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China the story of innovation and disruption.

Paul Hobcraft

Disruption is all around us; it never seems to go away; it simply appears in a different and often entirely new form. The result is the same; it disrupts what we know and often in how we suddenly need to set about doing it differently. Much of the innovative disruptions seem so obvious; you wonder why we were not doing these before.

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Are You Future-Proof? Preparing for Technological Disruptions

Phil McKinney

We live in unprecedented technological advances, and with these advances come disruptions that can significantly impact our lives and businesses. Understanding Technological Disruptions Technological disruptions refer to unexpected shifts in technology that can disrupt industries, businesses, and life as we know it.


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Are You Doing Agile Right?


What is the Agile Innovation Process, and what are best practices, tools and online templates for teams and organizations? Today, everyone wants to be agile. It’s seen as sexy and cool to be agile, but most people don’t know what the term really means. There’s little surprise that the agile framework has taken off.

Agile 100
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10 Disruptive Trends for 2020


Disruption is everywhere. Emerging technologies catalyze disruption. Emerging technologies catalyze disruption. Last year, I described the disruptions facing a variety of industries, including healthcare , packaging , travel and hospitality , software , real estate and construction , retail shopping , and manufacturing.

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Retail Reimagined: What It Means To Be An Innovative Retailer

Speaker: DeAnna McIntosh, Retail Growth Strategist

Companies of all sizes were forced to welcome change with open arms and surrender to total flexibility in order to be agile in the ever-evolving economic environment. The past three years have forever changed the retail landscape.

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Disruptive Forces Impacting the Insurance Industry in 2021


A look at disruptive forces impacting the insurance industry in 2021 and beyond. As insurers re-engineer their offerings to find renewed resilience and stability in the flux of global uncertainty, industry leaders have the opportunity to evolve legacy environments and redefine differentiated value.

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Managing WIP and Bottlenecks in the Financial Industry


In today’s fast-paced and dynamic world of technology, the adoption of Agile methodologies has undoubtedly transformed the landscape of how technology teams function. Efficiently handling WIP and promptly addressing bottlenecks are not mere options, but imperatives, for agile teams.