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Technical Advisors: Every Startup Needs One

TechEmpower Innovation

Why do this without the right technical advisor? Just like attorneys, technical advisors can help navigate waters that many find murky. Actually, many startups need two kinds of technical advisors. CTO Founder – Do they really still need a technical advisor? Would you create contracts without an attorney?

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Building a Secure Future for America’s Water Resources

Business and Tech

The luxury of having a consistent supply of clean water masks a harsh reality: the gradual depletion of this invaluable resource. This resource alone supplies drinking water to 40 million people in the United States, however, due to extremely low water levels, states are being asked to cut their Colorado River water use.

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Leaders will invest less in transformational innovation due to fears over the economy

Idea to Value

And the biggest drop is in what proportion of projects will be for transformational innovations. This may upset a lot of startups or innovation teams who feel like it is their duty to look to the future and pull their company into new disruptive technologies. However, it might be the right thing to do.

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L.I.V.E. (Lean Innovation, Validation & Execution): A new, more effective way to manage multiple innovation projects

Idea to Value

This new management method makes it nearly impossible for innovation teams to fail at delivering multiple challenging innovation projects faster, with less risk and lower required budgets. Most innovation experts often say that traditional management processes are not the way to run innovation projects. And this is true.

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New Study: 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

Why do some embedded analytics projects succeed while others fail? We surveyed 500+ application teams embedding analytics to find out which analytics features actually move the needle. Read the 6th annual State of Embedded Analytics Report to discover new best practices. Brought to you by Logi Analytics.

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Maximizing Efficiency & Productivity: 3 Ways GenAI Optimizes Value Stream Management for Tech Leaders 


But while the increasing number of companies adopting VSM has changed how teams build from project to product, a new innovative approach hits the spotlight: generative AI (genAI). With text-based generation comes more multi-dimensional advanced technology that, as one can imagine, produces a multitude of content formats. What is genAI?

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Innovation on Steroids: Next Generation AI-Powered Phases and Gates


From its inception to the current state, the processes governing the development of new products and services have continuously evolved to incorporate new methodologies and technologies. At these gates, decision-makers review progress and determine the feasibility of moving forward to the next stage.