consumer goods company in the Fortune 500. The post Five Takeaways from Our Innovation Conversation with Clorox appeared first on Innovation Management.

CPG Industry Innovation


CPG embraces constant change and ceaseless innovation to keep up with consumer demands while building brands customers rely on in their daily lives. Utilize Open Innovation for R&D. Open Innovation is a proactive strategy complementing your R&D department.

Collaborative Innovation – Hamburger Style


Often I read articles or books about top-down vs. bottom-up innovation and why one approach would be better than the other. After spending more than five years in the collaborative innovation space, I would advise going hamburger style! Collaborative Innovation bottom-up campaign team collaborative innovation communication crowdvoting executive sponsor idea management ideation ideation contests innovation champions open innovation question suggestion box synergy top-down workshop

Fresh Air From Students' Open Eyes at ExxonMobil


I had the pleasure of organizing a special future oriented ideation session for ExxonMobil with students of the Foresight program of the University of Houston College of Technology. If you are looking for assistance in organizing or running an innovation event , we would love to talk to you, we could be just the right partner for you. Collaborative Innovation comfort zone Imaginatik Events Innovation Open Innovation

Food and Beverage Innovation


A Taste of Innovation for the Giants of the Food and Beverage Industry. The biggest players of the Food & Beverage Industry are positioned to innovate internally, creating new food concepts through their own well-funded research and development. Global Agriculture Innovation.

Constructing the Future for Urban Development and Energy Efficient Homes


The intersection of design and technical innovation come close to home in our workplaces and dwellings. Ezassi supports innovation in architecture and building to make the environments we live and work functional and appealing. Open a Window to New Design Ideas.

How to Work Like a Startup


Startups are some of the most successful and innovative businesses out there right now. Their very nature makes them primed for innovation programs and effective development of new ideas. RocketSpace, a tech campus located in the Bay Area, has an open innovation consultancy which is specifically aimed at helping brands understand how startups work, how to work with them, and how to work like them.

How To 148

The death of the 20th Century corporation

Matthew Griffin

These Platforms created communities and the communities became customers and soon these customers were not only buying the Millennials products and services they were helping ideate, hack, design and build the next and so the cycle continued propelling staggering revenue growth that allowed them to disrupt entire industries and usurp the incumbents in years rather than decades.

Tune-In To Taster Tools On Thursday

Gregg Fraley

The 30 minute weekly webinar features demonstrations of various facilitation tools for: strategy, challenge clarification, idea generation (aka brainstorming), problem framing, idea selection, innovation projects, and idea development, etc.

Tools 52

Innovate or Die: Bold Action, Connected Minds, and a Leadership Team with Vision


Not to innovate is the single largest reason for the decline of existing organizations. If You Aren’t Growing, You’re Dying – Companies that Failed to Innovate. There’s No Debate, You Must Innovate. Inspiration from the Top Innovators. Collaboration & Ideation.

Innovation Goes Beyond Bright Ideas


When organizations talk about innovation, they are referring to generating bright ideas. But innovation is not the Idea; it’s more than that. Innovation goes beyond bright ideas by combining processes with creative minds to breathe life into something that makes life easier, days brighter, and helps organizations get closer to their goals. Ideation is a necessary step in the innovation process , but it’s only one step. Here’s one process: Ideate.

Do You Know Your Company’s Implementation Rate?


With the rise of the innovation department, numerous organizations are focusing their attention on their company’s ideation rate. A good ideation rate generally predicts other positive company health indicators: profitability, higher employee retention rates, reported customer success, but there’s another innovation health indicator that we think organizations should pay attention to: their implementation rate. appeared first on Innovation Management.

Problem Prototyping


Problems are the start-point for effective innovation and design. If we innovate with no clear problem statement we will end up with a wonderful new solution that is effectively useless in the real world. “If We recommend problem prototyping for all innovation projects.

Principles of open innovation


There are all examples of open innovation (OI) at its best. Popularized by Henry Chesbrough,“Open Innovation” term refers to the broad concepts of leveraging external sources of technology and innovation to drive internal growth. As opposed to traditional closed models where companies use primarily internal resources to drive innovation, in the newer open models, knowledge crosses an organization’s boundary for commercialization in new or existing markets.

The rise and rise of Entrepreneurs

Matthew Griffin

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