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2023: Making The Shift From Disruption To Resilience

Digital Tonto

It’s been roughly 25 years since Clayton Christensen inaugurated the disruptive era and what he initially intended to describe as a special case has been implemented as a general rule. Disruption is increasingly self-referential, used as both premise and conclusion, while the status quo is assumed to be inadequate as an a priori principle.

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Create Real Value for your Business

Daniel Burrus

Coupled with the disruptive nature of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, A.I. applications and how quickly they are becoming applicable in everyday life without us even realizing it, the business disruption that comes with them is speeding up as well. A Truly Disruptive Hard Trend. Because of the versatility of A.I. Robo-taxis.


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Digital Disruption: In search of market leadership


Digital Disruption has had a major effect on the agendas of CEOs around the world because of domestic digital generations and because of the GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple), companies that have revolutionized the entire market using 100% digital solutions. Want to know more about Digital Disruption as a market practice ?

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The Packaging Industry is Massive, and It’s About to Be Disrupted


Disruptive technologies are transforming the packaging that comes with just about everything we buy. This article is one in a series I’m calling Everything Transformed that highlights the various technologies disrupting just about every industry on the planet – and today’s focus is packaging. Drivers of Packaging Disruption.

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The New Tech Toolbelt: Digital Twins, IoT, Cobots, & More

Speaker: Cory Skinner, Founder and CEO of FactR

From limited visibility and a lack of real-time data to a lack of agility and responsiveness to changing market conditions, there's no shortage of difficulties that today's supply chain professionals can encounter. What can be done to not only address these challenges, but overcome them?

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The 3 Pillars of Manufacturing: Anticipation, Innovation, Collaboration

Daniel Burrus

Disruptive digital technology will transform every industry in one way or another. In the last decade, manufacturing in the United States faced intense international competition, increasing market volatility and complexity, a declining workforce, and a host of other challenges. Internet of Things (IoT). of Industry 4.0

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Digital Disruption and How Businesses Can Best Leverage It


At some point, digital disruption comes for every organization. While some companies might be flexible and lucky enough to ride a wave of disruption and survive , if you are able to predict and prepare for it accordingly you might be able to use it to thrive. Defining digital disruption. Clues for early identification.