Thu.Sep 17, 2020

Podcast S4E78: Dorie Clark – the importance of reinventing yourself

Idea to Value

In today’s episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with the world’s #1 Communications Coach and Top 50 Business Thinkers in the World, Dorie Clark.

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Investors Need to Bet On Startups in 2020

Entrepreneur - Innovation

Entrepreneurs and innovators will lead the way out of this crisis to adapt our economy. Investing

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Digital Tools and the Future of Remote Work


Until about four months ago, remote work was somewhat of a rarity, and, at very least, something most people were unfamiliar with. One of the few COVID-19 silver linings, however, was that many companies were forced to have their employees work remotely due to stay-at-home orders.

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How To Encourage Employees To Develop A Growth Mindset


One of the problems businesses face today is encouraging their team to have the right mindset. Although people need the right skills and resources to succeed in any career, they also need a positive attitude to guide them in the right direction. Unfortunately, many people have a “fixed” mindset.

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

How to Collaborate with Cross-Functional Teams in the Workplace


A cross-functional team can bring together people and departments that are as different as parts of a body. Accounting is inward-facing, whereas marketing is outward-facing; R&D is focused on change, whereas legal is focused on stability.

How to Build Kaizen into Employee Onboarding


Much of the information published about establishing a culture of Kaizen is written for leaders who are introducing the concept to their entire organization for the first time. But once the Kaizen mindset is established, the job is not done.

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Play Bold: Moonshot Projects with John Saiz

Innovation 360 Group

In this episode, we listen to John Saiz, former CTO of the Johnson Space Center, who explains what it is like to. Play Bold Podcast

#1,940 – Space Week: Cosmic Consciousness

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

The Universe may very well be conscious but that’s not what this article is about. Rather, it’s about a new mind-blowing form of art, created by Alex Aliume that is something almost otherworldly, with multiple paintings layered on top of one another.

Mindset Jolt #9 – Motivate innovation by giving, not getting

Values Centered Innovation

Welcome to our 3-Minute Conscious Innovator™ process! Are you ready for a new, insight-provoking “Jolt” … something designed to “rearrange your molecules” as it elicits your unique, innovative potential in life and work? Jolts wake us up.

#1,937 – Space Week: Underwater Space Station

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

There is an unprecedented number of tropical depressions brewing in the Atlantic Ocean. So much so that we’re running out of letters to name them and will soon turn things over to the Greek alphabet.

11 Ways to Make a Short Remote Design Thinking Project a Success

You can achieve a huge amount in a short period with a virtual design thinking project. While some teams want to come together for several weeks or months to tackle a challenge, others want to run short, sharp projects to find a quick solution. And with the right preparation, attitude, and structure in place, that's totally possible.To help make sure your short innovation projects are a success, download this free guide from the team at Sprintbase, a virtual design thinking platform, to learn their top tips.

#1,938 – Space Week: Magnetic Field GPS

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

GPS is great. The satellite based Global Positioning System has saved countless drivers from getting lost. Unless of course your name is Michael Scott and you follow your car’s navigation blindly into a lake.

#1,939 – Space Week: Genetically Modified Astronauts

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

If being a baseball fan has taught me anything its that steroids, human growth hormone, and other unnatural body modifications are bad. Unethical enhancements that ruin the sanctity of the game. But when it comes to space travel all bets are off.