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12 Types of Innovation You Should Know in 2021


It seems like new innovation types arrive at the scene all of the time, leaving people reaching for Google to get up to speed. Whether you’re new to innovation or have years under your belt, this simple guide that explains the different types might help. Open Innovation. Closed Innovation. Process Innovation.

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Principles of open innovation


There are all examples of open innovation (OI) at its best. Popularized by Henry Chesbrough,“Open Innovation” term refers to the broad concepts of leveraging external sources of technology and innovation to drive internal growth. Spin-off, open sourcing, and licensing-out are examples of outbound open innovation.


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The Innovation Sophistication Index

Destination Innovation

Things are really happening with innovation and you are starting to see real results and improvements in performance. You are implementing modern concepts of Open Innovation and the Minimum Viable Product. Innovation can now become a serious competitive advantage for you. Resulting ideas are implemented.

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8 Types of Innovation in Business: A Comprehensive Guide


Razors have undergone incremental innovations over time Source: The Hustle Incremental innovations may not make headlines, but they’re the steady pulses that keep businesses competitive and responsive to market demands.

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CPG Industry Innovation


It’s a complex, interdepartmental system that is augmented with 3 tactics: the advantage of open innovation, strategic supply chain forecasting, and tools for enhanced collaboration across teams that bring new products to market. Utilize Open Innovation for R&D.

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Becoming an innovative company: better late

Jeffrey Phillips

Determine what innovation should do for you In the past, all innovation was focused on product innovation, to create new and better products. The real impact (and real return) is in business model, experience and service innovation. Both can leverage open innovation.

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What is Innovation in Business and How Can it Build Business Longevity?


Organizations choose to adopt the process of innovation for a myriad of reasons; to tackle existing challenges by ideating for solutions, to generate new revenue streams, to improve existing products or services, and so on. NASA collaborated with TopCoder 15 and opened the challenge to its 220,000 developers.