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How Design Thinking Promotes Innovation


It’s well known that design thinking is a creative problem-solving process, which focuses on reaching solutions that were previously inaccessible. To the trained eye, this may ring a bell as a common goal of innovative thinking as well. Design Thinking and Innovation. Takes a Holistic View of Problems.

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Design Thinking & Workshops in VR (Virtual Reality)

In this article we will: Explore how we can use VR (virtual reality) during the different steps of the design thinking process. Teach you how to design a VR workshop using an app called Zoe Immersive. Design Thinking Process & VR. You can think of “ Digital twins “ or less realistic VR spaces here.


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Design Thinking for Teachers

Design thinking in the classroom has exploded in the last few years! This unique creative problem-solving mindset and approach can be used to improve the educational experiences of students and teach them how to think about the world in new and different ways than they are used to. What is Design Thinking?

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ChatGPT Workshop Course

Now, we’d like to offer a live virtual workshop that will help our participants learn ChatGPT and how to use this tool (and other similar generative AI tools) in their work for their own unique projects and programs. Ultimately, we like to design our workshops for our clients and can go in many different directions.

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Design Thinking Certificate Program

We offer our design thinking certificate programs in partnership with an organization, university, or other institution. Our design thinking certificate courses are designed and delivered for varying lengths, settings, group sizes and can be a combination of in-person and virtual experiences for different purposes.

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Sustainability Workshops and Programs

A sustainability workshop applying design thinking and an innovation process to create vision, strategy and action Recently we’ve had a number of requests for our design thinking sprints, innovation workshops, interactive training sessions, and strategy hackathons applied for the purpose of environmental sustainability.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Design Thinking

We used AI to identify the most frequently asked questions about design thinking. Here are your design thinking FAQs and answers. You can also see our “human” responses to the big question: what is design thinking ? Design Thinking Frequently Asked Questions 1.