Mon.Mar 22, 2021

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Let’s talk environmental impact in innovation

Board of Innovation

Board of Innovation meets Greenfish. An inspirational guide to boosting your company’s positive social and environmental impact. The post Let’s talk environmental impact in innovation appeared first on Board of Innovation.

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Video: How Pixar’s movement animation has evolved over the years

Idea to Value

I’ve always been fascinated by movie production, especially special effects and animation. And when it comes to animated movies, the studio which stands above all others is Pixar , the original pioneers of 3D rendered animated films and creators of some of the most beloved family films of the past few decades. What many people don’t realise though is how in order to produce these films with ever-improving graphics, the studio needed to invent their own 3D production software along th

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Exago and New Whys join forces in the Saudi Arabia innovation market


Sharing the vision to enable and empower people innovation in organisations, New Whys is the latest partner to join EPIC – the Exago Partners Innovation Community. The consultancy firm is Exago’s first partner in Saudi Arabia, offering stronger support and a comprehensive collaborative innovation approach for customers in this key geography. New Whys is […].

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How to Be a Motivational Leader

Tullio Siragusa

How to Be a Motivational Leader. If you are the leader of an organization, it is mostly understood that it is your responsibility to motivate employees and other people on your team to do the best they can. Is it really your responsively to motivate people? I will argue that the priority of a leader is to set an example others will want to emulate on their own, and to foster an environment where people are freely self-motivated.

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Empowering Retail Associates to Enhance the Customer Experience

Speaker: Andrew Regan, Managing Partner at BlueSeed Retail Ltd.

Did you know that 70% of new retail technology fails to deliver expected benefits and can often decrease customer value, service, and experience? With that in mind, how can we empower our store associates to leverage new technology to optimize the customer experience and boost productivity? This exclusive webinar with Andrew Regan will dive into strategies to empower retail associates for success with new technology.

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Utz Brands SVP on Tuning In to Post-Pandemic Trends

Innovation Leader

Over the course of the past year, people have spent more time perusing the pantry for favorite snack options. But as the world begins to reopen, companies in the snack foods industry may need to tune back in to pre-pandemic trends, says Shannan Redcay of Utz.

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AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine 100% Effective Against Hospitalizations and Deaths, Per Final-Stage U.S. Testing

Entrepreneur - Innovation

The UK-based pharmaceutical maker's two-shot solution appears to be even more efficacious against symptomatic infection than Johnson & Johnson's one-dose injection.

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How Do Organizations Typically Gather New Ideas?


Even the most fledgling innovation program have a research component. Innovation research guides decision making, problem statements, idea generation, solution sourcing, and several other points in the innovation lifecycle. And when it comes to research there are lots of ways to get the data that you need - but two common ways are surveys and crowdsourcing.

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How Should Innovation be Funded? The Pros and Cons

Innovation Leader

In a recent virtual gathering for members of the Innovation Leader network, executives shared their approaches to budgeting and funding in 2021.

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Customer Service KPIs - The Key Metrics To Track

Cascade Strategy

Customer Service KPIs are measurable values used by Customer Service Teams to track and determine their progress on specific business objectives. These KPIs help determine how well Customer Service Teams are performing. Measuring your customer service performance gives you access to some of the most important leading KPI indicators for your business.

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Innovation Solutions Showcase 2021

Innovation Leader

At our recent Solutions Showcase, in March of 2021, nine of Innovation Leader’s strategic partners shared the solutions their team use to innovate with big companies.

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Future Focus: Constructing Unshakeable Stability in Your Manufacturing Supply Chain

Speaker: Jay Black, Senior Account Executive

We’ve all heard the buzzwords to describe new supply chain trends: resiliency, sustainability, AI, machine learning. But what do these really mean today? Over the past few years, manufacturing has had to adapt to and overcome a wide variety of supply chain trends and disruptions to stay as stable as possible. Stability has become key in this post-COVID world, and will remain key moving forward.

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Is Context the Missing Piece in Your Strategic Thinking?

Focused Momentum

Let me know if this rings true for you. You are in a conference room (or now in a virtual meeting) where a team member presents a slide of data in a teeny-tiny font. You think you have seen these slides before, yet your eyes strain to identify the piece of data the presenter is discussing. As you squint your eyes a little tighter, you wonder if there is a paper handout you missed that would help you keep track of the point she’s trying to make.

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Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Secret Key to Unlocking Your Creative Potential

Innovation in Practice

No matter who you are, it doesn’t matter if you’re born creative or gifted in some way, everyone has the potential to become more creative, regardless of where you’re at on the creativity scale. . The secret of this is the idea of patterns and how patterns of the mind boost our creative power even without knowing it. . As creatures of habit, humans follow habits all the time, which we tend to repeat especially if it leads to a good outcome.

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Zero Waste Movement: understand the fundamentals of sustainability


The action aims to minimize human action’s consequences on ecosystems through practices that encourage sustainable natural cycles. Rethinking materials and processes, reducing the use of raw materials, and promoting policies that ensure waste disposal are among its flags. Stay with us, learn all about the Zero Waste Movement and understand why the initiative drives the transition from a linear production model to a circular economy.

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THE QUESTION: Who Created "The Year of Living Creatively?"

Idea Champions

If you are thinking about subscribing to The Year of Living Creatively , one question you are likely to ask is this: "Who created it -- and what are his credentials?". Your caution is totally understandable, especially if you are about to invest some of your precious time and money. Which is precisely why, below, I have listed a selection of the products and services I have created over the years.

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Unlocking the Secret to Product Team Success: Data, Empathy, and a Whole Lot of Communication

Speaker: Donna Shaw - Senior Product Manager & Eric Frierson - Director of Innovation for Public and School Libraries

Successful product management is more than building a product: you’re also building a team. Working with cross-functional teams can appear chaotic, especially if your goals differ! It can be challenging to figure out how to communicate with team members and stakeholders. However, with some forethought and insights, you can build a successful product management team—one that collaborates to create a product that truly delights your customers.

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Demonstrating Impact, Showing You Care

Michael Roberto

Thasunda Brown Duckett, CEO of TIAA Source: WSJ In Google's Project Aristotle, Julia Rozovsky and her team identified the five most important attributes that distinguish the highest performing teams at the company from the lowest. Impact was one of these five characteristics. Rozovsky and her group defined impact as follows: "The results of one’s work, the subjective judgement that your work is making a difference, is important for teams.

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VAL VADEBONCOEUR: Your Free the Genie Facilitator

Idea Champions

Val Vadeboncoeur, Idea Champions' Director of Training, is a highly accomplished brainstorm facilitator, creative thinking catalyst, innovation workshop leader, and co-author of Conducting Genius. Since 1987, Val has been helping organizations in just about every industry on planet Earth get out of the box and generate bold new ideas to grow their business.