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Qmarkets and OmniStrada Partner to Empower Asian Businesses with Continuous Improvement Culture & Capabilities


Qmarkets’ innovation management software facilitates idea generation, evaluation and implementation, collaboration, and data analysis. OmniStrada will support businesses in tailoring the platform and implementing innovation management programs and processes. That’s where we come in.

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The Final Perspective: A Composable Innovation Enterprise Framework

Paul Hobcraft

I am suggesting a vertical and horizontal design applying innovation stack and building block approaches, all “housed” on a technology platform. Are we leveraging fully what is available to us to build better innovation concepts? This post explains this thinking, and validation and provides the way I envisage this.


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The building out of the Composable Innovation Enterprise Framework.

Paul Hobcraft

A system that encourages forming strategic alliances, partnerships, and knowledge sharing to drive innovation and create shared value in open, thoughtful, and collaborative ways. The principles of this Composable Innovation Enterprise Framework are the recognition and value of having a building block and innovation stack design.

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Leading Innovation = Managing Uncertainty

Strategyzer Innovation

While generating new ideas and inventing new technologies is important, it is even more important for innovators to identify the unknowns that have to be true for their ideas and technologies to succeed in the market. 1957) Strategies for Diversification, Harvard Business Review, 35, 13-124. Amazon launching AWS).

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AI in Foresight & Innovation Management


This technology is a well-known enabler of a variety of innovations serving the needs of humanity, be it in healthcare or mobility. However, how can one apply complex AI algorithms to steer innovation management in a company and add value to the business? Why AI in Foresight & Innovation Management.

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The Forrester Wave™: Innovation Management Platforms, Q1 2020


Forrester Reveals The 13 Most Significant providers in Innovation Management “Wazoku has a differentiating vision for idea sharing and innovation collaboration.” Wazoku featured as one of the 13 Most Significant providers in Innovation Management in “The Forrester Wave : Innovation Management Platforms, Q1 2020”.

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Top Strategies to Prioritize Features for Innovation Teams


Innovation management is a tough job. Innovation team members have to deal with the needs of users, finances, and marketing all at once. And now they have to figure out which features should be prioritized for their innovation roadmap, too? Additional Tips to Help Your Team Prioritize Innovation Roadmap Features.