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HBR Podcast on Disruptive Innovation

Idea to Value

Do you know what disruptive innovation is? No, I am not talking about every start-up trying to disrupt their industry. I am talking about the original theory of disruptive innovation, as outlined by Professor Clayton Christensen in his groundbreaking Harvard Business Review article in 1995.

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Future-Proof Your Business: Building Strategies for a Disruptive World


Navigating a Disruptive Business Environment In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven landscape, businesses are frequently faced with disruptions that can significantly impact their operations and long-term viability. Recognizing the early signs of these disruptions is key to responding effectively.


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China the story of innovation and disruption.

Paul Hobcraft

Disruption is all around us; it never seems to go away; it simply appears in a different and often entirely new form. The result is the same; it disrupts what we know and often in how we suddenly need to set about doing it differently. Much of the innovative disruptions seem so obvious; you wonder why we were not doing these before.

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Controlled Disruption – a powerful approach to change the business landscape

Flying Fish Lab

At Flying Fish Lab, we offer a unique approach called Controlled Disruption to help businesses grow. Controlled Disruption is unique in its ability to overlay Intelligent Naivety onto your Category Expertise. It is a proactive and essential strategy in today’s ever-changing consumer and customer landscape.

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The New Tech Toolbelt: Digital Twins, IoT, Cobots, & More

Speaker: Cory Skinner, Founder and CEO of FactR

From limited visibility and a lack of real-time data to a lack of agility and responsiveness to changing market conditions, there's no shortage of difficulties that today's supply chain professionals can encounter. What can be done to not only address these challenges, but overcome them? Register now!

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Why do we have difficulties to self-disrupt?

Paul Hobcraft

“Why do we always seem to have internal difficulties to self-disrupt?”. In most cases, organizations cannot self-disrupt, which is largely covered by this veritable list of constraints. In most cases, organizations cannot self-disrupt, which is largely covered by this veritable list of constraints.

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Customer Journeys and the Technology Adoption Lifecycle

Innovation Excellence

Moore Like everything else in this Darwinian world of ours, customer journeys evolve with changes in the environment. Ever since the advent of the semiconductor, a compelling source of such changes has been disruptive digital technology.