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Spotless: An Innovation Roadmap


Bridie Scott is an Innovation Manager at Spotless and she’s taken the business on a journey from a large-scale company with big goals to a company that is listening to and empowering all of their frontline employees in the innovation process.

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The building out of the Composable Innovation Enterprise Framework.

Paul Hobcraft

I have called this the Composable Innovation Enterprise Framework – here is why and what went into this proposal that I feel should be adopted for managing innovation in the future. It focuses on collaboration, interconnectedness, and shared value creation within an innovation ecosystem.


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Getting Started with Innovation Management


What is Innovation Management? Innovation Management involves all activities that provide the right conditions for innovation to repeatedly deliver value for customers, competitive advantage and growth for the business as well as benefits for employees and all other stakeholders.

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The Final Perspective: A Composable Innovation Enterprise Framework

Paul Hobcraft

In my view any new approach to innovation needs to aim to achieve interdependent and interlocking innovation, solving problems that have not been addressed before and offering sustainable value, impact, and returns to all involved or significantly improving on the existing solutions. Nothing can work in isolation.

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AI in Foresight & Innovation Management


However, how can one apply complex AI algorithms to steer innovation management in a company and add value to the business? Why AI in Foresight & Innovation Management. For many companies innovation is one of top priorities. AI-powered innovation management platform is a fit for this need.

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The Forrester Wave™: Innovation Management Platforms, Q1 2020


Forrester Reveals The 13 Most Significant providers in Innovation Management “Wazoku has a differentiating vision for idea sharing and innovation collaboration.” Wazoku featured as one of the 13 Most Significant providers in Innovation Management in “The Forrester Wave : Innovation Management Platforms, Q1 2020”.

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Innovation Management Software: Connect Creativity and Collaboration


We have heard it time and again…Somewhere between the birth of an idea and the delivery phase, innovation slows or becomes nonexistent. Which is why “Innovation is rewarded but execution is worshipped!” Visualize employee participation and activity, innovation value, and ROI with analytics and reporting. Document management.