Fri.Dec 13, 2019

Innovation and AI – A Killer Combination?

Destination Innovation

In the 1990s John Koza, a professor at Stanford University carried out a series of experiments involving new ways to create electrical circuits. He designed a programme which created thousands of random circuit designs. These were measured against desired outcomes.

Digital Continuous Improvement – A New Approach for a New Age


The generation now entering the workforce will never use a payphone, never write a check, never get off the couch to turn the channel, and never look up movie times in the newspaper. Things that all seemed normal and permanent to those of us over 40 are simply not things anymore.

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Open Innovation: co-creation, and intrapreneurship with Nicholas Ind

Rapid Innovation in digital time

Open Innovation is multifacts: Nicholas takes us through co-creation, and intrapreneurship. Engagement Innovation Rapid Innovation Unit Brand Co-creation Corporate Entrepreneurship intrapreneurship Nicholas Ind Open Innovation Start-up The Intrapreneurs' Factory

Best of 2019: Videos, Webinars and Blog


2019 brought new resources focused on how innovation, NPD, process and portfolio management at organizations are influenced by today’s business climate. The post Best of 2019: Videos, Webinars and Blog appeared first on Sopheon. Blog Innovation Portfolio Process

Video 68

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

15 Slide Presentations from Big Company Innovation Executives

Innovation Leader

These dozen slide presentations offer insights into innovation strategy at organizations like NASA, Google, Nike, Mastercard, and Procter & Gamble. Get them all here

Digital Biopharma 2.0

Innovation Excellence

Digital health has converged with biopharma.

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How Amazon and other big techs are revolutionizing the healthcare market


In recent times, the company has been investing in the healthcare market. The technological innovations brought by Amazon are revolutionizing this segment. Amazon’s move into the healthcare market is the subject of this article. The evolution of the healthcare market. In 2019, with an inflation target of around 4.25%, experts estimated that the health insurance market should be up 0.1%. This is compared to 2018 when the national economy reached its point of greatest fragility in the last decade.

Stop Making Excuses And Start Your Business Now – It’s Easier Than You Think

The Human Factor

contributed post –. Have you had a business idea that you’ve wanted to pursue for a while, but there are all kinds of reasons you haven’t gone through with it yet? Have you considered that the reasons you haven’t gone through with it are just excuses?

How Big Data is Changing Commercial and Business Aviation


Several examples of big data use in aviation to improve safety and the customer experience

Important Considerations When Opening A Medical Business

The Human Factor

contributed post –. source [link]. You don’t have to be a doctor, a dentist, or any other kind of qualified healthcare professional to run a medical business.

11 Ways to Make a Short Remote Design Thinking Project a Success

You can achieve a huge amount in a short period with a virtual design thinking project. While some teams want to come together for several weeks or months to tackle a challenge, others want to run short, sharp projects to find a quick solution. And with the right preparation, attitude, and structure in place, that's totally possible.To help make sure your short innovation projects are a success, download this free guide from the team at Sprintbase, a virtual design thinking platform, to learn their top tips.

Asking Open-Ended Questions of Your Team

Michael Roberto

Jan U. Hagen, Zhike Lei, and Avner Shahal have written a short digital article for Harvard Business Review about their research on aircraft crews.

The Three Areas Of Your Business That Needs Sufficient Tech

The Human Factor

contributed post –. source. While we all know the benefits of technology to a business these days, when we are stuck in a rut creatively, or we don’t know which area to direct our finances, choosing the right technical processes can prove to be a minefield.