Is your company up for disruption? Possibly not

David Marks

Disruptive technologies and upstarts are wrecking havoc far and wide, they warned, and (unless you hire us) you will be the next to go. The best way to express this is with the rebel within’s disruptibility curve.

Reinvention: Accelerating Results in the Age of Disruption

Innovation in Practice

The opportunity to proactively leverage disruptive events in an effort to leapfrog the competition and actually accelerate results. Exciting new management concepts such as The Law of the 21st Century Business Jungle*, Age of Disruption Principles*, and the 21st Century Competitiveness Cycle*.

You Are Being Digitally Disrupted – Do Something About It

The Inovo Group

Many companies are not prepared for the disruptions that the coming digital transformation will cause and some haven’t even started thinking about it seriously. The post You Are Being Digitally Disrupted – Do Something About It appeared first on Inovo.

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Munich Re offers a real clarity to their innovating future

Paul Hobcraft

They are looking to enable technology and digital innovation to improving their 1) existing business models, looking to 2) disrupt existing business models and 3) establish new business models in selective insurance sectors, to continuously learn and adapt.

When Creative Destruction is the Right (or Wrong) Foundation for Innovation

New Market Advisors

And it’s the knowledge of when to focus on addition and when to focus on replacement that gives companies a competitive edge and a roadmap for growth. He is a co-author of the award-winning book Jobs to be Done: A Roadmap for Customer-Centered Innovation.

Why innovation portfolios matter

RTI Innovation Advisors

After a decade of reading about it, getting pounded over the head with the Jobs/Apple story and watching new innovations disrupt entire industries, businesses are starting to react. For example, are the ideas you want "incremental" signalling small change to existing products and services, "breakthrough" or "disruptive" to signal increasing difficulty and impact. Many companies use a "rule of thumb" to divide the portfolio into 70% incremental, 20% breakthrough and10% disruptive.

“Lean Startup, or Business Model Design, or Design Thinking?” is the Wrong Question


Every company needs to simultaneously optimize their existing business model (sustain) and search for the next evolution of the business model (disrupt). June 14, 2016 - GOLEAN Meta-process - Customer Factory Blueprint - Traction Roadmap - LEAN Sprints Continuous Innovation Framework 3.0?—?June

3 Warning Signs Your IT Strategy is All Wrong


With today’s environment of rapid and exponential change, a well-defined, business-owned, adaptive strategy is what will enable your organization to stay ahead of disruption and win in the market. Your digital transformation begins with a digital strategy and technology roadmap.

Corporate Innovation: How To Build A Startup Within A Company


People say, 'he's not following the rules or he's not following the roadmap that we've already agreed on for the year.". However, there are also many entrepreneurial managers who know that if their company doesn't innovate, they risk being disrupted by nimbler Silicon Valley-like operations. Dan Gudema has always fancied himself as more of an entrepreneur than a mid-level executive, but for most of his career he was the latter, working at several large telecom companies.

7 Must-Read Books on Innovation Strategy


Deciphering Innovation: How Disruption Drives Companies to Transform or Die by Lisa Hendrickson and Jim Colwick . Khan offers a detailed roadmap to avoid this pitfall. Part of good business is reading business theory.

ITONICS as Product Challenger in the Market Segment “Accelerated Innovation”


It furthermore examines the digital transformation of processes: from theoretical to data-driven, from incremental to disruptive decision processes.

Mapping the customer journey is the top driver for digital transformation

Paul Hobcraft

The report warns even further: Mobile is just the beginning of disruption in the customer journey. With the runway for disruptive technologies still ahead (e.g., Organizations are struggling to understand the behaviors of the ‘connected’ customer.

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Let’s meet in Copenhagen!


Evolution and Revolution: Find the right mix between quick wins and disruptive moves. Balance the risk: Connect the dots in innovation roadmapping. From November 7-9, you can find ITONICS as an exhibitor at the world’s largest gathering of innovation executives from large multinational firms: the Innovation Roundtable Summit 2017. Drop by for a chat and watch the thrilling keynote “Innovate or Die – A systematic approach to innovation”.

My 5 S for future Innovation: Smart, Stacks, Scale, Storage, and Software

Paul Hobcraft

What greater validation that this, that this takeover has the “legs to run” was that Siemens offered Mendix a lot of autonomy, significant financial backing and the wish to see the present roadmap deepen, broaden and keep Mendix strongly in a leadership position.

The Only Three Swim Lanes That Matter to a Business

Legacy Innovation Group

This is the land of R&D Managers developing Technology Roadmaps and Product Managers developing Product Roadmaps to plan out the year-by-year evolution of their respective technology and product portfolios. About. Why Innovation. Why Legacy Innovation. What We Do. The Problems We Solve.

How to be More Agile as Competitive Advantages Fade

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Agile processes not only ensure that teams are able to make the right choices at the right times, but they also ensure that shifts aren’t disruptive to other teams or the overall effectiveness of the organization.

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7 Things Every CEO Should Know About Their Patents


With the pace of innovation increasing every day, senior executives and Boards need to be mindful of potential risks, including catastrophic disruption; as well as emergent opportunities. Does our product roadmap include an IP roadmap and implications for financial projections?

On the Origin of Companies

David Marks

In this post I will explain how the disruptibility curve, described in my previous blog posts, could be used for the same purpose. The disruptibility curve maps a company on two axes: The Natural Monopoly and the Customer responsiveness.

Digital transformation – the need to transform our innovation approaches

Paul Hobcraft

I like this as a definition to tighten down digital but it opens us up to the darker side of digital transformation, the risk of digital disruption. Digital disruption is the impact of digital technologies and business models on a company’s value proposition and market position.

The 2020 CIO: Predictions and Insights


Technology changes (or rather evolves) at a disruptive pace today. The modern CIOs will have to create his place in the C-suite by being able to determine the right technology roadmap to create improved and innovative new business models. Digitalization has been a game-changer for CIOs.

Chief Digital Officer - To have or not to have


Today, companies are trying to deal with huge amounts of data, lots of tech advances, and disruptive business models in a highly competitive environment, and the thought cloud has just about burst! Digital transformation is real, today, and here to stay; there is no debate about that.

Companies betting big on open innovation


For example, Deloitte has formed the Innovation Partnership Program , “a unique innovation initiative and community that helps business leaders harness the power of disruptive technology and the wisdom of crowds” with XPRIZE and Singularity University.

Digital Transformation: The Why, What & How For Transformational Leaders…

The Future Shapers

Digital technologies are already disrupting the previously established rules of business by enabling new business models and levelling the playing field in unprecedented ways. The How, Part 1: Disrupt Or Die. All of the great innovators of today have embraced digital disruption.

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The only two measures that matter

David Marks

The Disruptability Curve presented in my previous blog , is a modest addition to this collection. The Disruptability Curve has two axes. Based on the assessments we provide clear recommendations and roadmaps for improving companies innovation credentials.

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Relating to the New Innovation Era

Paul Hobcraft

These are: Exploring innovation through more facilitated conversations and investigation designing pathways, roadmaps, blueprints and recognizing pattern recognition. I firmly believe we are on the cusp of a new innovation era.

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Digital transformation – the need to transform our innovation approaches

Paul Hobcraft

I like this as a definition to tighten down digital but it opens us up to the darker side of digital transformation, the risk of digital disruption. Digital disruption is the impact of digital technologies and business models on a company’s value proposition and market position.

What do you need to innovate?

David Marks

This method can be combined with the disruptibility curve, introduced in my previous blog , toward working to improving the innovation credentials of the company. Based on the assessments we provide clear recommendations and roadmaps for improving companies innovation credentials.

What do most innovative companies have in common?


Taking a holistic view of the complete customer journey along with new experiences that a product or service offers leads to disruption. And whatever they learn or earn from such measurements, they put it to use in their product roadmaps or other business areas.


Four Key Considerations for Evaluating Your IP Management Solutions Amid Industry Consolidation


At Anaqua, we partner with clients in a structured manner to define our product roadmap, which in turn guides our acquisition strategy, targeting complementary capabilities to drive client value. By Vincent Brault, SVP of Product & Innovation.

Why Is Innovation Important

Planview Spigit

The world of work today is filled with disruption and is ruled by customer expectations and demands. Research and development can produce some extraordinary advancements that never make it to a roadmap. Over the years we have exhausted the term “innovation.” How many times have you heard “innovate or die” or read articles about how to create a culture of innovation? While the term might seem overused, it remains a critical way of thinking for any successful company.

Creative Construction – Book review

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Disruptive Innovation – Requires a new business model but not a technological breakthrough. Highlights. Well-respected Harvard Business School professor and HBR contributor Gary Pisano has weighed in on the topic of large company innovation in his new book ‘Creative Construction’.

5 Things to Stop Doing to Enable Enterprise Innovation

Moves the Needle

Of course, speaking to customers about their problems without having any defined product or solution roadmap in mind may seem awkward and even scary to many corporate employees (especially engineers and product developers). *This post originally appeared on Mind the Product.

The Benefits of Losing a Star Employee (Temporarily)

Michael Roberto

At the same time, training programs can help the star develop team building or leadership skills that contribute to the firm’s longer-term roadmap upon her return. Our study underscores the idea that disruption may foster learning.

Warm and Fuzzy at the Front End of Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

I am not claiming ideas from outside, roadmapping, technology search, idea relating are new in themselves, it just has not been CONNECTED as it can be now – that is the new part.

Get Real About Your Company’s Future

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As the world becomes increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous ( VUCA ) , longer-term disruptions are the greatest existential threat to a company’s growth and survival. Technology roadmapping?