Five Product Innovations that Evolved Over Time


The product innovations that generate the most excitement and public interest are the disruptive innovations. However, these innovations aren’t that common. The most successful, innovative companies strike a balance between core, adjacent, and transformational initiatives. To illustrate how this can happen, it’s helpful to look at innovations that evolved over time. Some product innovations aren’t created by the company at all.

The State of Open Innovation Today

Innovation Excellence

Last summer I wrote about an interesting report exploring the extent of open innovation around Europe. The study, conducted by the European Academic Network for Open Innovation, showed the growth in open innovation, with the majority of organizations practising it in some form or other. This was helping companies to bring new, more novel products. Innovation Open Innovation R&D

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Ten Top Tips for Success with Open Innovation

Destination Innovation

Traditionally businesses developed all their new products in-house using ideas that came from their Marketing or R&D departments (or sometimes the MD’s pet projects). Increasingly this internal focus is being replaced by a more powerful and effective approach – open innovation (OI). OI involves harnessing the ideas and development capabilities of outside partners to bring new products, services and methods to market quickly and profitably.

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Ten Questions to Answer Before Using Social Tools for Product Innovation

Innovation Excellence

The effectiveness of social media for outbound marketing activities, i.e. getting the news out about new products offerings, and interacting with customers, is well known. collaboration Innovation Open Innovation Product Innovation R&D Social Innovation Social Media Product Development product innovation social innovation

Can We Have One of These? A Product Innovation Platform

Paul Hobcraft

Recently I was exploring the world of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and read an excellent Whitepaper from Aras Corp , one of the leading PLM solution providers. I have argued we do need to change the way we undertake innovation and its development. I am really frustrated by the legacy we have in our processes, systems and the ways we approach innovation, and its development lifecycle. A truly open innovation platform. Aras PLM Product Innovation Platform.

Product Innovation the Easy Way: 3 Real World Examples


Innovation is often presented as a mighty struggle between a lone inventor and a seemingly intractable problem. While this does occasionally happen, more often than not any great innovation is the result of people drawing from those around them for ideas and inspiration. Here are a few examples of companies that set the “lone inventor on a hill” myth aside in favor of real innovation with the help of IdeaScale. The lone innovator can sometimes be useful.

World Open Innovation Conference 2015: Final Program

Open Innovation

Thu 10:30 AM (Salon D): Modes of Open Innovation; Moderator: Marcel Bogers Mehdi Bagherzadeh and Sabine Brunswicker Mix and Match: Preferred ‘Mix of Open Innovation Modes’ for Solving Innovation Problems Roberto Camerani, Stefano Denicolai, Monica Masucci and Giovanni Valentini The Interplay of Inbound and Outbound Open Innovation and its Impact on Firm Performance Saumya Amarasinghe, Kenneth Husted and Frank Siedlok How Revealing is Revealing?

Technology Scouting Software for Open Innovation


Consumer demands have never been higher, and large organization who don’t innovate will eventually die (think of Blockbuster or Xerox). Large organizations like these can no longer exclusively rely on the internal R&D team or employee base to produce the product innovation and insights that will keep them in the game. Enterprises are increasingly turning to open innovation for their product development strategy. Open Innovation Technology

Themes for the practice of open innovation

Open Innovation

Like my OI collaborators Henry Chesbrough & Wim Vanhaverbeke, I get a lot of emails (and receive many Google News updates) on businesses and consultants touting some claimed breakthrough on open innovation. I first met Cheryl in 2007 — when I was hired to train Kimberly-Clark execs on open innovation — and in 2012 Cheryl invited me to present my research at CoDev2012 when it was in San Diego. New Frontiers in Open Innovation, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp.

Open Innovation at the User Innovation Conference

Open Innovation

On Tuesday, Frank Piller of RWTH Aachen presented an overview of open innovation. He presented to attendees at the 2014 Open and User Innovation Conference — the 12th annual meeting of the user innovation workshop — which met at Harvard Business School. A track chair here at OUI, Frank is one of two members of the user innovation “tribe” (the other being Karim Lakhani) who's worked most actively in open innovation.

Standardization as an open innovation activity

Open Innovation

An important but understudied form of open innovation is the network form (network as defined by Powell 1990). The theme for EURAS 2016 is ‘Co-opetition and Open Innovation’, and so I was invited to deliver the keynote address. The slides for my talk (entitled “How standards research can inform open innovation”) are online at SlideShare. Failed OI Network Strategies Often the research in managing innovation networks (platforms etc.)

The Benefits of Open Innovation


Open innovation is the life blood of many corporations. One of the greatest benefits of open innovation is the ability to find and groom innovators who already have products and technologies. Experts find that it is twice as valuable to bring on a ready-made product than to develop one from scratch. There is much more time spent doing “corporate stuff” than focusing on creating a better product or service. Open” means open across the board.

50 Ways a Driverless Future Could Impact (almost) Everything

Innovation Excellence

Disruption Entrepreneurship marketing Open Innovation Product Innovation R&D Research Technology Automobile Industry driverless car Innovation MIT software technologyWhat could happen when cars and trucks drive themselves? After recently of watching Ryan Chin, CEO of Optimus Ride speak at an MIT event about autonomous vehicles, Geoff Nesnow shares these 50 fascinating thoughts about what a driverless future will be like.

Why the Test & Learn Approach Does Not Work

Innovation Excellence

The in-market test & learn approach to innovation is becoming increasingly common, because it meets the cultural needs of modern businesses to behave entrepreneurially. At The Strategy Distillery we believe (and have witnessed) this approach is life threatening to the future success of a newly launched product or service.

Have You Tried New Ways to Innovate?

Innovation Excellence

After relying on cost and operational efficiencies to grow the bottom line, many businesses are emerging from an innovation slumber post-recession. The importance of innovation in driving this growth is resurfacing to the top of the agenda. Business Models Innovation Inspiration Leadership Management Open Innovation People & Skills Processes & Tools Product Innovation Strategy Corporate innovation Holacracy ways to innovate

Chasms, Criteria… and Innovation

Innovation Excellence

It describes companies who can innovate in the current business at the same time as creating new business options for the future. Build Capability culture Disruption Finance Innovation Leadership Management Open Innovation Product Innovation R&D Strategy Business Models collaboration Disruptive Innovation growth Innovation Management organizationThe concept of the ambidextrous organization is gaining traction.

The Innovation Sophistication Index

Destination Innovation

How can you assess how innovative your business is? The Innovation Sophistication Index is a list of just 24 statements. This is the Launch phase where the need for innovation is recognised but not much has been achieved so far. They believe that they need to be more innovative but are so busy meeting the needs of customers that they have not made innovation a priority not allocated the necessary resources and commitment to make it happen.

Innovation and Intrepreneurship at SMEs: T3LGROUP France

Innovation Excellence

Nicolas Bry interviews Benjamin Ott, a young innovator working at T3LGroup, a French SME with a long tradition of developing new manufacturing processes, and product applications for office products, and shopfitting equipment. Innovation Management Processes & Tools Product Innovation Profiles of Innovators Benjamin Ott intrapreneurship manufacturing Open Innovation SME Start-up Startup T3LGroup

Does the new need to be new?

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Does every innovation need new technology, or a new manufacturing process, or a new patent? Apple Consumer Innovation Creativity Customers Innovation Management Open Innovation Product Innovation R&D Strategy Innovation Management ProcessDoes it need to be new for the sake of it? Not if you understand exactly what you have before you start, and how it can be exploited further to meet new demands in the marketplace.

TED Global: Open-Source, Open World [video]

Innovation Excellence

Embrace our wide-open shareable future where everything’s hackable and the power of the crowd propels innovation… Massimo Banzi helped invent the Arduino, a tiny, easy-to-use open-source microcontroller that’s inspired thousands of people around the world to make the coolest things they can imagine — from toys to satellite gear.

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Innovate like a startup or like big business?

Innovation Excellence

Startups are king when it comes to innovation. Innovation Open Innovation Product Innovation collaboration Innovation Management Product Management StartupIndeed, established companies often strive to behave more like startups. But in reality, it is quite challenging. Startups, on the other hand, wish they had access to resources, particularly capital.

Participation leads to Innovation

Destination Innovation

Spigit is a leading innovation management software company. They recently published a research paper entitled ‘Quantifying a Culture of Innovation.’ They found that four factors were particularly important for success with innovation and growth. They found that focusing on process or product innovation or between sustaining and disruptive innovation made little difference. Quantifying a Culture of Innovation.

Principles of open innovation


There are all examples of open innovation (OI) at its best. Popularized by Henry Chesbrough,“Open Innovation” term refers to the broad concepts of leveraging external sources of technology and innovation to drive internal growth. As opposed to traditional closed models where companies use primarily internal resources to drive innovation, in the newer open models, knowledge crosses an organization’s boundary for commercialization in new or existing markets.

Driving Business Impact from Retail Innovation Labs

Innovation Excellence

As retailers strive to reinvent their customer experience and drive loyalty, many are opening innovation labs or centers that are focused exclusively on digital efforts or product innovation. Innovation Product Innovation Strategy Product Development product innovation retail Retail Innovation Retailers

Does Financial regulation inhibit Innovation?


Innovation, I hear you say. Innovation can be driven by numerous factors. An example of technology driving innovation was the ATM in the banking industry. . According to Harvard Business School, the supply side of innovation also impacts the financing of technological development. Our work on the UBS Future of Finance Challenge 2019, has allowed start-ups and growing companies to enter and flourish in expressing their Innovation solutions. .

Embracing Organizational Ambidexterity


Although open innovation serves as a path towards greater openness in product innovation and organizational growth, it is not immune to the typical failures that can be found within any business system. Failures in open innovation programs don't necessarily mean that open innovation itself is flawed, but indicate that the particular program fell victim to various flaws in the execution stage. Open Innovation Technology Scouting

100%Open Past and Future


A Reflection on 10 Years in Open Innovation. When 100%Open was spun out of Nesta 10 years ago, open innovation was interesting. Of course, proprietary innovation is the lifeblood of large companies. The major shift from 2009 to today is that most large organisations have embraced open innovation as mainstream within their innovation, partnering and investment activities. The business case for open innovation .

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Key Issues in Innovation Management – Revisited – Part 1

Tim Kastelle

At the beginning of 2013, Tim Kastelle and I identified four key issues in innovation management for the time to come. From our point of view, all of the issues pinned down at that time have gained significant importance, are being intensively debated and can still be considered cutting-edge for companies to stay ahead in managing innovation. Let’s have a brief look at each of them: Differentiating and integrative innovation concepts. Open and social co-creation.

Trends in Innovation in the Chemical Industry


In mid-May, yet2 sponsored the NPD and Innovation in the Chemical Industry conference , organized by the European Networking Group. Geoffroy de Chabot-Tramecourt , director, R&D and Business Development, Janssen gave a stellar presentation, “ Janssen PMP: An Evolution in Innovation Management.” de Chabot-Tramecourt explained to the audience how innovation has changed at Janssen over the years and how they handle the specific challenges of: Higher regulatory requirements.

Research Opportunities for Network Forms of OI

Open Innovation

At #RnDParis2019 Thursday, I gave a “master class” on the network forms of open innovation: alliances, communities, crowds, consortia, ecosystems and platforms. It was a standing room only session: it appears that there are a lot of innovation researchers (particularly those new in their careers) who want to learn more about this area and the research opportunities. I extended the idea with a chapter in our 2014 book, New Frontiers in Open Innovation.

Game Changers: How Citizen Science and Gamification Are Transforming the Business World


Today, this audacity is reflected in the rising influence of citizen driven innovation and science – that is, the collaboration of volunteer non-scientists with professional scientists in collecting data and analyzing it to resolve real-world issues. As the general public’s interest in science continues to increase, professional scientists and researchers develop innovative tools to effectively engage crowds. Inform your innovation strategy.

The Challenges being Faced by Innovation Consultants

Paul Hobcraft

From my perspective I’ve been looking at a real challenge today, that many consultants offering innovation services are not providing real sustaining consulting value to clients, only ad-hoc services. In many ways, the consulting industry specializing in innovation is its own worst enemy. Innovation solutions simply need to be crafted in my opinion. Bespoke needs to be recognized as necessary for innovation solutions.

Key Innovation Issues for 2016 and Beyond

Integrative Innovation

Hence, I gave it some thought, starting by revisting an earlier reflection: Beginning of 2013, Tim Kastelle and I identified four key issues in innovation management for the time to come. From my point of view, all of the issues pinned down at that time have gained significant importance, are being intensively debated and can still be considered cutting-edge for companies to stay ahead in managing innovation. Innovation can’t be tackled through broad-brush recipes or tools.

Where Are You on an Innovation Scale?


In this article, we share Creators’ experiences and market observations to give you a brief overview of a typical corporate innovation journey. In today’s constantly evolving markets, the need for innovation is as important as ever. Every company wants and needs to be innovative?—?“able?—?over to create value and sustain/increase the market share by making changes to product portfolio, business models and company structure”. internal innovation activities (e.g.

Innovation needs the power of completing the 4th Industrial Revolution

Paul Hobcraft

We are facing greater disruption and an increasing innovation pace. The prospect of new innovation potential will eventually work through into the world of Industry 4.0 Innovation is ready for those accelerating and being fully committed to their 4IR journey.

Business Model Innovation: Creating Pathways to Relevance

The Future Shapers

The innovation conversation is happening every day , no matter your industry, function or location. Unfortunately, the discussion can quickly turn into a haze of white noise and fuzziness as emphasis on theoretical definitions, frameworks, types of innovations and other aspects of enablement leave people puzzled and dazed, as opposed to motivated and ready to make a difference. But, should one start with incremental innovation or is radical innovation the way to go?

Idea Competitions and Why Your Business Needs One


They all swear by in-house innovation programs which give every employee a chance to pitch their ideas. So, if you want to join the innovative crowd and get some fresh input for your new product, internal idea competition is your answer. Not only will you get the ideas you need, but also boost your innovation culture, employee engagement, and promote internal collaboration. Usually, open innovation challenges also include participants outside your company.

Wazoku partners with InnoCentive to create the world’s most powerful innovation platform and community


Global partnership delivers a unique proposition for any organisation seeking to solve business challenges and drive innovation. Idea management scaleup Wazoku has announced a major new partnership with US open innovation firm InnoCentive , which will create the world’s most comprehensive and powerful innovation platform and community. This combination of market leaders, Wazoku and InnoCentive represents a substantial maturation in the open innovation sector.”.

Becoming an innovative company: better late

Jeffrey Phillips

So, after over a decade of innovation consulting, I can say without doubt that companies that are just starting to innovate have it much better than those that were attempting it years ago. That's because as more companies try more innovation, more tools are vetted, more methods explored and exposed. Today, there are more proven methods and more people with more innovation skill and experience, so if you are starting now you can get started on the right foot.

What 2019 holds for innovation

Jeffrey Phillips

I wrote my obligatory look back at 2018 article on innovation recently, so it is natural that we should turn our attention to where innovation will take us in 2019. Or perhaps the stock was overvalued and Apple has become more interested in margin than in innovation. What do we know about the state of innovation? What innovation methods or approaches will gain ground? Other innovators have also fallen on difficult times. What innovation and who is it for?

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71 Innovation Methodologies

Open Innovation EU

A while ago I sat down with Machiel Wetselaar & David van Dinther to create a list of innovation methodologies for a course we’re developing. Up to now we’ve gathered 71 different methodologies for implementing innovation in your organization. Innovation Cycle (Avans). New Product and Development Service Process (Hauser). New Product Development Front End (Khurana). Revolutionizing Product Development (Wheelwright & Clark).

3 Innovative Projects with Ideanote to Get '19 Started


What better way to start this new year than to put actions behind words on that innovative organization culture of yours? As an all-in-one innovation platform, Ideanote can be successfully used in a manner of different ways. Open innovation, idea management platform, employee motivation tool – the possibilities are, if not endless, then at least plenty. Happy innovating! And you guessed it, open innovation in an excellent Ideanote project to get started with.

New Year’s Resolution: Catch Up on These Must-Read Innovation Blogs from 2019


Are you looking for ways to take your innovation strategy to the next level in 2020? Check out our top innovation blogs from 2019 for tips on transforming your product, process, market, and more. Brainstorming is where innovation and product development strategy begin, but sometimes you need a little push to get started. How Does Globalization Impact Innovation Strategy? Did you know innovation can bridge social, cultural, and political differences?