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New report into the Product Roadmap Software Marketplace is published. Bubble is pleased to share news that our PPM Software Bubble Innovator features in a new and independent review of the Roadmapping software marketplace. Roadmapping Software Study 2018. Inspird roadmap.

All You need to know about Roadmapping in Innovation


Roadmapping has been used in industry for a while and recently has been extensively scientifically analyzed and further developed. Thus, it’s essential to actively use robust methods such as roadmapping – to stay ahead of the competition. 4 Types of Roadmaps You should know.

The power of agile innovation


Innovation agility enables reduced times to market. Adopting more agile working practices and allowing for more decentralised innovation, engenders innovation more holistically across the organisation – and this can have significant benefits.

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The UX Professionals’ Guide to Working with Agile Scrum Teams

Boxes and Arrows

The adoption of Agile software development approaches are on the rise across our industry, which means UX professionals are more likely than ever to support Agile projects. Many UX professionals seem stymied by the challenge of effectively integrating UX within an Agile development framework –but there are others in our field who have encountered the same problems yet are finding effective solutions. Frequent communication outside of standard agile interactions.

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5 Product Traps - And Better Paths

Speaker: Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant, Rothman Consulting Group

Is your agile team overloaded with feature requests, with no time for discovery? Do your roadmaps read like impossible wish lists? She will take us through five common traps that agile product teams fall into – and likely you are in several of those traps right now.

How to Incorporate Client Feedback into Your Product Roadmap and Plan for Iteration


Feedback is the Basis of Agile Management. Top companies use client feedback as a roadmap to complete a project on time. Even if you’re not transitioning to an agile management strategy, your current plan needs to be adjusted to build client feedback throughout the development process.

Bringing User Centered Design to the Agile Environment

Boxes and Arrows

I had worked with SCRUM before, done training with Ken Schwaber (author 1 and co-founder of the Agile Alliance) and knew a few things from experience about how to achieve some success integrating a design team within SCRUM. Where did Agile come from?

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Purpose Driven Innovation

Gregg Fraley

Just kidding, Design Thinking can be a good choice, as can Agile, or Lean, or your own blended system. Do Purpose First, Select a Framework, Then Do Projects. Without a Clear Purpose, Innovation Drifts Off Course.

Seven Innovation Fundamentals for Leaders

Gregg Fraley

You will fail with: Lean, Agile, Design Thinking, TRIZ, Stage-Gate, Osborn-Parnes CPS, KILN’s FuseTrail, or a homegrown/blended framework. If you want to kick start an innovation program, get in touch, I can give you a roadmap and help you adapt it to your context.

3 Warning Signs Your IT Strategy is All Wrong


must be flexible and agile to support increasingly dynamic requirements as digital business models evolve. Your digital transformation begins with a digital strategy and technology roadmap.

Manoj Khanna

Innovation 360 Group

Enabling organizations – strategic roadmaps, IT optimization, operating model definition. Area of expertise: Lean & Agile Management. Agile Engineering Practices. Based in the Netherlands and New York, USA. Background: Hello! I am Manoj.

Swimming along a road in a flood of digital transformation

Paul Hobcraft

We need to create a digital transformation strategy, a clear roadmap and build the business case as it is going to be, well, umm…… transformational. Forming a strategy, roadmap and business case needs real considerations.

A new cycle of innovation design

The Future Shapers

A key need of this digital transformation is going to be asking the question of how we can build in ‘greater agility’ and what is presently stopping us from achieving this. Then it is the agility to achieve better response times to customers ‘needs, to respond to market changes quicker, to translate insights into knowledge and then into the product and service innovations that meet ever-changing needs. We really do have this compelling need to have a new cycle of innovation design.

Mapping the customer journey is the top driver for digital transformation

Paul Hobcraft

While CX was initially the primary catalyst for digital transformation, innovation, agility, and the pursuit of digital relevance are the new factors driving companies along the maturity model. Organizations are struggling to understand the behaviors of the ‘connected’ customer.

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Connecting Innovation is the New Order of Play

Paul Hobcraft

My opening roadmap for our individual future design is built on connecting and collaborating. Exploring innovation through more facilitated conversations and investigation, designing pathways, roadmaps, blueprints and recognizing pattern recognition.

A Beginner’s Guide to MVP


When you join a roadmap meeting and you hear people talking about the “MVP”, you better make sure they are actually talking basketball before you throw in your favorite Michael Jordan story. This approach is known as “ Agile ”. What is an MVP? Why is it important for your business?

Innovation Lesson From Firefox Quantum


Let me explain, but first some context… Back in 2008, Google brought a new value proposition to the browser wars with Chrome: speed, agility and reliability. For you, this means you have to understand technological evolution by creating a technology and market roadmap.

A New Integrated Innovation Engagement System

Paul Hobcraft

We need to be more agile, iterative , to be encouraged to be extracting, experimenting and exploring.

Your Digital Future Begins Now


At MSS, we boil them down to: Digital Strategy & Technology Roadmap. Vendors promise flexibility and agility that allow companies to scale and rapidly adopt new solutions while deep analytics with information at their fingertips will enable better, faster decision-making.

Digital Transformation: The Why, What & How For Transformational Leaders…

The Future Shapers

A successful digital transformation requires a transformational approach, you will need to consider and adopt new ways-of-working, thinking and planning – that are beyond silos, outside-in and agile in nature. Each organisations path to a new more agile digital operating model is unique.

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Relating to the New Innovation Era

Paul Hobcraft

It is often an environment that we must encourage to become a ‘feeding frenzy’ of experimentation, learning and being adaptive, fluid and agile. We need to be more agile, iterative , to be encouraged to be experimenting and exploring.

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Munich Re offers a real clarity to their innovating future

Paul Hobcraft

The mix of digital ingredients and having the approach to building a more agile, flexible and modular design approach gives a strong impression they are driving much innovation within the Insurance Industry.

Chief Digital Officer - To have or not to have


Digital transformation is real, today, and here to stay; there is no debate about that. However, organizations across industries vary significantly in the transformation process they adopt. Of the few common practices, the one that's highly debated is the position of a Chief Digital Officer.

Unleash Your Visual Superpower!

Boxes and Arrows

One team I’ve worked with helps bridge this gap on strategic projects by maintaining an “experience roadmap.” The roadmap is a collection of prototypes showing what each release will look like. Agile teams can lose the long term direction by focusing on small sprints.

Digital transformation – the need to transform our innovation approaches

Paul Hobcraft

The key to innovation is clear; it is experimentation and this needs flexibility, to adapt, be agile, to test ideas. Business digital transformation, it can certainly get your pulse racing as you start looking for the nearest exit.

How to setup an ‘innovation team’


This special team needs to be strategic, tactical, agile and fast. The strategy and the roadmap towards the desired innovation-driven mode are critical. To become really innovative, your company needs a special culture, a new mindset across all levels, disciplines, and functions.

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Reinvention: Accelerating Results in the Age of Disruption

Innovation in Practice

Leaders must change before they have to, and they must enable their organization to surf the incoming global shockwaves with intelligence, agility, strength, and command.”. “When they do, leaders and organizations can actually accelerate performance,” adds Sweetman.

Successfully shaping Digital Transformation


A = Agility: Agility stands for the ability to be flexible, proactive and ready for continuous market change and transformation in order to adequately react. By Andreas Rusnjak.

Digital transformation – the need to transform our innovation approaches

Paul Hobcraft

The key to innovation is clear; it is experimentation and this needs flexibility, to adapt, be agile, to test ideas. Business digital transformation, it can certainly get your pulse racing as you start looking for the nearest exit.

Expert Interview Series: Jennifer Riggins of Happy Melly On Growing Your Brand Using Collaboration And Innovation


One supporter collaboration that has come out of our community is the Agile Uprising which looks to build a community around the agile mindset and includes four Happy Melly members as founders. Because of this, he was able to build his own company Workshop Butler which solves this problem and three of the other funders were some of its first customers, providing candid feedback in return for helping to steer the product roadmap.

Warm and Fuzzy at the Front End of Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

I am not claiming ideas from outside, roadmapping, technology search, idea relating are new in themselves, it just has not been CONNECTED as it can be now – that is the new part.

Retail innovation: Trends, challenges and opportunities


Except for leaders in the space, most chains do not (or rather are unable to) leverage analytics or SaaS solutions, adopt cloud infrastructures, embrace agile approaches, or boast omni channel offerings. Develop a roadmap and build a strong business case.

Beyond Sage on the Stage Consulting

Idea Champions

We understand, of course, that your company's Senior Leaders need some kind of roadmap or blueprint to help them navigate their way forward.

Digitalen Wandel erfolgreich gestalten


Ausgehend von Ihren (Teil-)Strategien entwickeln Sie Geschäftsmodelloptionen, die Sie wiederum schlank und agil auf Ihre Marktfähigkeit überprüfen. By Andreas Rusnjak.

5 Things to Stop Doing to Enable Enterprise Innovation

Moves the Needle

Of course, speaking to customers about their problems without having any defined product or solution roadmap in mind may seem awkward and even scary to many corporate employees (especially engineers and product developers). *This post originally appeared on Mind the Product.