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How to Team Build to Spark Innovation


Teamwork is essential for brainstorming new innovations and bringing your innovations to life. But first, you must build a cohesive team. If team building isn’t a current priority, or it has fallen by the wayside—it’s never too late to bring your team together.

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5 Time-Consuming Innovation Tasks You Can Easily Eliminate


We know that time is of the essence for everyone (not only in innovation). Innovation processes entail a number of manual, labor-intensive, and repetitive tasks that can obstruct quick and efficient results.


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Laughter can make people more creative

Idea to Value

We have all heard that laughter is the best medicine. But it turns out that if you want to be more creative and come up with highly original ideas, then laughter might also help you.

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Innovation comes in different forms and problems, all requiring financial support.

Paul Hobcraft

Developing countries need innovation and financial support. Innovation has a very tough job of attracting the necessary money to take a concept or idea all the way through to commercialization. There is always that constant asking about the economic return and the associated risks.

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ERM Program Fundamentals for Success in the Banking Industry

Speaker: William Hord, Senior VP of Risk & Professional Services

This exclusive webinar with William Hord, Senior VP of Risk & Professional Services, will explore the foundational elements you need to start or validate your ERM program. He will also dive into topic definitions, governance structures, and framework components for success.

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2023: Making The Shift From Disruption To Resilience

Digital Tonto

It’s been roughly 25 years since Clayton Christensen inaugurated the disruptive era and what he initially intended to describe as a special case has been implemented as a general rule.

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Want to see Exponential Growth in 2023? Invest in these three Digital Accelerators

Daniel Burrus

For a business or organization, cost-effective solutions to current and future problems is a primary goal of many internal leaders. Of course, this is not limited to having less scrap as a manufacturing company or offering fewer refunds to dissatisfied customers as a retailer.

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Company Culture Doesn’t Come from a Monitor: How to Create a Connected Workforce in an Increasingly Virtual World


How important are in-person connections in an increasingly remote work environment? The short answer is “very,” especially since there are a lot fewer of them. Planview is on a mission to “Build the Future of Connected Work,” – so I spend a lot of time thinking about the human aspects of connection.

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Leaders, Futures and Foresight

Rmukesh Gupta

As leaders, we are expected to have a vision of the future that we are leading our teams towards. To build this vision, we need to be able to think of the potential and probable futures, to decide and pick the one that we want to move towards.

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Sustaining a Healthy World Through Growing Crop Health

Business and Tech

According to the Global Agricultural Productivity Report, the world is facing setbacks in agricultural production.

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The Top 20 Ideas Shared by IdeaSpies 2022


About 1,000 ideas were shared by IdeaSpies in 2022 and these are the most popular. All the ideas are explained simply and can be (Feed generated with FetchRSS

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Retail Reimagined: What It Means To Be An Innovative Retailer

Speaker: DeAnna McIntosh, Retail Growth Strategist

Join DeAnna McIntosh, Retail Growth Strategist, for this idea-sparking session on how to multiply and diversify your revenue (and impact) with zero ad spend, how to create disruption in your industry, and how to reimagine and innovate the retail business model.

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Key Technology Trends to Watch in 2023: From AI and 5G to Quantum Computing and Cybersecurity

Tullio Siragusa

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Innovating in Uncertain Times

Faisal Hoque

Here’s why innovation in challenging times is essential—and 9 ways to go about achieving it. Blogs Blogs I Articles Creativity | Innovation Economy Faisal Hoque innovation Leadership & Management Management VUCA

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Huddle Board Examples to Encourage Collaboration


One of the fundamental principles of continuous improvement is that positive change is the responsibility of every employee. Embracing that idea is far easier than making it a day-to-day reality. One powerful tool for keeping improvement work top-of-mind is the daily huddle.

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Customer Experience versus Customer Service

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Shep Hyken As I talk to people about their experiences with the companies and brands they do business with, they often use the terms customer service and customer experience interchangeably. Are they confused? Do they not know the difference? Maybe, maybe not.

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Modern Tech and More: Empowering Your Supply Chain for Success

Speaker: Cory Skinner, Founder and CEO of FactR

Ready to dive into new tech to protect your supply chain, but not sure where or how to start? In this webinar, Cory Skinner, Founder and CEO of FactR, will break down the new, innovative technologies and strategies that you can implement to mitigate historic challenges, and even teach you what NOT to do along the way!

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Design Thinking & Workshops in VR (Virtual Reality)

In this article we will: Explore how we can use VR (virtual reality) during the different steps of the design thinking process. Discuss what does and does not make sense in terms of DT and VR connections. Teach you how to design a VR workshop using an app called Zoe Immersive.

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Your Mobile App Needs AI. Here Are 3 Ways to Harness Its Power (and Why It Matters).

Entrepreneur - Innovation

For business owners with mobile apps, machine learning can change the game for your company. Here are a few insights on how to incorporate AI in your mobile app and why it's critical to your future. Business Solutions

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The Happy Leader: Boost Your Happiness and Leadership Effectiveness

Rmukesh Gupta

Our emotional states as leaders have a direct impact on the productivity of our teams. Emotions are contagious.

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What Business Are You In?

Innovation Excellence

(Hint: It’s Probably Not What You Think) GUEST POST from Robyn Bolton “What business are you in?” How do you answer this all-too-common question? Do you name the company you work for? The industry you’re in? The function you perform?

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The Power of Storytelling in Risk Management

Speaker: Dr. Karen Hardy, CEO and Chief Risk Officer of Strategic Leadership Advisors LLC

Join this exclusive webinar with Dr. Karen Hardy, where she will explore the power of storytelling in risk communication as a core component of a resilient organization's management framework!

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What’s Up With Disruption?

Bill Fischer

Dismiss the likelihood of industry disruption at your own peril. Far from being just another bit of business school jargon, disruptive innovation is earning more attention than ever before, and the reason for that is that we are seeing a wider range of industries being disrupted, as never before.

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Your Guide to Fueling Enterprise Innovation in the Transport Industry


In the global transport industry, innovation isn’t so much optional as existentially vital. Huge changes are afoot, as market disruption pressures companies from all directions. One thing that carbon has shown us is that pressure makes diamonds.

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Pushing Beyond the Obvious

Rmukesh Gupta

In a recent blog, advertising legend Dave Trott shares the story of the insight that led the Wright brothers succeed in recording the first human flight in history, while everyone else struggled and failed.

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Technology Pushing Us into a New Ethical Universe

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Greg Satell We take it for granted that we’re supposed to act ethically and, usually, that seems pretty simple. Don’t lie, cheat or steal, don’t hurt anybody on purpose and act with good intentions.

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Everything You Need to Know About Crypto

Speaker: Ryan McInerny, CAMS, FRM, MSBA - Principal, Product Strategy

This exclusive webinar with Ryan McInerny will teach you all about cryptocurrency and NFTs! Register to learn more about identifying crypto transactions, crypto asset market trends, managing risk and compliance, and supporting customers and partners using crypto-based payments.

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Five product manager best practices to help survive a recession


For those reading tea leaves, all signs point to a recession within the next year. While it’s not good news, a recession isn’t a novel situation. There have been as many as 47 recessions in the United States.

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5 Execution Plan Templates For Faster ROI In 2023

Cascade Strategy

In the business world, there are two types of people. Amateurs who talk about strategy. And then you have professionals who are all about execution. Strategy Execution Strategy Planning

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Where's the 5-Time Jacket? #DisrupTV


What a great way to start the new year! Getting my (virtual) 5-time jacket on # DisrupTV on Vala Afshar and R. Ray Wang ’s 1st episode of 2023 and 305th episode overall! So much fun talking about managing chaos in today’s business world. You can see the episode here and below.

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Make 2023 the Year of Successful Change

Innovation Excellence

Exciting news! Because my book was one of the bestselling titles of 2022, from now until January 30, 2023 you can get a 40% discount on my latest book Charting Change! OR you can also save on the eBook! You must go to SpringerLink for this sale on the bestselling titles of 2022: The […].

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Exploring the Overlap: Cost Optimization and Digital Transformation

Speaker: Alex Jiménez, Managing Principal, Financial Service Consulting for EPAM

The largest banks have increased reserves for protection against deteriorating economic conditions. Should banks delay their digital transformation investments and focus on cost reductions? In this webinar, Alex Jiménez will walk us through that question and examine the prudent course of action.

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6 Reasons Why Transcription Software Helps Your Workflows and Saves You Time


Transcription has been around for a long time. In addition to being a crucial component of conducting business daily, transcription also impacts how we exchange and keep knowledge

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New Year, New Collabs


One of the tasks of an innovation agency is to keep an eye on the future without losing grip on the present. We’ve made predictions before (some quite percipient, such as this one ), but we’re not futurologists.

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Big Data in Open Innovation


As leaders in Open Innovation, at yet2 we strive to innovate ourselves. Using Big Data in our own scouting activities has been an investment we’ve been making over the few years.

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True Leaders Inspire Freedom

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Tullio Siragusa A baby elephant was tied to a pole at the zoo. For years she tried to break free tugging at the pole by the rope tied around her neck. She tried and tried and could never break free. Many years later, she grew to be a very big and powerful […].

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The Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020: Initial Catalysts, Current Implications, and Future Impacts

Speaker: Elizabeth "Paige" Baumann, Founder and CEO of Paige Baumann Advisory, LLC

In this session, Elizabeth “Paige” Baumann will cover the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020, which also includes the Corporate Transparency Act. She'll take a deep dive into the catalysts that brought on the act, the current implications of the act, and what impacts the act has on the future of banking and finance.