#1,470 – Wireless Baseball

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

In the form of wireless ear pieces that would enable players and managers to communicate directly just like NFL quarterbacks and offensive coordinators do. Are wireless ear pieces for baseball players the Greatest Idea Ever?

Wireless Innovations Leave Used Connect Cars at Risk

Innovation Excellence

The IoT itself is already growing extremely rapidly, and 87% of mainstream consumer still don’t understand it all. This lack of knowledge ensures that along with the benefits of connectivity, so too will arise problems.

Five Groundbreaking Tech Breakthroughs of 2016


True Wireless Power. IdeaScale 2D batteries breakthroughs CRISPR rockets tech Technology wireless2017 might be the year everything changes. Technology is picking up speed ever faster, with each new idea leading to a cascading chain of ideas.

A salute to immigrants, America’s unsung national treasure

Adam Hartung

Another option would be to use something like Facebook’s WhatsApp, but this requires the person back home have either a PC or mobile device, and either a wireless connection or mobile coverage. I’m amazed about Americans’ debate regarding immigration.

Future Squared Episode #86: Why developing countries have ubiquitous wifi and countries like Australia don't" | Collective Campus

Collective Campus

On this episode of Fast Fix Friday, Steve tackles the question of "Why do developing countries like Vietnam command ubiquitous wireless internet access while countries like Australia don't

Innovation is a Cruel Game

Innovation Excellence

The Zenith Radio Corporation launched the first wireless remote control for TVs in 1955. So get your patent filed! Sometimes the idea is tremendous but it fails because of the current state of technology or infrastructure. Consider the common remote control for your TV set.

#1,374 – Molar Mic

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

As CNET explains: “Developed by California company Sonitus Technologies, the mouthpiece snaps onto the upper back molars (it’s custom fit to each user) and has a wireless rechargeable battery, a waterproof microphone and a bone conduction speaker built in.

Innovating when everything is "as a service"

RTI Innovation Advisors

A visible and relatively rapid moving tidal wave is emerging as digital transformation takes root and we create more IoT, more AI, more ubiquitous wireless broadband, more cloud storage and so on. I've been talking with a number of people who are more connected and smarter than me about digital transformation.

Data 107

When the Idea is Ahead of the Technology

Destination Innovation

The Zenith Radio Corporation launched the first wireless remote control for TVs in 1955. Sometimes the idea is tremendous but it fails because of the current state of technology or infrastructure. Consider the common remote control for your TV set.

New Tech Scouting Challenge from IdeaConnection


What they are looking for are enabling technologies for wireless power transmission to operate a large, moving part on heavy industrial equipment (crane). So the client would like a technology that could be adapted to provide reliable, wireless power transmission.

#1,455 – Energy-Harvesting Covers

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

According to The Guardian , “scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created super-thin, bendy materials that absorb wireless internet and other electromagnetic waves in the air and turn them into electricity.

Three Real World Examples of Crowdsourcing in Education


For example, due to its New York City location, space of all sorts is at a premium, so students suggested the dining halls be opened up as study spaces, and connected to the university’s wireless internet system. Education is about more than going to class.

Innovation Sighting: Task Unification in Cars That Advertise

Innovation in Practice

are in the process of developing strategies to maximize wireless capabilities in vehicles for advertising purposes. As Bloomberg states , Automakers have been installing wireless connections in vehicles and collecting data for decades.

The Internet of Things brings fresh Innovation Opportunities

Destination Innovation

Gartner group forecast that the number of wirelessly connected products will increase from 5 billion today to 21 billion by 2020 (not including smartphones or computers). The Internet of Things (IOT) will have a dramatic impact on product and service innovation.

Can Africa’s Entrepreneurs and Innovators solve Africa’s Problems?

Destination Innovation

The results of the tests can be transferred wirelessly to specialists for diagnosis. What can save Africa from its many problems; grinding poverty, corrupt bureaucrats, incompetent governments and dire infrastructure?

Open Innovation for a Good Night’s Sleep


The sleepbuds are similar to wireless earphones and are paired with a smartphone running a companion app.

Inversion, IoT & The Hyper-Connected-World

Linda Bernardi

1. Connectedness is the ability to connect a device to a data processing platform through the Internet using a communication protocol—usually, in the IoT age, a wireless one. The ability to connect devices to the Internet wirelessly defines IoT. Inversion is the paradigm shift allowing all companies to think needs-first vs product-spec-first and focus on enhancing consumer experiences for all products. The paradigm shift has new software architecture considerations.

Predicting Patent Number 10 Million – The Results


Our prediction for patent 10 million (Application 13/666670 – SEARCH SPACE DESIGN FOR E-PDCCH IN WIRELESS COMMUNICATION NETWORKS from Qualcomm Inc.) by Matt Troyer, Director of Patent Analytics. David Isaacson, Sr. Director of Product Marketing.

Preventive Maintenance for People

Mike Shipulski

What if you wore a sensor that’s wirelessly connected to your phone that measures your pulse or blood pressure, and your phone flashed a warning light when things get too hot?

Jobs-to-be-Done and the Internet of Things


The vision of the Internet of Things has evolved due to a convergence of multiple technologies, including ubiquitous wireless communication, real-time analytics, machine learning, commodity sensors, and embedded systems.

2018 Patent Analysis: Patent Quality and Utility Essential to Patent Owners


74 Rejection Events - Patent US10111224B2 from Interdigital Technologies covering reduced wireless bandwidth technology, has been referenced 74 times in rejection arguments including 26 102 rejection events. By Matt Troyer, Director of Patent Analytics at Anaqua.

Innovation Sighting: Pearl RearVision Backup Camera and Alert System

Innovation in Practice

The theft resistant camera frame installs securely around your license plate and connects wirelessly to a car adapter in your ODP port.

#1,325 – Triboelectric Power

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Though there are now pads for wireless charging, these are still plugged into a power outlet. It’s long been known that the human body is capable of generating electricity.

#1,330 – CTRL-Kit

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

After all, it’s hard to connect your brain to the Internet wirelessly. I think it’s highly likely, inevitable really, that we’ll be able to hook our brains up to computers in the near future, allowing us to connect directly to the Internet just by thinking about it.

How to spend $200+ Billion for a Train Wreck


Once upon a time, a paragon of American innovation lost its way. It embodied Einstein’s definition of insanity, spending over $200B for a train wreck… and they’re doing it again. The story starts in the last century and my part about 28 years ago.

Why Your Cellphone Bill is Decreasing

Michael Roberto

cellular service is rapidly plunging, reversing years of increases that have squeezed consumers’ budgets and generated huge profits for wireless companies." Knutson reports that prices have declined sharply in recent months: "The consumer-price index for wireless phone service, an indicator of current offers from cellphone service providers, dropped 12.5% In an article by Ryan Knutson, the Wall Street Journal reports this morning that, "The cost of U.S.

Nokia’s Big Open Innovation Challenge


These are concepts that could improve cities by solving urban challenges, improve safety with technology and enable the next industrial revolution with robotics, sensors and LTE (Long-Term Evolution, a standard for high-speed wireless communication).

How Digital Transformation is revolutionizing consumer brand relationship


In this context, the relationship between brands and users gains a new dimension. But how would one stand out in this new reality and generate more business? Hyperconnected Customers demand products and services that are more focused on their needs, since their habits are now different: they are not booking hotels, moving, researching and consuming as they used to. Everything is much faster and the volume of information increases.

Pivotal Innovation Management: The Past, Present, and Future of 180° Business Changes


Steve helped them create wireless solutions for real time monitoring of seismic activity, sensor monitoring along Homeland Borders, and overall product and process improvement.

Brainstorming with innovator Laurie Steiner


In this installment of brainstorming with an innovator , we invite Laurie Steiner , who won our wireless innovation competition.

Smart Cities – Seeing the Invisible and Doing the Impossible

Daniel Burrus

Statistically speaking, cities themselves present an array of challenges: according to a report by Verizon Wireless, fully 54% of the world’s population now lives in cities, meaning these cities are responsible for 75% of the world’s energy consumption.

To See the Future, Think Both/And

Daniel Burrus

Wiring such as copper and fiber-optics and wireless. Whenever a new game-changing technology is introduced, our instinct is to assume that the current technology we are using will quickly become obsolete and will vanish from our use.

Apple Does it Again!!

Rmukesh Gupta

The new AirPods solve most of the problems: They are wireless and will work seamlessly across my Apple devices, without me having to configure it to work with each device separately – with just one click. I just finished watching the replay of iPhone 7 launch event.

Augmentation and Client Embedding: The Disruption of the Consultancy Industry

Innovation 360 Group

The answer to that problem has implications for systems ranging from logistics, such as the optimal routes for delivery trucks, to IT infrastructure, such as how to minimize traffic interference across wireless networks. Right on schedule, disruption has come to the world of consulting.

How to create effective problem statements for idea challenges and hackathons


Here, the theme of innovation is wireless technology, and the company has clearly outlined the status quo, limitations, and some inspirational ideas to get started with.