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The building blocks of open innovation lead towards Business Ecosystems.

Paul Hobcraft

The building blocks of open innovation building towards Business Ecosystem design. By incorporating Open Innovation Strategies as the next building block, businesses can create a dynamic and expansive innovation ecosystem beyond internal and partnership and certain collaborative boundaries.

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DigitalBasel Launches Open Innovation Challenge on Qmarkets Platform


The campaign challenge includes four main stages: ideation, team building, proposals, and pitches. Registration to participate in the challenge is open to anyone via the DigitalBasel website. Qmarkets and DigitalBasel co-host a session at the 2020 Swiss Digital Days event on the benefits of crowdsourcing and open innovation.


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Living Labs and Open Innovation

HYPE Innovation

"Living labs" is a label applied to an array of very different innovation infrastructures that did not make it in the Jargon Madness finals of Forbes but is nonetheless “trendy, but confusing.” In this post, you will learn what it means and how linging labs is a usefuly concept for open innovatino programs.

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Ideation in Times of Crisis


The post Ideation in Times of Crisis appeared first on InnovationManagement. If you’re thinking about launching a crowdsourcing campaign to respond to some of these challenges brought about by COVID-19, now is a good time. We are all learning so much right now and so quickly. And everyone wants to help, so let them.

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An Openly Innovative Attitude.


As a “newbie” to the innovation sector, I have to admit I had some help from the jargon buster. I’ve also come to understand that open innovation is no longer a novelty concept, rather a part of the culture at the heart of many companies, including Carlsberg , Argos , and Oxfam. Opening innovation up. Bring it on!

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Open Innovation Meets Democracy on Malta


The island country of Malta may start to change the way it does politics, by taking an open innovation approach. Within the last few days the Nationalist Party, a Maltese Christian democratic and conservative party launched the IDEAT project to encourage citizen engagement.

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Open Innovation Platform for Singapore


Singapore is looking to ramp up its innovation efforts and therefore will soon be launching the Open Innovation Platform, a virtual crowdsourcing platform that aims to foster innovative ideas and narrow the gap between research and commercialization. Open Innovation Goals. Innovative Solutions Wanted.