Mon.Jun 06, 2022

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Are Innovations Invented or Discovered?

Phil McKinney

Are innovations invented or discovered? We have debated this question for many years. Some people believe innovations are inventions, while others believe they are discoveries. With people's growing curiosity to understand how to be more creative, more innovative, there is a strong desire to learn the answer to this question. To understand if innovations are […].

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The Rosy Retrospective: Why we think the “good old times” were better

Idea to Value

Nostalgia can be a powerful force preventing innovation in companies. After all, people often would rather keep the status quo than run the risk of changing something while being unsure that the change will make things better. It also seems to imply that people often think of the past more fondly than the present, as if things were always better in the “good old days” Now, scientists have uncovered an unconscious bias that might explain this phenomenon.

Change 238

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On World Environment Day, let’s focus less on the environment and focus more on people.

Christensen Institute

June 5, 2022 marked another World Environment Day. According to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report , the world still isn’t doing enough to combat human-induced climate change. We shouldn’t be surprised. The report follows John Kerry’s worries about the emissions consequences from a Russian war against Ukraine and the international community’s paltry promises at the most recent COP26 conference on climate change.

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A Day in the Life of a SVP of Sales at Planview


Planview has one mission: to build the future of connected work. Our goal is not only to empower our customers to focus on the work that matters most, but also our own teams and there is no denying that when working within a sales organization, collaboration, focus, and communication is crucial to success. Which leads us to our employee spotlight! Today we are learning more about Dave Frechette, a Senior Vice President of Sales at Planview.

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2024’s Retail Odyssey: Going Small, Artificial, and Augmented!

Speaker: Joe Cicman - Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Jason Cottrell - CEO & Founder at Orium

Significant modifications are on the horizon for digital commerce in retail and customer experience come 2024. The pace of tech shifts will intensify, businesses are set to defund legacy solutions, and attractive opportunities will surface as social and retail media players join forces. To stay ahead of the curve, digital leaders are experimenting with less risky initiatives and scaling back on outdated projects that no longer yield impactful results.

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Technology Was Supposed to Solve Our Problems, Instead, They Got Worse

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Greg Satell Techno-optimism may have reached its zenith in 2011, when Marc Andreessen declared that software was eating the world.

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Common Team Communication Problems [5 Signs and Solutions]


Studies show poor communication between team members can cost businesses dearly. By some estimates, ineffective communication can cost as much as $1.2 trillion each year. This translates to $12,506 per team member. Simply put—communication is critical to your team and the overall organization’s success. Team communication can be costly if it is not performed well, so let’s dive into the five most common signs that team communication problems exist and show you how to solve them constructively.