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Building a Secure Future for America’s Water Resources

Business and Tech

The luxury of having a consistent supply of clean water masks a harsh reality: the gradual depletion of this invaluable resource. This resource alone supplies drinking water to 40 million people in the United States, however, due to extremely low water levels, states are being asked to cut their Colorado River water use. The challenge?

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What is a Project Management? Definition, Types and Examples


Table of Contents What is a Project Management? Project management is defined as a structured and disciplined approach to planning, organizing, and overseeing the successful completion of a project. A project is a temporary endeavor with a specific goal, a defined timeline, and allocated resources.

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Project Resource Management: The Key to Delivering Successful Innovation Ideas


An innovative idea may never become a great new product if decision-makers aren’t working with accurate data to manage resources effectively. The post Project Resource Management: The Key to Delivering Successful Innovation Ideas appeared first on Sopheon.

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How to Kill Innovation Projects

Destination Innovation

Starting exploration projects. Gaining support and resources from other departments. Killing the weaker projects. They are all important but I believe that the most vital is #8 – the ability to kill off the weaker projects. Here are some bad reasons to kill innovation projects. Listening to customer feedback.

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2024’s Retail Odyssey: Going Small, Artificial, and Augmented!

Speaker: Kelly Goetsch - Chief Strategy Officer at Commercetools | Jason Cottrel - CEO & Founder at Orium | and guest speaker Brendan Witcher - VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester

To stay ahead of the curve, digital leaders are experimenting with less risky initiatives and scaling back on outdated projects that no longer yield impactful results. The pace of tech shifts will intensify, businesses are set to defund legacy solutions, and attractive opportunities will surface as social and retail media players join forces.

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“As long as my failing project keeps going, I won’t be a failure”

Idea to Value

It was about her new book “ Quit: The Power of Knowing When to Walk Away “ , and there was one topic they spoke about which really stuck with me when thinking about innovation projects. She spoke about why people often find it so hard to walk away from or stop projects which are obviously failing.

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Overcoming project challenges with resource management


You could argue that the best innovation combines equal parts creativity and structure. The creatives reading this might argue that deadlines and structured decision-making bind creativity, but successful organizations understand the importance of both.

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Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

Every startup and innovation project exists within an ecosystem that either helps or hurts that project. As innovation managers, we need to keep a pulse of that ecosystem and make sure we're helping those innovation projects we're managing every step of the way.

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New Study: 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

Why do some embedded analytics projects succeed while others fail? We surveyed 500+ application teams embedding analytics to find out which analytics features actually move the needle. Read the 6th annual State of Embedded Analytics Report to discover new best practices. Brought to you by Logi Analytics.

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Business Models Changing the Landscape of Growth and Innovation

Speaker: Cheryl Perkins, Founder and President, Innovationedge

Webinar participants will walk away inspired and motivated to advance their leadership skills from building new capabilities, changing culture, piloting several innovation approaches, to tailoring unique solutions to win in very competitive markets.