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Innovation thinking in Ecosystem and Generative AI design.

Paul Hobcraft

Innovation thinking in Ecosystem and Gen AI design I believe there is a real need to construct a different innovation process. We are rapidly seeing the past of innovating simply in terms of operating on our own. Earlier this year, I proposed a different framework for the innovation process and thinking.

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33 Routes to Open Innovation

Open Innovation EU

It has been a while since Henry Chesbrough coined the term Open Innovation and formulated it’s definition: “combining internal and external ideas as well as internal and external paths to market to advance the development of new technologies.” ” ( Chesbrough, 2003 ). Route 3: Spin-off.


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Ready to add GenAI into your innovation ecosystem?


Contextual Innovation Concepts: Ensure generated innovation concepts are contextual and relevant to the current ecosystem and market conditions. AI models should consider the latest market trends and customer feedback in their idea generation. AI can help design experiments and analyze results.

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Technology Scouting Software for Open Innovation


Large organizations like these can no longer exclusively rely on the internal R&D team or employee base to produce the product innovation and insights that will keep them in the game. Enterprises are increasingly turning to open innovation for their product development strategy. ” They can be all over the world.

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Effective communication is the essence of open innovation


We've practiced agriculture for some 12,000 years, and in that time have continued finding innovative ways to feed a growing population. Dow AgroSciences is very open about the complexity of their R&D pipeline. They told Grainews in 2016 that, on average, 10 years elapse between idea generation and market launch.

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Putting Brainstorming in its place

Jeffrey Phillips

Strange that the activity that should be the easiest, most natural activity in an innovation process is singled out as the most complex, difficult and dangerous. But fact alone highlights how poorly understood the entire innovation process is. Brainstorming is a group technique to generate, socialize and evaluate ideas.

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Why you should work with an innovation consultant

Jeffrey Phillips

This is where many innovation consultants get called in, and most can provide this function - helping generate more and better ideas. But without good insights, good tools and new perspectives, even an expert idea generation team can't get good ideas if the inputs aren't good.

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