Next Generation Technology for the Agile Enterprise


How SnapStrat is revolutionizing enterprise decisioning applications. SnapStrat creates enterprise applications on its platform to optimize and execute strategic business decisions. These critical objectives are very challenging for most organizations because it requires a new technology paradigm. These technology capabilities include: Embedded ETL incorporating ingestion, transformation, and export any kind of data at any stage of processing. Technology Enablers.

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How Can Enterprises Confront AI Risks


How Can Enterprises Confront AI Risks Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly the most revolutionary technology of the 21st century. The post How Can Enterprises Confront AI Risks appeared first on Acuvate.


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Wazoku extends its enterprise innovation offering with Jira intergration


The end-to-end integration will see Wazoku’s Idea Management platform work in harness with the world’s most widely-used enterprise project management tool. Further enterprise integrations are set to follow later in Q4 2020 and Q1 2021.

Health Technology Startups Changing the Landscape of Healthcare


As the industry evolves, we wanted to recognize the leading startups within health technology. In this article, part two, we will explore startups focused on enterprise health technology and healthcare information technology. corporate innovation services blog health tech startups health technology healthcare technology healthcare startupsGlobal health care spending is projected to reach $10.06 trillion by 2022.

Driving Collaboration to Sustainable Innovation

Speaker: Wayne Kurtzman, Research Director, Social and Collaboration, IDC

Join Wayne Kurtzman, Research Director from IDC, as he reveals key insights from his recent research on the importance of collaboration, and discover how you can drive sustainable results through teamwork within your organization.

Enterprise Architects in Innovation Management


Enterprise Architects can play an integral role in this. The study emphasizes the need for enterprise architects to facilitate digitization by managing technological complexity and setting the course for the evolution of the IT landscape around their companies.

2019: The Return Of The Large Enterprise

Digital Tonto

The technologies of the future will be far too complex and interdependent for anyone to go it alone. We need to shift from a mindset of disruption to collaboration. Related posts: How To Win In The. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. All Posts Management New Era of Innovation

Innovation in Cybersecurity: Blockchain and Enterprise Immune Systems

Innovation Excellence

While the ability to cause damage and reap financially from cybercrime has become that much easier for interested parties to obtain, the ability to safeguard against it has become that much more difficult.fortunately, there is technology on the horizon that may make up for our human shortfalls. Digital Industry Innovation Technology ai Artifical Intelligence Blockchain cybersecurity enterprise immune system

Strategy to Execution to enable Intelligent Enterprise

Rmukesh Gupta

Given the volatility of the markets, geo-political situation, interconnectedness of the world economy, swift changes in technology, global availability of capital and extremely fast growing startups, it is critical for any large organisation to enable their frontline managers to define the tactics of engagement. . Is your organisation an “ intelligent enterprise” ? Strategy intelligent enterprise Strategy to executionPremise.

Why Communication is the Key to Enterprise Innovation?


This begs the question: is there any way for enterprise organizations to avoid becoming a part of that 95% failure rate? Communication breakdowns at the enterprise level. Enterprise companies, therefore, that are not capable of creating an adequate communication infrastructure for their teams may see inefficiencies outside of just employee communication, including their ability to originate inventive solutions to the problems your teams are tasked with facing each day.

Blockchain – Enterprises and Consensus?

Linda Bernardi

One blockchain approach DOES NOT fit all: It is totally clear in speaking with enterprises today that they are unclear and not ready to alter their entire current s/w architecture to be totally blockchain based. Like all emerging technologies, they are trialing & learning. Large scale enterprises are deal with tons of data, and the question is do I need full consensus for all applications? The post Blockchain – Enterprises and Consensus?

Are Basic Startup Principles the Key to Enterprise Innovation?


The larger a body is, the more inertia it has, and that’s as true of enterprise as it is of physics. Spotting inefficiencies or improvements, whether it’s applying new technologies to your manufacturing process or new theories to the management structure, is much easier and can yield surprising gains. The post Are Basic Startup Principles the Key to Enterprise Innovation? Best Practice culture enterprise entrepreneurs incubators refinement startups Technology

The 2020 Gartner Hype Cycle for Enterprise Architecture


The 2020 Gartner Hype Cycle for Enterprise Architecture: Continuous Foresight and Innovation are among the Top Priorities for Enterprise Architects Today. Taking these factors into account is essential for a robust enterprise architecture. Technology Management

The 2020 Gartner Hype Cycle for Enterprise Architecture


The 2020 Gartner Hype Cycle for Enterprise Architecture: Continuous Foresight and Innovation are among the Top Priorities for Enterprise Architects Today. Taking these factors into account is essential for a robust enterprise architecture. Technology Management

Leveraging Networks in the Era of the Intelligent Enterprise

Leveraging Networks

Over the past few decades, technology has become an increasingly present force in our daily lives, both personally and professionally. Intelligent technologies have particularly made waves in virtually every industry, so understanding them (as well as how to use them to your advantage) can really be the game changer. The Era of Intelligent Enterprise. In intelligent enterprises, intelligence feeds innovation through data. Intelligent Technologies.

How Athletic Innovators And Intelligent Enterprises Complete Their Journeys

Leveraging Networks

The introduction of intelligent technologies has allowed average runners like me to provide useful information and match it with users globally. Organizations now have the ability to run machine-learning technologies to analyze data and address challenges. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. While taking that first step may not be easy, the path it takes you down will lead to true accomplishment.

How Enterprise Companies Are Changing Recruitment With AI

Entrepreneur - Innovation

TechnologyApplications for artificial intelligence are becoming more widespread, and with good reason.

4 Emerging Technologies Impacting Today’s Digital Transformation


ZDnet defines today’s digital transformation as , “using digital technologies to remake a process to become more efficient or effective. The idea is to use technology not just to replicate an existing service in a digital form, but to use technology to transform that service into something significantly better.”. It’s no secret technology has been a driving force in business transformation for years, but new technologies are now launching faster than ever.

Design Thinking: A Social Technology That Fosters Innovation


Enterprises need to innovate to stay relevant amidst technology advancements, a competitive business environment and demanding customer expectations. The post Design Thinking: A Social Technology That Fosters Innovation appeared first on Innovation Management. Design Thinking shows the way. Life Cycle Processes Strategies audience engagement brainstorming Creativity customer persona design thinking prototyping

Five Fundamentals of a True Model-Based Enterprise

Innovation Excellence

But as more and more companies transform into model based enterprises (MBE), there are five fundamental concepts they should keep in mind. Design Feature Of The Week People & Skills Processes & Tools Product Innovation R&D Technology Trends MBE Model-based enterprise PLM Product Development Product Lifecycle ManagementDrawings, whether paper or electronic, have traditionally been at the center of the product development universe.

Technology leads, innovation exploitation is lagging

Paul Hobcraft

We are failing to leverage all we have gained from our innovation understanding over the years, in our ongoing inability to connect the innovation system through the use of technology and growing value networks, so as to provide the integration, the dedicated resource and accountability successful innovation outcomes that our customers require, one that is certainly possible, from a well-designed innovation management system if we apply the time and effort to conceive and construct it.

How Enterprises Can Collaborate Effectively with Startups

Planview Spigit

Why should enterprises collaborate with startups? There are several reasons, including: Access to startups working on newer technologies (i.e. But what does effective startup-enterprise collaboration look like? Siemens, the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe and a longstanding Spigit customer, is one company in particular that all enterprises should keep an eye on when it comes to collaborating with startups. the development of VR and AR technology).

Transforming Enterprise Collaboration


Our latest article on CMSwire asks a question Aurea’s product team has been thinking about quite a bit lately: Why did most enterprise social networks struggle while consumer social networks boomed? In my opinion, it’s because traditional enterprise tools focused on content instead of people. Graph technology, of course.

Enterprise Innovation Management Research Report


CIMdata Publishes Enterprise Innovation Management Solutions Landscape — Connecting the Dots. eZassi Participates in CIMdata’s Enterprise Innovation Management Solutions Landscape Report Findings. CIMdata recently published this report, eZassi participated in the report findings, providing insight, commentary, discovery and suggestions to aide in guiding enterprise organizations with connecting the dots of enterprise innovation management (EIM).

Enterprise Trust Insertion and IoT

Information Playground

What can we learn from the successes of the enterprise approach to "delivering trusted data"? Certainly within the walls of a corporate data center we see a high degree of trust being delivered between enterprise-class storage systems and corporate applications. One reason for the synergy between enterprise data and applications is trust insertion. Dell Technologies FellowThe industry is distributing corporate applications towards decentralized data.

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Technology Will Drive a New Innovation Core

Innovation Excellence

Our growing pressure is to find solutions that offer a cohesive and business-focused approach to the new socially enabled enterprise. Continue reading → Digital Innovation Technology Uncategorized agile change Digital TechnologyNot only will we need a new innovation management system, we will need to build this on multiple engagement platforms.

5 Charts That Show Challenges of AI Adoption in the Enterprise


The Next Economy will be driven by 10 key emerging technologies , underpinning them all is artificial intelligence. Still, unless you’re in the trenches, we don’t know how companies are adopting the technology. How are enterprises using AI? As someone who is deep in the trenches of this space, specifically in emotion recognition technology, I can confirm many of the findings from the report.

Report 122

How to Get Buy-in and Resources for Enterprise Innovation

Innovation Excellence

Through our conversations and observations of how intrapreneurs at different companies have gone about doing this, we’ve outlined a handful of strategies that you can try to secure buy-in, support and resources to foster enterprise innovation. Continue reading → Feature Of The Week Agile Project Management brand Case study Intrapreneurs metrics risk startups technology

Essential Apps For Enterprises To Fight The COVID-19 Disruption


And one of the important dilemmas we’ve observed among enterprises is how they can make the best use of technology to accelerate their crisis response. What is the essential technology tool kit to fight this disruption? If you’re still dependent on a traditional and custom approach to app development, now is the time to shift to leveraging enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms (LCAP) like the Microsoft Power Platform (Power Apps).

12 Technology Categories That Will Transform Careers

Daniel Burrus

As technology continues to impact our lives, workers at every level in today’s ever-changing labor market need to be prepared with skills to adapt and succeed in the workplace. That’s why I wrote my latest bestseller, The Anticipatory Organization , and why I’m now helping you to connect the dots on how the 12 Hard Trends driven by technology I outline below will transform every career, and create new ones.

Wazoku nominated in the 2017 Enterprise Awards


Wazoku is proud to announce that we’re a finalist in the 2017 Enterprise Awards. The seventh Enterprise Awards in association with the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists is celebrating and recognising the very best of the UK’s technology entrepreneurial talent with what they like to call ‘The Oscars of the Technology Industry.’. The post Wazoku nominated in the 2017 Enterprise Awards appeared first on Wazoku.

Technology Scouting Excellence 2017 Speaker Lineup


Announcing Technology Scouting Excellence Speakers. Today we are excited to announce the speaker lineup for the Technology Scouting 2017 conference. Alp Akonur , Director Technology Strategy R&D Due Diligence. Dean Mai , External Innovation and Strategic Technology Investments. Olaf Gruess, Disruptive Technology Manager & Global Connector. Jason Huff, Lead, Federal Science & Technology Engagement.

4 Resources for Growing and Transforming Your Enterprise

Moves the Needle

But, there is still time between now and then to catch up with family, friends, and the latest articles, videos, and books about enterprise innovation. So sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy this brief list of enterprise resources to get your wheels turning as we speed into the new year. Read It Here [ARTICLE] How Large Enterprises Are Becoming More Agile and Saving Millions. How Large Enterprises Are Becoming more Agile and Saving Millions.

Enterprise Innovation – by the Numbers!

Innovation 360 Group

Enterprise Innovation – By the Numbers. Enterprise Innovation as an executable strategy involves all levels of management across the organization. Yet they’re still not “normal” because, for the most part, people continue to look at enterprise performance the way they have been. Enterprise Innovation: Conclusion – Welcome to the Innovation Generation! The post Enterprise Innovation – by the Numbers!

ITONICS mentioned in the Gartner Hype Cycle on Enterprise Architecture


The recently published Hype Cycle for Enterprise Architecture 2018 by Gartner deals with various technology-enabled business models and solutions within today’s enterprise architecture. Gartner furthermore states that today’s enterprise architecture is more about technology-enabled business models and solutions than individual technologies with continuous change being the overall pivotal point.

Why External Technology Scouting Works: A Review of a Harvard Business Review Published Study


Harvard Business Review Technology Scouting Study. Technology Scouting Can Increase the Rate and Potential for Meaningful Innovation. A recent study conducted by the Harvard Business Review makes the case for technology scouting while also admitting that it can turn into a double-edged sword when executed poorly. As with most things in life, fully utilizing technology scouting comes down to achieving a balance on several different fronts.

Study 59

Pharmaceutical: Accelerate Innovation With Software Technology


Pharmaceutical Companies Accelerate Innovation with Software Technology. According to the innovation technology pharmaceutical case study (client confidential) the disclosure process significantly decreased with an innovation management system in place. The post Pharmaceutical: Accelerate Innovation With Software Technology appeared first on eZassi. Enterprise Innovation Innovation Intellectual Property Open Innovation Technology

5 Things to stop doing to enable enterprise innovation

Moves the Needle

For the enterprise world, the rallying cry is similar to the classic American Revolution meme, “Join or Die.” To effectively drive enterprise innovation requires effort at every level of the organization, and it requires alignment among many moving parts. With this in mind, if you’re a corporate executive or part of a product or innovation team, here are some key habits that you should stop doing if you want to innovate in the enterprise.

5 Things to Stop Doing to Enable Enterprise Innovation

Moves the Needle

For the enterprise world, the rallying cry is similar to the classic American Revolution meme, “Join or Die.” To effectively drive enterprise innovation requires effort at every level of the organization, and it requires alignment among many moving parts. With this in mind, if you’re a corporate executive or part of a product or innovation team, here are some key habits that you should stop doing if you want to innovate in the enterprise.

The Distant Summit of Enterprise Design

Boxes and Arrows

As I sat down to write this review, I found the mountain climbing as a metaphor for enterprise design sticking with me. Milan Guenther’s book Intersection does an excellent job of showing us the view of enterprise design from the top of the mountain. On page 183, the author seems to reveal the why of what we’re reading: “The intent of the Enterprise Design approach is to capture the enterprise in both design context and subject in a holistic fashion.