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Technical Review: A Trusted Look Under the Hood

TechEmpower Innovation

Most innovators don’t have a technical background, so it’s hard to evaluate the truth of the situation. And unless they have a tech background, they can’t look under the hood themselves. The answer is to engage a trusted outside source for a Technical Review – a deep-dive assessment that provides a C-suite perspective.

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5 Forces That Will Drive the Adoption of GenAI

Harvard Business Review

In the face of uncertainty and inflated expectations, Gartner research has identified five forces that will keep the pressure on executives to keep learning, testing, and investing in the technology: 1) Board and CEO expectations; 2) Customer expectations; 3) Employee expectations; 4) Regulatory expectations; and 5) Investor expectations.


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Accelerating Sustainable Energy Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

Energy innovation systems need a really much stronger and more effective push to deliver a broad range of technologies and solutions to the market faster than what is happening today. The Energy Industry can be deemed as a laggard in adoption along the five stages of technology adoption.

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The Hidden Advantage: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership


This can involve self-assessments, peer reviews, and professional EI evaluations. EI Component Assessment Method Empathy 360-degree feedback Self-Regulation Self-assessment questionnaires Social Skills Peer reviews For more insights on assessing and improving self-awareness, visit our article on leadership and self-awareness.

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New Study: 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

Why do some embedded analytics projects succeed while others fail? We surveyed 500+ application teams embedding analytics to find out which analytics features actually move the needle. Read the 6th annual State of Embedded Analytics Report to discover new best practices. Brought to you by Logi Analytics.

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5 Factors Determining Success or Failure in the Shift From Project to Product


He was referring to the ground-breaking shift of digital innovation from the hands of a few tech giants and unicorns to the many enterprise organizations powering the world economy. Without this commitment, consequences include slow delivery and increased technical debt.

Project 52
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Qmarkets and OmniStrada Partner to Empower Asian Businesses with Continuous Improvement Culture & Capabilities


It will partner up with the C-suite to roadmap the journey, deliver and create value for each of the business functions, and drive strategy cohesiveness across teams. Its team has 35+ years of combined experience in digital and e-commerce, strategic planning, customer experience, operational, and technical expertise.

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How to Package and Price Embedded Analytics

Just by embedding analytics, application owners can charge 24% more for their product. How much value could you add? This framework explains how application enhancements can extend your product offerings. Brought to you by Logi Analytics.

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Measuring Innovation Performance

Why do only a third of the organizations worldwide have formal innovation metrics in place despite accepting that innovation is critical to survival? Download this eBook to learn about the 5 basic principles that guide every successful innovation process.