Mon.Feb 15, 2021

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Designing Unique Workshops is hard work

Paul Hobcraft

Finding opportunities for Innovation and Growth is hard work. It is the value of having good, interactive, highly particpative workshops breaks much of those initial barriers to allow the hard work to begin in a more cohesive and collaborative way. I believe any design of workshops must meet your needs, to push the thinking and to generate new returns in innovation understanding.

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How to Teach Innovation

Idea to Value

This title may sound like an oxymoron, but you can in fact teach innovation as you would any other skill, like communication or leadership. It is all about the approach. It is an approach worth taking. According to research conducted by , companies with real revenue growth were more than twice as likely to use innovative training techniques in their L&D strategy.

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Managing Risk in an Innovation Project

Inspiring Next

Do you know how to conduct a robust gate review? One of the reasons projects fail miserably is because, we choose to ignore warning signs in early-stage gates and keep pushing it through until it is too late and too big to handle. Having worked at a major aerospace manufacturer, I had the good fortune… Read More » Managing Risk in an Innovation Project.

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#2,116 – Brain Week: Weight Loss Drug

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Losing weight is hard to do especially as we get older. But a new “game-changing” weight loss miracle drug called Semaglutide could turn the tide as it works twice as well as existing medications. Thanks to how it effects the brain in a variety of ways. Science Alert explains: “Obesity, which has skyrocketed in recent decades – now defining the body mass of over 40 percent of adult Americans – isn’t just difficult for people to endure and scientists to understand.

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Manufacturing Sustainability Surge: Your Guide to Data-Driven Energy Optimization & Decarbonization

Speaker: Kevin Kai Wong, President of Emergent Energy Solutions

In today's industrial landscape, the pursuit of sustainable energy optimization and decarbonization has become paramount. Manufacturing corporations across the U.S. are facing the urgent need to align with decarbonization goals while enhancing efficiency and productivity. Unfortunately, the lack of comprehensive energy data poses a significant challenge for manufacturing managers striving to meet their targets.

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10 Inspirational Presidential Quotes

Entrepreneur - Innovation

Words of wisdom from some of most influential leaders in U.S. history.

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#2,117 – Brain Week: Thought Detecting AI

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

The brain is the final frontier. This amazing piece of wetware that we still don’t fully understand yet still feel compelled to tinker with. And in the years to come that’s exactly what we’ll do from apps that help us get better sleep to neural implants that make us smarter and everything in between. Starting with the idea of intelligent systems capable of detecting our emotions and offering up solutions to make us feel better.

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#2,118 – Brain Week: Stress Cancelling Wearable

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

No matter who you are or what you do chances are pretty high that you’re stressed out. Under constant pressure to meet deadlines, cross items off your honey do list, impress your boss, significant other, or even yourself. Especially during a pandemic that has taken away our escapes and any sense of normalcy. So wouldn’t it be great if you could just cancel all that stress?

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The Risks of Postponing Strategic Planning in 2021

Focused Momentum

2020 challenged our tactical brilliance, but it was not the year to engage in strategic planning. So, as we begin 2021, many leadership groups wonder if they should re-engage their long-term planning efforts.

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Employee Performance Depends, in part, on Leader Mindset

Michael Roberto

Source: Wikimedia Katherine Muenks and her co-authors have published a fascinating article titled, " Does My Professor Think My Ability Can Change? Students’ Perceptions of Their STEM Professors’ Mindset Beliefs Predict Their Psychological Vulnerability, Engagement, and Performance in Class. " In my view, this paper about teaching and learning has very important implications for leadership, employee engagement, and employee productivity.

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IMYB Innovation Management Yellow Belt™ – Online. New York City, December 9 – 10

Innovation 360 Group

Go deeper into the methodology, learn Organizational Design. The post IMYB Innovation Management Yellow Belt™ – Online. New York City, December 9 – 10 appeared first on Innovation360.

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Peak Performance: Continuous Testing & Evaluation of LLM-Based Applications

Speaker: Aarushi Kansal, AI Leader & Author and Tony Karrer, Founder & CTO at Aggregage

Software leaders who are building applications based on Large Language Models (LLMs) often find it a challenge to achieve reliability. It’s no surprise given the non-deterministic nature of LLMs. To effectively create reliable LLM-based (often with RAG) applications, extensive testing and evaluation processes are crucial. This often ends up involving meticulous adjustments to prompts.

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Discover the practical applications of AR and VR in various sectors


In 2020, Apple acquired a Virtual Reality event streaming company called NextVR. This company records events like shows and sports games in VR and develops its first headset to be launched in 2022. According to Bloomberg, this is a more ambitious augmented reality product that will present an interactive 3D digital environment for games, watching videos, and virtual communication.Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, says that both VR and AR have a lot of market potential.

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How Do You Find The Greatest Web Design Agency?

The Human Factor

source. Whether you are a new business establishing your presence online or you already have a website that is underperforming, when choosing a web design agency you need to do so with care. If you have a browse on Google or another search engine, you will see that there is an unbelievable number of web design companies to choose from and it is your job to narrow down your search effectively.

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Innovative Innovation Meetings: Formats, Designs, and Examples

Design more innovative innovation meetings that boost creativity and strengthen engagement. We’ve all been to uninspiring organizational meetings before. Far too often, engaging and innovative meetings are rare and fall short of accomplishing their goals. They can be too passive, boring, yield few ideas (and even fewer creative innovations), last too long, and result in too much discussion and too little action.

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4 Ways To Keep Your Employees Committed To Brand Success

The Human Factor

Your employees can be a tremendous asset for your business but they can also be your greatest weakness. If your employees aren’t invested in the success of your company, they will be dragging your brand back. So, the key question is: How can you change this? There are a few possibilities that are worth exploring here to ensure that your employee is committed to your future success. . source.

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How Mature Companies Are Scaling Transformational New Businesses

Scaling transformational innovations in large companies is challenging due to ‘Company Fit’ issues, which arise when the resources, processes, and priorities (RPPs) of the core business are not aligned with the needs of the new business. Many companies have learned how ambidexterity—the ability to both ‘exploit the present and explore the future,’ can help them address these issues for ideation and incubation of new innovations, but scaling transformative business innovations remains a challenge

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Autonomy and Ownership Enable Engaged Employees

Tullio Siragusa

Autonomy and Ownership Enable Engaged Employees. Employees who are disengaged cause losses to companies in the long run. The cumulative revenue impact across companies can add up to $500 billion every single year. As a result of loss of efficiency, companies around the world are actively searching ways to create cultures that are less toxic, more productive and more efficient.