Assess how your Innovation Programs are Performing


In last week’s blogpost , we introduced our tool, the Ecosystem Map, to highlight the importance of the interconnectedness of innovation programs. Corporate Innovation Management

What’s the Best Idea Criteria for Innovation Programs?


Some people are looking for financial predictions, some people want to know how an idea measures up to their organizational objectives, but everyone is looking for the perfect set of criteria so that they can evaluate ideas at some point during the innovation process and validate them.


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The Role of Communication in Innovation Programs


As we talk to dozens of customers who are about the launch a new innovation program or campaign every month, we field a lot of questions on different topics. These are all great questions, and if you haven’t launched an innovation program before, it can be difficult to get started.

A Strategic Approach to Starting a Successful Innovation Program


I’ve recently been advising a range of leaders in how to start successful innovation programs. The post A Strategic Approach to Starting a Successful Innovation Program appeared first on Innovation Management. A couple are relaunches of efforts that were abandoned in the past, and others are starting from scratch in organizations (and sectors) that are more comfortable with the status quo.

6 Key Dimensions for Assessing Innovation Management Software

Rallying corporate support to find the best idea management software is enough of a battle on its own - but the process itself doesn't have to be. This guide was created to help you navigate the murky waters of innovation tools, aligning features and functionalities with the goals and requirements of your program.

Successful Innovation Program Highlights the Value of Intrapreneurship


There may have been a time when people with characteristics of intrapreneurs were discouraged or outright forbidden to innovate, even within their areas of responsibility. Not only are businesses embracing innovation more wholeheartedly, but the innovation team is also fast becoming a standard feature of many workplaces. Starting in 2016, the Queensland Police Service (QPS) in Australia built an Innovation Unit, and saying that it has been successful is an understatement.

Uncovering the Hopes and Fears of the Innovation Manager

HYPE Innovation

I have just returned from the most recent HYPE Regional Innovation Managers Forum hosted by Fujitsu Services in the beautiful City of London and my head is still abuzz with what I’ve seen & heard. Innovation Programs Customer Insights The Innovation Manager

2021 IdeaScale Innovation Management Award Winners


For 2021, IdeaScale has three new winners of the Innovation Management Awards: TriHealth for engaging nearly 80% of their workforce; Grant Thornton for pioneering work in automation; and Graybar for an exemplary innovation process. Best Innovation Process: Graybar.

Innovation Program Recipe for Success: The Three Essential Ingredients


At Qmarkets we have spent the last 15+ years helping leading organizations to build and implement effective innovation initiatives. The definition of an innovation program can sometimes differ, so before we dive in let’s clarify what we mean when we use this term.

Innovation Management Day 1: How to Launch Your Program

HYPE Innovation

In the above webinar, HYPE's Colin Nelson looks at how companies launch their innovation programs, and the key considerations to have in mind. Firstly, why do organizations implement innovation programs? The three reasons our clients mention most frequently are: driving more innovation, reducing costs, and increasing employee engagement. An effective innovation program starts with the end goal in mind: what should it set out to achieve?

Type I vs Type II Innovation Programs


In my decade-plus years working with corporate innovation leaders, I’ve seen a variety of frameworks to explain what we mean by “innovation.” Based on recent conversations with a number of corporate R&D and Innovation leaders, there’s another lens I’ve begun using.

Why Innovation Programs Fail and How to Ensure Yours Don’t


In this article, we shall unpack the Gartner ® Customizable Innovation Framework and the enterprise strategy to help you and your organization identify the key objectives and goals to initiate innovation planning and establish a clear scope. Innovation Management Agile Innovation

Has your Innovation Program Jumped the Shark?

Innovation Excellence

Innovation programs and systems are launched with a lot of fanfare but the sizzle will fizzle unless you properly nurture your innovation program and the underlying policies, processes and systems you use to help deliver better innovation results. Innovation Strategy Corporate Innovation Systems ideas Innovation Management Strategic System

10 Rules of Innovation Management - Part 2: Catching Ideas With Targeted Campaigns

HYPE Innovation

Welcome back to the 10 Rules of Innovation Management series! If you're new to the series, I'll be sharing 10 best practices to help you manage your online collaborative innovation program or get started if you're thinking about launching one ( subscribe to the series here! ). The Innovation Manager

The Five Pillars of Trust for Innovation Programs

HYPE Innovation

We all know that innovation management is hard work. Yet somehow, for some innovation professionals the challenge is harder than for others. Innovation managers are often the “lone wolf” in their company, especially when they are just getting started. If you’re one of the lone wolfs, here’s some guidance on how to get started when you set out to make innovation management work at your company.

Assess Your Innovation Program


Such disruption, impacting companies regardless of industry, is fueling the sense of urgency behind innovation. Either your organization is innovating or it’s getting swallowed up by the competition. That’s why having an effective innovation program is so important to stay afloat. The challenge for many program leaders and their innovation programs comes down to their level of involvement in the idea implementation process.

Striking Gold – How Hochschild Mining’s Employee Innovation Program Unearthed a $40m Idea


Hochschild ’s innovation initiatives are focused on optimizing its current operations through continuous improvement, with a particular focus on corporate responsibility. After trying to manage these ideas using Google Docs, the mining business has been using Qmarkets’ continuous improvement solution Q-optimize since 2019 as a dedicated platform to gather and develop the collective intelligence of its workforce, driven by a system of incentives and rewards.

Five Top Challenges for Innovation Managers and How to Address Them


Innovation is the art of finding and overcoming challenges. Yet sometimes the challenges will find you as you work on your innovation strategy. Here are some of the key challenges for innovation programs across the business world in 2020.

Your Innovation Program Recipe for Success: The Three Essential Ingredients


The enormous pressure of the pandemic has caused irrevocable change, forcing organizations to adapt and innovate to survive. In times like this innovation can be likened to charcoal – functional and necessary – but when faced with tremendous pressure it can produce unique diamonds.

5 Practical Ways For Creating a Successful Innovation Program


Innovation practice has made some amazing progress over the last few years. Large enterprises are trying various programs to foster new innovations in an attempt to find the best way to change course for their big ships. To resist ever-growing challenges, organisations are increasing their investments in innovation and deploying a variety of strategies. You’ve heard it a thousand times now: organisations need to invariably innovate to sustain. Open Innovation.

The 2017 Innovation Management Awards Are Open


For the fifth year in a row, IdeaScale is hosting the Innovation Management Awards. Particularly if that story demonstrates innovation thought leadership when it comes to engagement strategies, innovation processes, or idea implementation. And those winners have demonstrated innovation sophistication in everything from energy & sustainability to financial technology and government services.

10 Most Popular Innovation Management Questions


This article originally appeared on Innovation Leader. Launching an innovation management system does not have to be guesswork, and it is a lot easier than most organizations imagine it to be. Innovation is not a destination, it is rather a state of mind.

4 Ways to Breathe New Life into Your Innovation Program


You’ve done the groundwork for creating a successful innovation program. You’ve learned what mistakes to avoid , and even moved forward with adopting innovation management software like Spigit to enable innovation in a way that’s valuable and repeatable. If you’re still struggling to make the connection between ideas and outcomes, here are 4 things you can do to invigorate your innovation program.

SCERL: The Ultimate Innovation Management Cheat Sheet


What of the innovation management practitioner? Can a checklist or memory jogger save their program? The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Innovation Management. The innovation practitioner scores each factor a 2, 1, or 0. Potential of ideas/ innovations vetted/ tested. Innovators left to their own devices. Growing commitment and ownership of the innovation process and outcomes. Perhaps SCERL will save a couple of innovation programs.

Deadline for the 2018 Innovation Management Awards Extended


IdeaScale is offering innovators from around the world an extra week to complete their submission for the Innovation Management Awards. This is our fifth annual award series and we honor winners in three categories: best innovation engagement strategy, best innovation process, and best innovation. Well, every year we ask our customers what it is that they would most like to learn about in order to support their programs.

Why do innovation programs fail


It is the failure to innovate that led to its “demise.”. In other words, it is because sometimes innovation strategies fail to produce products/ services that the customers want. Which brings us to the question, “Why do innovation programs fail?”. Below are 6 reasons why innovation programs can fail. Leaving innovation to chance is more often a gamble where odds are not always in your favor. Banking on a single program. Programme manager.

What Are the Four Crucial Elements to Start a Successful Innovation Management Program


Launching an innovation program can often feel daunting to anyone and - to a small business - starting an innovation management program can feel completely inaccessible.

9 Indicators That Prove That Your Corporate Innovation Program is Failing

Board of Innovation

Most of the Corporate Innovation Programs don’t reach a breakeven. If yes, use them as a wake-up call to improve or reframe your Corporate Innovation Program. The post 9 Indicators That Prove That Your Corporate Innovation Program is Failing appeared first on Board of Innovation. Innovation Management Corporate Innovation innovation tips

The Four Essentials For Engaging the Crowd With Your Innovation Program


Each strategic consultation with an IdeaScale Innovation Strategist starts with you. The post The Four Essentials For Engaging the Crowd With Your Innovation Program appeared first on Innovation Management. Open Innovation StrategiesWhat outcomes would you like to see in 6 months time? in 1 year?

Innovation Management Award Spotlight: City of Calgary


At IdeaScale, we host the annual innovation management awards in order to honor the accomplishments of some truly groundbreaking organizations, but also so that some of our smartest clients can share their best practices with others. We invited our winners to answer a few interview questions and we’re pleased that the City of Calgary had some great advice and answers to share: IdeaScale: Why is innovation vital to your organization?

4 Signs It’s Time to Hire an Innovation Management Consultant


Innovation management consulting has emerged as a profession as businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations have started prioritizing innovation. Innovation management consultants help organizations establish innovation programs and keep innovation on track. Organizations of all kinds have watched as innovative companies disrupt industries and change the competitive landscape. Trying to innovate everything at once can backfire.

Grow Like Flo in 2016: Taking the Lead from Progressive’s Crowdsourced Innovation Program


Here are a few things the team at Progressive is really, really good at: (1) creating one of the most iconic brand mascots to ever hit the insurance scene; (2) leading the charge in industry breakthroughs, like data-driven driving services; (3) developing awesome new products, services, and processes with crowdsourced innovation. This year, enterprise leaders can learn a great deal from the insurance giant about crowdsourcing innovation successfully.

The 7 Innovation Management Success Factors at Barenbrug Group


In our last blog for Qmarkets we introduced you to the concept of Three Horizons and explained how this methodology can help you create a balanced long-term innovation portfolio. In the last piece we shared 7 critical success factors for a three-horizons approach to innovation management.

9 Sentences That Prove That Your Corporate Innovation Program Will Fail

Board of Innovation

Most of the Corporate Innovation Programs don’t reach a breakeven. If yes, use them as a wake-up call to improve or reframe your Corporate Innovation Program Btw, we. The post 9 Sentences That Prove That Your Corporate Innovation Program Will Fail appeared first on Board of Innovation. Innovation Management Corporate Innovation innovation tips

Successfully Merging Theory and Practice in your Innovation Program


Eric Gabas-Varini is the Partner and Co-Founder of Innovation Framework Technologies, a consulting firm which was founded in Paris, but has since established regional offices in the United States, South Korea & Japan, with a network of associate offices in Latin America and the Middle East. With a strong background in R&D, Eric now uses his expertise to help leading organizations deliver innovations across a range of industries and use cases.

Questions & Answers with an Innovation Management Leader from Intel


Last month we hosted a webinar with Viki Almog-Ayzenberg from Intel on the topic of Scaling Innovation Success. This insight-packed session told the story of Intel’s experience implementing a decentralized approach to innovation across various business units at the company.

Gartner: Innovation Management Software Nearing Mainstream Adoption


Awesome new ideas are what make an innovation program…well, an innovation program. But it’s the tools you use that help those ideas become reality and bring about tangible returns — tools like innovation management software (and for some, a new way of thinking about innovation altogether). According to the people who spend their time researching this sort of thing, the importance of ‘managing innovation initiatives systematically’ (i.e.,

How to Launch an Effective Innovation Program

Tata Consultancy

Innovation is much more than just ideation. To be an innovator, your organization needs to build on the new and novel ideas you generate to realize their expected benefits. Rapid, iterative experimentation and monetization – the often overlooked ‘back-end of innovation’ – can help you convert interesting concepts into useful innovations. Just as a startup goes through different stages of growth, we’ve observed innovation programs do the same.

Unfuzzying the Front End of Innovation. An interview with Liberty Global's Spark Team

HYPE Innovation

Roel de Vries and Sarah Kelly are the innovation managers for Liberty Global’s innovation program, Spark. In May 2017, they’ll be presenting at the HYPE Innovation Managers Forum in Bonn. Your talk is about unfuzzying the front end of innovation, how did you arrive on that subject? We’ve noticed that there is still a large misconception about what innovation really is , and in particular for us, what an innovation program is, and is not.

Ten Reasons to Hire an Innovation Keynote Speaker

Braden Kelley

Innovation Keynote Speakers are often misunderstood, maligned, and underutilized. The … Continue reading → culture education eLearning Innovation Leadership Management Chief Innovation Officer content Employee Engagement employee retention Employees facilitation facilitators Innovation Director Innovation Manager innovation programs innovation speaker Insights keynote speakers public speakers Talent Top 10 training Workshops

My Innovation Management Summer Reading: Ideas are Free.


I was introduced to these innovation management resources a few months ago when two clients, both referencing The Idea-Driven Organization , came to Kindling looking for a software solution to evolve their innovation strategy. An eight-step process for developing an innovation management strategy. The book is broken down into eight characteristics that round out a structure for innovation management. Innovation Program Culture

Innovation SOP: Tips for Today’s Leaders on How to Launch an Innovation Program


Qmarkets’ Innovation Standard Operating Procedures (SOP): In this series, we will present different guidelines on how to bring innovation theory to practice. Many times, trying to launch an innovation program at your company can encounter endless pitfalls and stumbling blocks, as illustrated in this example from the Harvard Business Review. When senior leadership says they want ‘innovation’ within the company, what does that mean? Investing Wisely in Innovation.

Key Issues in Innovation Management – Revisited – Part 2

Tim Kastelle

In part 1 of this post , Ralph revisited key innovation issues that were already addressed by us three years ago. In addition to these still highly topical issues, we’d like to raise another four points which we personally foresee key for innovation management in the time to come – making no claim to completeness: Organizational Ambidexterity. It doesn’t always translate to managers, however. Co-Innovation and startup engagement.