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The Progress Principle: Using small wins to ignite joy, engagement and creativity at work

Idea to Value

One of the most important pieces of creativity and innovation research from the past couple of decades can be found in the book The Progress Principle: Using small wins to ignite joy, engagement and creativity at work.

How Do Your Incorporate Integrity In Your Innovation Strategy?


Overview : Integrity in business is ensuring your actions conform with your statements. In order to maintain integrity as part of your innovation process, you should look closely at the spoken and unspoken promises made by your innovation strategy and act on them to the fullest extent possible.


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Change Consultants Recommend You Do These 3 Things. Don’t.

Digital Tonto

There is an inherent flaw in human nature that has endowed us with a burning desire to convince skeptics. So it shouldn’t be surprising that change consultants focus on persuasion. Nothing validates. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Change 146

Leaders Must Grow People; Here Are 6 Ways To Do It


This is a guest post by Francisco Ramirez , CEO of The ACE Group; a customs broker , warehouse operator and ecommerce fulfillment provider that helps merchants reduce their fulfillment costs. This post was originally published on their blog.

What is Digital Transformation?

With the changing trends in the business world, it is more and more necessary to embrace digital transformation in business. Find out how to succeed in this ever-changing environment.

Society 2045’s Collaborative Thinking

Tullio Siragusa

Society 2045’s Collaborative Thinking. We are in a world where social ethics are in a dangerous state, and the earth’s resource pool is getting emptied. Can we save our future? This past summer, Society 2045 had a series of interviews with change makers seeking to improve the way society works.

The Einstellung Effect: Why knowledge can make you stupider

Idea to Value

I want you to do a couple of short mental tests with me. It will only take a minute and you will be fascinated by the results. You will be fascinated by what this teaches you about innovation and creativity. Let me explain the rules.

Study 176

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Top Strategies to Prioritize Features for Innovation Teams


Innovation management is a tough job. Innovation team members have to deal with the needs of users, finances, and marketing all at once. And now they have to figure out which features should be prioritized for their innovation roadmap, too?

To Change the World You Must First Learn Something About It

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Greg Satell Anybody who has waited for a traffic light to change, in the middle of the night at an empty intersection, knows the urge to rebel. There is always a tension between order and freedom. While … Continue reading → Change Innovation invention movements subversio

Wisdom and Leadership

Rmukesh Gupta

One of the key responsibility of a leader is to be able to perceive the difference between reality and what appears to be the reality, i.e., we need leaders who are wise. The question then is what is wisdom and is there a simple way to becoming wise. An old Indian metaphor can come to our help.

Podcast S6E140: Prof Michael Mumford – The latest in creativity research

Idea to Value

In this episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with current editor of the Creativity Research Journal, Prof Michael D Mumford. Dr. Michael D.

Fractional CTO Services Crafted for Tech Startups

Your startup is growing, and you realize that the next addition to your team should be someone with a technical background. Download this guide to discover the 3 steps for finding the perfect hire!

The Role of Discipline in Innovation


Innovation is, without a doubt, a creative endeavor. However, many people still think it’s all about creativity. There’s a magical a-ha moment, and the rest is history. Well, as we’ve explained before , that’s just not true.

Senior Marketing ManagerIn


Become part of the team! Senior Marketing ManagerIn ( m/w/d). JETZT BEWERBEN. Start. Ab sofort. Anstellung. Vollzeit. Sprache. C1 Deutschniveau. Über uns. WhatAVenture ist ein Corporate Company Builder und baut neue Unternehmen, Produkte und innovative Lösungen mit und für etablierte Unternehmen.

Black Friday Shows No Loyalty

Innovation Excellence

Marketers love to hold up points-based loyalty programs as proof of their contribution to their company’s financial success through repeat purchase behavior. But traditional loyalty programs are nothing more than complicated, and expensive to manage, discount programs.

Do you live “Above the Line” or “Below the Line”?

Rmukesh Gupta

I first came across this phrase “Above the Line” when Matt Church used it in one of his sessions and since then continues to use it on an ongoing bases.

A Recruiter’s Guide To Hiring In 2021

With vaccination rates rising, consumers spending more money, and people returning to offices, the job market is going through a period of unprecedented adjustment. As the New York Times observed, “It’s a weird moment for the American economy.” And recruiting professionals are caught in the middle. To make the most of this disruption, you need to understand the economic drivers, develop a strong strategy for unearthing valuable talent, and use the latest tech tools to get the job done. Read this guide to get your recruiting practice ready to thrive in the new normal.

What Are the Real Consequences of a 4-Hour Workweek?

Entrepreneur - Innovation

Work has become a four-letter word, but what will the net effect be on a workforce that clocks fewer hours, takes longer to master skills and 'opts out' of culture-shaping efforts? Work Smarter

How to succeed as a marketing project manager

Cascade Strategy

Marketing project managers are an uncanny mix between artists and scientists

GE, Toshiba, J&J: Reorganizing Is Not Transformation

Bill Fischer

GE, Toshiba and Johnson and Johnson (J&J) have each announced serious restructuring, if not transformation. In each instance, major transformation is certainly called for, if not way overdue, but in each instance, simple reorganization will not be enough to realize the possibilities imaginable.

Advances in the Management of Worthless Meeting Syndrome

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Arlen Meyers Now that we have all been stuck inside for almost two years, many of us are suffering from an exacerbation of worthless meeting syndrome (WMS) , most recently remotely.

Post-Pandemic eCommerce Growth: Leverage Product Data, Market Research & Shopping Trends

Speaker: Phil Irvine, VP & Director of Audience Intelligence

This session will dive into how organizations can still leverage historical customer and product data but need to also think about how to augment development of strategies with marketing research and other shopper signals to efficient drive e-Commerce growth. Join Phil Irvine, VP & Director of Audience Intelligence, for this in-depth discussion of the current e-commerce landscape. Whether concerned about data privacy and data management, or curious about how businesses can rethink approaches to designing shopping experiences, the answers are here.

Insanely Interesting People who Influenced me: #12 Alistair Maclean

Rmukesh Gupta

For the rest of the year, I would like to take a moment and thank the people who have had a significant impact on me as an individual. The way they have lived their lives and their body of work has had an outsized impact on how I think about life in general and and work, in particular.

9 Easy to Deploy Continuous Quality Improvement Tools


Quality management programs are often associated with large organizations, such as automotive manufacturing or large healthcare systems. These organizations often have teams dedicated to quality control, and they may leverage specific business process methodologies such as Lean or Six Sigma.


Creating space for innovation: 5 learnings on how New Work can succeed in your company

Lead Innovation

The trend toward New Work has existed for several years. So has the desire of many employees to work more flexibly on a permanent basis. As a catalyst, the Corona crisis has accelerated this development enormously.

Vision Canvas Templates for Creating Company or Product Visions

Find vision templates that can help your organization focus on company or product direction and goals. Understanding your direction and future goals is essential – after all, this road-map planning builds the vision needed to make these goals a reality.

Reaching Unreachable Candidates

Speaker: Patrick Dempsey and Andrew Erpelding of ZoomInfo

What is ZoomInfo for Recruiters? Find and connect with the right talent to fill roles fast with more data, basic search, advanced search, candidate and company profiles, and export results. Watch this On-Demand Webinar today to see how ZoomInfo for Recruiters can work to get your talented candidates results.

Building a “Giving” Team


As leaders, we all can appreciate a little, or a lot of help in performing our work responsibilities. In a fast-paced, demanding work environment, most leaders have a lot to do and not enough resources, time, or energy to get it done.

Tips 52

Insanely Interesting People: #9 Matt Church

Rmukesh Gupta

For the rest of the year, I would like to take a moment and thank the people who have had a significant impact on me as an individual. The way they have lived their lives and their body of work has had an outsized impact on how I think about life in general and and work, in particular.

Life as an Innovation Intern at WhatAVenture


Life as an Innovation Intern at WhatAVenture. “Hi, Hi, I am Maxi, Innovation Manager at WhatAVenture and currently also working at Wood_Space as an assistant to the CEO. I started working at WhatAVenture in 2020 as an Innovation Intern.

The Future of Work: The Top 5 Trends to Look Out For

Innovators Alliance

Don’t miss our upcoming digital event “The Future of Work: The Top 5 Trends to Look Out For” this upcoming November 30 th , 2021.

Going to Market Smarter in the New Economy

In 2021, as companies continue to move more functions online, employees will take a more virtual -- and flexible -- mindset and lifestyle in parallel to the digitization of businesses. To succeed, you must change the way you conceive and build new products as a digital business. Download the report today to discover more!

The Best Creativity Advice We Heard in 2021

Entrepreneur - Innovation

Tips and quotes from contributors and interviewees about how to fuel your creative side. Creativity

Tips 73

The Hoshin Kanri Method Explained

Cascade Strategy

The hoshin kanri is a method of planning a company-wide strategy that is easily distributed. It connects the long-term vision of top leadership with the projects implemented on the front line

The Responsibilities of a Leader

Rmukesh Gupta

Observe: As leaders it is our responsibility to observe what is happening inside the organisation, within his team, with the people who we are leading. It is our responsibility to observe what is happening at the periphery of our organisation, with our customers (internal or external).

the future of work: organizing around ideas instead of location


One of the most interesting innovations to come out of the coronavirus crisis (and it seems that nothing ever changes unless there is a crisis) is that the myth of location has been dispelled – we no longer need to gather in the same physical space in order to do much work.

Is Your IoT Pilot in Danger?

Take our short quiz to determine if your IoT pilot is set up for success, or at risk of being delayed.