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Unleashing the Power of AI in Innovation Management


The Intersection of AI and Innovation Management My journey into the realm of innovation management began as I witnessed many clients wrestling with the increasing complexity of developing new products and services. The Rise of AI in Innovation Management What is Artificial Intelligence?

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Where will Innovation Management Software go?

Paul Hobcraft

Where will Innovation Management Software go? This morning I decided to have a chat on ChatGPT on the future of Innovation Management Software, I asked a number of questions in a short series and can well-relate to the answers provided incredibly quickly. Where will Innovation Management Software go?

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It’s Time To Upgrade Your Innovation Management System


Innov8rs | After the Covid-19 pandemic, many corporate innovation units felt a sense of relief. Companies were optimistic, innovation budgets grew, and there was an increased appetite for out-of-the-box innovation. It's fair to say the future of our companies depend on our innovation function to deliver results.

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What is Innovation Management?


Navigating Innovation Management: Implement a Scalable Process and Engaging Platform for Enterprise Ideation and Collaboration Creating Open Innovation Solutions Regardless of your organization’s innovation portfolio size or scope, every business needs a strategy and competitive advantage for growth and technological advancement.

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Never Miss an Opportunity: How ISO 56000 Enables an Innovative Organization

Speaker: Peter Merrill, President, Quest Management Inc.

Research is showing an extremely high correlation between innovative businesses and profitability. In addition, companies who are serial innovators are using a system approach and manage innovation to continuously generate new ideas. This webinar will show how to build innovation into a Quality System such as ISO 9001.

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IT Innovation: 9 Challenges that IT Departments can Overcome Through Innovation Management


IT Innovation: Rising to the Challenge with Innovation Management Software Fortunately, IT departments can easily gather, develop, and implement innovative solutions to the various challenges they face using innovation management software. It covers the process from end to end.

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Qmarkets and Capgemini Invent Partner to Provide Integrated Innovation Management Offering to Global Enterprises


The partnership will see Qmarkets collaborate with Capgemini Invent , Capgemini’s innovative management division. Capgemini Invent helps clients from a diverse range of industries to remain competitive through customer-centric innovation. They are a great bunch of innovators.