Why innovation leaders should invest in collaboration in 2019


The post Why innovation leaders should invest in collaboration in 2019 appeared first on Exago. Leadership is undoubtedly a critical piece of the business innovation puzzle.

The World's Top Emerging Innovation Hubs to Watch in 2019


Top 7 Emerging Innovation Hubs for Corporate Innovators. emerging innovation hubs innovation hub innovation ecosystem

What 2019 holds for innovation

RTI Innovation Advisors

I wrote my obligatory look back at 2018 article on innovation recently, so it is natural that we should turn our attention to where innovation will take us in 2019. What do we think will happen in 2019? Looking ahead to 2019 As with any evolving or unfolding management philosophy, there are factors that can accelerate innovation or change it dramatically in 2019, and factors that will rise to create barriers to innovation.

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Top Innovation Conferences for 2019


SXSW 2019 March 8th-19th, Austin, TX. The post Top Innovation Conferences for 2019 appeared first on IdeaScale. Small presentation or giant hall, innovation conferences can sharpen your focus.

11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Culture into a Culture of Innovation

11 Proven Ways to. Turn Your Culture Into. a Culture of Innovation 2 // 19Spigit: 11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Existing Culture Into a Culture of Innovation 1 2 94% of senior executives in a research study by McKinsey said. people and corporate culture are. the most important drivers of. innovation.

Cybersecurity in 2019: Key Trends and Innovations You Need to Know About


One thing seems certain in 2019: that cybersecurity is big business. So what can you expect to see in 2019? #1: In 2019, business will become increasingly aware of the dangers posed by unsecured devices (and if they don’t … well, we’ll no doubt see the consequences). #3:

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Six Driving Forces of Innovation for 2019 and Beyond

Innovation Excellence

Each year I interview hundreds of business leaders about innovation in their companies, and their outlook on the future. One question almost always gets asked: “what’s keeping you up nights?” ” What I’m hearing of late is about the sudden rise in business uncertainty.

The Sick Care Entrepreneur’s Guide to 2019

Innovation Excellence

If you are are a physician entrepreneur, 2019 will be another year of opportunity. Here were my entrepreneural goals for 2018 which, I suspect, won’t change much from year to year. The good news is I still make my bed every morning. In order to create user defined value through the discovery, development and deployment of innovation, Entrepreneurship Health/Healthcare sickcare

Emerging Trends Impacting the Financial Sector in 2019


What trends in innovation will affect finance in 2019? The post Emerging Trends Impacting the Financial Sector in 2019 appeared first on IdeaScale. This is, believe it or not, a picture of a financial revolution.

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I RESOLVE. to Continuously Improve in 2019


Since it's January, let's talk about what you can do to change your behavior so you can be better in 2019! It's that time of year when everyone seems to make new resolutions. It's a good idea to make a resolution for change any time that you notice a gap that needs to be addressed.

6 Ways to Build a Successful Innovation Program

Learn how forward-thinking leaders use crowdsourcing to impact their company’s bottom line through methods such as creating a culture of innovation

A happy and healthy 2019! Making sustainable choices

Norbert Bol

At the start of 2019 I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2019! 2019). Have a great 2019! 2019). Whatever in life we are planning to do to be happy and healthy, we have different options to choose when we are buying a product or a service.

Shifting Innovation Perspectives for 2019

The Future Shapers

So my challenge to you in 2019 is threefold: Strategy. The post Shifting Innovation Perspectives for 2019 appeared first on The Future Shapers. Three years ago Derek Bishop, Jo Geraghty and I published our book, Building a Culture of Innovation. [1]

Food for Thought: Innovation Menu for 2019

Innovation Excellence

Food for Thought is my new pop-up restaurant where people who can think (our innovation experts) serve their ideas to people who can’t (everyone else). STARTERS The Next Big Thing It’s different every day!

8 Creative Thinking Questions & 1 More Idea for Focus in 2019


What is something that everyone in our industry has known for years would provide great value for customers that nobody has ever done that we can do in 2019? What are the boldest moves I can imagine challenging ourselves with in 2019? Which ones do we need to say Yes to in 2019?

Spigit's 2018 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report

THE 2018 STATE OF. CROWDSOURCED. INNOVATION. REPORT Methodology Spigit’s 2018 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report. is based on quantitative and qualitative data from an. online survey fielded in February 2018. The report also. includes qualitative data from customer interviews and. feedback.

8 Company Culture Conferences to Attend in 2019


When you think of company culture, what comes to mind? An endless supply of snacks, happy hours on Friday, shared core values -- perhaps all of the above! Operations Management News and Events

Top 20 Innovation Articles of January 2019

Innovation Excellence

Drum roll please… At the beginning of each month we will profile the twenty posts from the previous month that generated the most traffic to Innovation Excellence. We also publish a weekly Top 8 as part of our FREE email newsletter. Did your favorite make the cut? But enough delay, here are January’s twenty most. Change Innovation Leadership Management marketing Social Media Strategy Top 10 ipad kindle mobile Most Popular Nook tablets Top 20



The post ITONICS at DTIM 2019 appeared first on. From November 6-8, you can find ITONICS as a sponsor and exhibitor at the world’s largest gathering of 700 participants and innovation executives from 250 large multinational firms: the Innovation Roundtable® Summit 2018.

#1,432 – 2019 Breakthrough Nominee: Smart Clothing

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Hopefully, this means that 2019 is finally the year that wearables make it big. Is 2019 the year that smart clothing makes it big?

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Quantifying a Culture of Innovation

QUANTIFYING A CULTURE OF. INNOVATION A RIGOROUS, QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS OF. CORPORATE INNOVATION CULTURES Is there a best way for companies to innovate successfully? Our research. proves there is. We asked Dylan Minor, Assistant Professor of. Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences.

#1,430 – 2019 Breakthrough Nominee: 5G

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Prepare yourselves for one of the biggest buzzwords of 2019: 5G. In the first half of 2019 we plan to deploy mobile 5G in parts of these 7 additional cities: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose…”.

Wikipedia – A Lateral Idea in Action

Destination Innovation

By 2019 Wikipedia had nearly six million articles in English and was also available in 300 other languages. In the 1930s there were 2000 salesmen in the USA knocking on doors and selling sets of Encyclopedia Britannica.

10 Rules of Innovation Management - Part 2: Catching Ideas With Targeted Campaigns

HYPE Innovation

Welcome back to the 10 Rules of Innovation Management series! If you're new to the series, I'll be sharing 10 best practices to help you manage your online collaborative innovation program or get started if you're thinking about launching one ( subscribe to the series here! ). The Innovation Manage

Product Update February 2019


We're constantly tweaking the HunchBuzz user experience and probably you don't even notice the small incremental changes (except maybe subconsciously thinking "HunchBuzz is so easy to use!"). We've been working on some important design elements over the last couple of months for the both the web and mobile apps, and they are released this week. Here's what you might (or might not) have noticed: Web app. Idea page. The idea page is probably where users spend the most time.

Data From 3.5 Million Employees Shows How Innovation Really Works

INNOVATION Data From 3.5 Million Employees Shows How Innovation Really Works by Dylan Minor, Paul Brook, and Josh Bernoff OCTOBER 09, 2017 UPDATED OCTOBER 09, 2017 JUAN DÍAZ-FAES FOR HBR Sales and marketing were once disciplines ruled by emotions.

7 Failures to Avoid in Business Transformation for 2019


Competition is all around us. It’s nature’s catalyst for growth, progress, and evolution. Each year, businesses self-reflect to see if they are playing the smart game – the game in which they can win, prosper and create further success-momentum.

Best Companies to Work in Seattle 2019


Named One of the Best Companies to Work in Seattle 2019 Xinova is honored to be named one of “Seattle’s Best Places to Work” by Built-In Seattle. Inventor Community News 2019 best workplaces 2019 built in seattle collaboration innovation seattle best workplaces ThinkBeyond xinovaThe past year has been an incredible one for us. We expanded to new markets around the world, built a more robust and improved network platform, doubled our company […].

Merry Christmas and a brilliant 2019!


Merry Christmas and a brilliant 2019 from the Exago team! The post Merry Christmas and a brilliant 2019! appeared first on Exago. Blog Exago


#1,431 – 2019 Breakthrough Nominee: Magic Leap 2.0

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

If you’re looking for a breakout consumer product in 2019 look no farther than Magic Leap, which is allegedly finally going to be releasing a consumer product after mysteriously operating for years in stealth mode.

Building A Collaborative Innovation Playbook

Speaker: Greg Satell, Innovation Advisor, Speaker and Author

For his upcoming book, Mapping Innovation, Greg Satell has researched how people and organizations successfully innovate.

The single best way to improve your brainstorming sessions

Idea to Value

Brainstorming doesn’t work. At least, not the way most companies do it. And that is because most brainstorming sessions are not designed to deliver results for the company , only for the facilitator.

Defending Europe, including the Brits, on innovation

Paul Hobcraft

Deloitte had a report or survey that came out on 29th January 2019 called “ Innovation in Europe “ It offers some excellent insights on the state of innovation but I loved their Executive Summary opening: Deloitte asked the question “ what triggers innovation in your company?”

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Is your company just performing “Innovation Theatre”?

Idea to Value

Most companies say that they are investing in innovation. They will showcase large initiatives for gaining ideas and suggestions from across the organisation.

Turn the Shop Around

Destination Innovation

Consider the shopping experience for a housewife in the 1920s. She would go from one small store to another – meat from the butcher’s, bread from the bakery, fish from the fish monger, cans and vegetables from the grocer’s, household items from the hardware store and so on.

A Strategic Approach to Open Innovation

Speaker: Jeffrey Phillips, Senior Consultant, OVO Innovation

In this session, we’ll examine the critical questions you should ask as you establish an open innovation framework: which technologies or ideas? Which partners and how many? Which methods?