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Five Unicorn Scaleup Strategies


He’s the author of numerous books and an expert on how lean principles can be used to drive innovation. You use the term “ScaleUp” …how is that different than startup and why does it deserve a special designation? Of course, not all friction is bad. Here’s the secret to Unicorn innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Design Thinking

We used AI to identify the most frequently asked questions about design thinking. We then reviewed them to see that the answer summaries made sense. Here are your design thinking FAQs and answers. You can also see our “human” responses to the big question: what is design thinking ? What is design thinking?


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5 Challenges of Virtual Facilitation & How You Can Solve Them


Meeting facilitators and Learning & Development professionals must evaluate these challenges and identify the best practices to overcome them to create the most valuable experience for the participants. The guide below is designed to help you overcome challenges that arise in virtual facilitation and elevate your capabilities.

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Momentum — Team Effectiveness Training

Gregg Fraley

…Accelerating Teams Through Assessment and Training. It’s a sad fact of organizational life that only a small percentage of teams achieve high function. Most teams muddle along, and get the essential things done — or not. And, all teams can improve, with training. Teams Improve With Momentum Training.

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Going Lean, Again


Friedrich Arnold, Senior Project Manager at etventure, explains how manufacturers can embrace the Lean Startup methodology as the centerpiece of their Digital Transformation. I complimented the team on how calm the assembly line seemed to run – and how clean the workshop looked. The company was losing its technology leadership.

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How SAY San Diego is Using Lean Innovation to Create Real Change

Moves the Needle

Co-Authored by Heather Hiscox and Amelia Klawon Get the full case study to save for your records or to show to your leadership team here: Download Case Study. Board members and executive teams can also have significant power. Innovation in the social impact sector can seem intimidating and unreachable.

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Why is developing digital products one of the solutions to overcome the crisis?


What makes us believe that developing digital products is not only a solution to overcome the crisis, but also to generate business value after it too. Technology has only evolved – and very fast. The Economy is Digital; companies are born small, lean, lighter, and more innovative. Bonus 2: Agile Software Development.