Mon.Mar 21, 2022

How the Pandemic Created the Virtual Innovation Lab


COVID reshaped every department—including your innovation department. Find out how some organizations adapted to the remote work age by creating the virtual innovation lab, and how you can create your own by downloading this complimentary infographic.

Lean for Knowledge Workers [Webinar Transcript]


Kim Moscarda, Director of Moscarda Solutions, recently joined us on the KaiNexus webinar with Mark Graban, Senior Advisor with KaiNexus. In this webinar, he shared some insights into the application of Lean methodologies in a knowledge worker environment.


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Should You Trust Your Gut?

Phil McKinney

Your gut is surprisingly smart. It knows what’s good for you, and how to keep your body functioning properly. When you are in danger, it is your gut reaction that triggers your fight-or-flight response. But do you trust your gut? Do you trust its decisions?

How To 105

How Inclusivity Can Make Online Life Safer for All

Business and Tech

Tech companies face huge challenges when it comes to ending online harassment. Lisa Mae Brunson, founder of Wonder Women Tech, says the key to safety is changing the industry. Brunson founded Wonder Women Tech to advocate for women and minority voices in the tech industry.

Video 208

Using New Trends to Revive Your eLearning Strategy

Speaker: Stephen Baer - Chief Creative Officer, ELB Learning

In this fireside chat, leading L&D expert Stephen Bauer will discuss the exciting technological advancements in eLearning and how you can choose and implement the right technology for your company.

Shiny Object Syndrome

Idea to Value

Some innovation teams and creatives seem to never want to let go of their favorite ideas, even after they have proven that they are not going anywhere. Yet there are also individuals and teams who have the opposite problem.

Creating Space for Black Women in Gaming

Business and Tech

During graduate school, I realized my gaming life was missing something. Being a Black woman online was an experience that often left me wanting many things: safety, community, camaraderie, cultural understanding.

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Seizing an Opportunity for Women in the Metaverse

Business and Tech

Many people think women don’t love video games, but they’re wrong. One in three people worldwide plays video games, and nearly half of those gamers are women.

Video 229


Michael Michalko

As humans, many of us have lost the sensitivity to deeper relationships and essences because we’ve become educated to focus on the particulars of experience as opposed to the universals. For example, suppose we were asked to design a new can opener.

How the Collective Power of Artists Can Advocate for Workers’ Rights

Business and Tech

Liz DiFiore, president of the Graphic Artists Guild , an organization that advocates for graphic artists’ work rights, knows firsthand how independent artists can be taken advantage of in the games industry.

Silicon Valley Has Become a Doomsday Machine

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Greg Satell I was working on Wall Street in 1995 when the Netscape IPO hit like a bombshell.

The 2023 Supply Chain Crystal Ball: Challenges and Solutions

Speaker: Olivia Montgomery, Associate Principal Supply Chain Analyst

Curious to know how your peers are navigating ongoing disruption? In this webinar, you’ll gain actionable insights from Olivia Montgomery as she walks us through Capterra’s extensive research on how businesses - notably small and midsize businesses - are addressing supply chain challenges in 2023.

Why a Caring Culture Is Essential for a Healthy Employee Experience

Business and Tech

Companies that create and nurture a culture of care have more engaged employees and reduced turnover. That’s according to Limeade, an immersive employee well-being company that creates healthy employee experiences. “A

What is Kaizen? A Mindful System of Quality Improvement


We’ve written quite a bit about the definition of Kaizen , but today, I thought it would be an interesting challenge to reflect on how I would answer the question "What is Kaizen?" if my response could only be one word.

The Profitability of Well-Being: The New Corporate Priority

Business and Tech

With the world gradually returning to normal, employers are finding that normal isn‘t what normal used to be: the business world has been hit by a seismic shift it may not recover from.

Building an Invincible Company

Rmukesh Gupta

I recently watched Alexander Osterwalder deliver a keynote on “Building an Invincible Company“, based on his book with the same name. He shares a lot of great insights on leadership, innovation and building sustainable business advantage for businesses.

New Ways to Reach, Influence, and Close More Deals with Intent Data

Speaker: Ardath Albee, B2B Marketing Strategist and CEO of Marketing Interactions

Acting on intent data when applied to buyer context can be a game-changer for gaining attention by increasing relevance, which drives purposeful engagement toward purchase. But all intent data is not the same. In this webinar, learn the difference between interest and intent, and the best ways to use the right data.

How Does Financial Education Improve Your Workplace?

Business and Tech

Around the globe, employers are recognizing the benefits of improving the financial wellness of their employees. When six out of ten American employees are living paycheck to paycheck , financial literacy is more important than ever.

Study 208



As humans, many of us have lost the sensitivity to deeper relationships and essences because we’ve become educated to focus on the particulars of experience as opposed to the universals. For example, suppose we were asked to design a new can opener.

The Future of Work: Architecting Tomorrow’s Digital Experiences

Business and Tech

Today’s employees are working inside software more than inside the walls of an office. In this new world, IT teams must move beyond just monitoring employees’ devices, applications, and software to truly understanding the employee digital experience.

Collaborating Effectively with Startups: Anticipation, Key to Success


What are the key factors promoting harmonious and fruitful collaborative innovation between large groups and technology startups? How can we increase the chances of success of collaborative projects between these asymmetric partners from the outset?

The L&D Strategy Roundtable

Speaker: Cara North - Learning & Development Consultant, Speaker, & Researcher | Maggie Quigley - Senior Account Executive for US Market Userlane

In this webinar, L&D professionals Cara North and Maggie Quigley will discuss the various factors that affect training and how you can stretch your budget to create an effective L&D program.

Why Mental Health Benefits Are Key to Retaining Your Best Employees

Business and Tech

In the midst of today’s “Great Resignation,” attracting and retaining talent has quickly become employers’ biggest challenge. Cynthia Castro Sweet, Ph.D. Senior Director of Clinical Research, Modern Health.

Study 208

We raised $40M Series A to get strategy out of boardrooms and make it available to everyone!

Cascade Strategy

2022 started with a major milestone for Cascade: we’ve raised $40M Series A, led by ex-Sequoia investor Mickey Arabelovic’s Telescope Partners and including Five V and Carthona from Australia. Read the full press release here. Strategy Execution

A Comprehensive Solution to Employee Burnout

Business and Tech

As the workforce mental health provider for more than 2 million Americans, Lyra Health is transforming the way companies care for the well-being of employees and their families. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on the global workforce and its collective mental health.

How the NEA Is Helping Students Learn Through Interactive Play

Business and Tech

Over the past 10 years, esports has become a major industry and a legitimate career path for young people.

A Deep Dive Into Supply Chain Strategy: Why Yours Isn't Working

Speaker: Michelle Meyer, Founder and CEO of MatterProviders

Michelle Meyer is here to walk you through the future of supply chain strategy, and why your current approach is probably not working. In this exclusive webinar, she will explore ways to develop and perfect your new supply chain design in this post-pandemic era of economic uncertainty.

Powering Up the Next Generation of Women in Games

Business and Tech

It is no secret there is a pronounced gender gap in the games industry. While nearly half of all game players are women, only 30 percent of developers identify as women. Why does this gap exist and what can the game industry of today do to correct it for the next generation of developers?

How Olivia Munn Thinks Gaming Can Change for the Better

Business and Tech

Actress and lifelong gamer Olivia Munn talks about why more women are gaming than ever before, and how the industry has a lot of room for improvement when it comes to inclusivity. How old were you when you first started gaming, and what got you into it?

Change 208

How to Navigate the New Normal of Employee Well-Being

Business and Tech

Thought leaders share their expert insights on what it takes to retain top talent and make your company a more enjoyable place to work. Meg Donovan Chief People Officer, Nexthink. Richard Branson Founder, Virgin Group. Jenna Mons Anderson CEO, AccessElite.

How To 207

How to Develop a Culture That Puts Employees First

Business and Tech

Having proved that they can work productively from home, many workers are demanding to be able to continue to work remotely at least part of the week.

How to Gain a Competitive Edge: A Deep Dive Into Supplier Diversity Programs

Speaker: Rod Robinson - SVP of the Supplier Diversity Practice, Insight Sourcing Group

In this exclusive webinar, Rod Robinson, SVP of the Supplier Diversity Practice Lead & Center of Excellence, dives into the key benefits corporations are seeing emerge from their supplier diversity programs and how you can gain invaluable competitive advantages with a supplier diversity program of your own.

Improving the Wellness of a Diverse Workforce

Business and Tech

Employees believe their employer has a responsibility to make sure they are mentally, physically, and emotionally well — yet many find that employers fall short.

I Miss You! A Well-Being Crisis on the Horizon

Business and Tech

In a recent global study conducted by The Inspiring Workplaces Group, it was discovered that we not only miss human interaction at work, but we actually need it. When asked “Since Feb 2020, do you miss human interaction in the workplace with colleagues or customers?”

How Gendered Assumptions Hold Back Gaming

Business and Tech

Elizabeth Baumel, software engineering lead at Unity, and Gracie Arenas Strittmatter, technical art director at EA Sports, discuss how women and those in other marginalized groups are advocating for themselves in the gaming industry. Elizabeth Baumel Software Engineering Lead, Unity.