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Innovation Thesis

The Future Shapers

President Kennedy’s address to the joint session of the US Congress on May 25th 1961 can be viewed as the start of the space race: “… I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth …” – John F. Kennedy. But his words could have very well been NASA’s innovation thesis.

Why Aptitude Tests Are Important for Jobs in Innovation


Innovation is one of the main ways in which a business can differentiate itself from the competition. Innovation could take place by improving business processes or by entering new markets after upgrading current product and service offerings. To be innovative, companies need creative employees who have the ability to transform ideas into reality. Strategies apptitude communication innovation problem solving

You Need an Innovation Value Proposition and Here's Why

HYPE Innovation

An innovation value proposition (IVP) is not the easiest place to go. It must build meaning and purpose and provide that unique identity that enables innovation to flow. Building your innovation value proposition is critical to your innovation success. The Innovation Manager

Crowdsourcing Storm Solutions


We are in the peak of hurricane season here in the US and numerous people are recovering from the loss and destruction in the wake of Hurricane Florence.

Assessing and Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Speaker: Magnus Penker, CEO & Founder, Innovation360 Group

Welcome to an interactive empowering session on how to sharpen your future through innovation management, which can help guide your company’s goals. During this webinar, Magnus Penker, international thought leader and author, will dive into how to assess and foster culture and capabilities for innovation.

6 Characteristics You Must Cultivate To Unlearn


Many leaders rely too heavily on past achievements, practices, and ways of thinking to drive positive results today, but they often need to unlearn those behaviors before they can take a step forward; this is the essence of innovation.

Innovating what we innovate

RTI Innovation Advisors

It finally came to me last week. For over a decade I've been working with corporations, trying to help them accelerate their ability to generate new, interesting ideas to market as viable products and services. In some instances we've been successful, and in other instances there were interesting failures. I've recognized for a while that some major challenges exist.

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Maintain Strategic Focus through Annual Planning

Focused Momentum

For those with a fiscal calendar starting in January, the autumn months will be dominated by one thing: budgeting. By mid-September, the budget kick-off meeting has been booked, and negotiations have already begun on how next year’s assumptions need to change.

The Innovation Survival Guide

Innovation Leader

What kills innovation initiatives at large companies? And what can you do to survive? To find out we talked to Innovation Leader’s Editor Scott Kirsner and Assistant Editor Kelsey Alpaio

Finding Software Solutions To Your Company’s Problems

The Human Factor

Image source. Contributed post – When computers were first starting to become mainstream business tools, they weren’t too much more than glorified calculators.

‘Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2018’ Roundtable in Chicago

Innovation Leader

To coincide with the release of our Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2018 report, sponsored by KPMG, we gathered a group of innovation professionals to discuss the report’s findings

11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Culture into a Culture of Innovation

Learn the 11 proven strategies that you can implement quickly to get every employee innovating and contributing to the growth of your company.

Maintaining Personal Security and Privacy as You Become Increasingly Successful

The Human Factor

Image source. Contributed post – When you first start out as a small business owner, others will typically be unaware of your presence in the marketplace and you will generally find yourself minding your own business.

Data 52

We moved our office to a French castle for 2 weeks. Did it work?

Board of Innovation

How it all started… January 2018, I walked into the office at 8 AM still recovering from an early-morning bike ride. After grabbing some breakfast, I joined my colleagues for our monthly breakfast meeting. After a quick strategy update from our co-founder Philippe, my colleague Arne got up to give us a “Summer Office Update”. . Continue reading. The post We moved our office to a French castle for 2 weeks. Did it work? appeared first on Board of Innovation. Events Jobs Recruiting Team

How to Help a Colleague Who Seems Off Their Game

Rmukesh Gupta

When we think about productivity at work, we need to think beyond ourselves. As they say, as a team we are as strong or as productive as the weakest link on our team. This translates to the fact that if someone on our team is not doing their best work, we have a role to play in helping them back to being their productive best. This might not be an official part of our job but working with peers who are productive and doing good work has an impact on our work as well.

Invention, Anteater Style


Innovator Profile Series: Inventor Profile: Dr. Angele Sjong Invention ain’t all rainbows and unicorns. Entrepreneur and consultant, Angele Sjong, PhD experiences a metaphysical headache when she sets about inventing. She loves it, but repeatedly confronting the supposedly impossible ignites conflict between both sides of the brain. Invention for her is an intellectual street fight involving […].

5 Product Traps - And Better Paths

Speaker: Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant, Rothman Consulting Group

Is your agile team overloaded with feature requests, with no time for discovery? Do your roadmaps read like impossible wish lists? Well, you’re not alone. It may seem impossible now, but what if we said that with a few changes, you could be meeting deadlines with the ability to predict progress with accuracy, be happy with your progress against the roadmap, and be making time for near-continuous discovery? Johanna Rothman has seen this all too often across many different organizations. She will take us through five common traps that agile product teams fall into – and likely you are in several of those traps right now. And good news - she has ways to avoid them!