Running Effective Innovation Workshops

Innovation in Practice

And, teams that are successful at innovation are committed to ongoing growth via avenues such as innovation workshops. When it comes to running effective innovation workshops, here are some things to keep in mind: First, decide where to hold the workshop.

Why Workshops Aren't Working


Traditional workshops are the go to for a myriad of businesses and their different objectives. You might be thinking, if people are continuing to host these workshops, they must be gaining something from them; IE, they must be working.

Guest Post: Running Better Lean Startup Workshops

Grasshopper Herder

Five actionable tips on running better workshops. The post Guest Post: Running Better Lean Startup Workshops appeared first on Lean Startup Teamwork & Leadership Facilitation Workshops


Running Effective Innovation Workshops

Innovation in Practice

And, teams that are successful at innovation are committed to ongoing growth via avenues such as innovation workshops. When it comes to running effective innovation workshops, here are some things to keep in mind: First, decide where to hold the workshop. When you begin your workshop, start by identifying the constraints around the problem. That helps keep the workshop more organized as you work through the lists.

The Evolution of Workshops


Collaborative Meetings Matching Pace with Technology

Professional Grade Workshop Templates


Designed by Experts, to Give You a Leg Up

Evolve Your Workshops


Announcing the next new feature in Idea Hunt’s transformational SaaS Suite


Creative Thinking Exercises – 2 Ways to Create Innovation Workshop Inspiration


We facilitated a follow-up innovation workshop for an industrial client. In previous workshops, a large group convened and re-imagined a manufacturing process to improve quality, while maintaining costs and production efficiency.

Insight into our Design Thinking Workshops

Board of Innovation

The post Insight into our Design Thinking Workshops appeared first on Board of Innovation. Board Of Innovation Innovation design thinking workshopDesign Thinking – Case: Philadelphia (Geneva Global) When Geneva Global approached us for a Design Thinking training, we were immediately enthused.

Community Collaboration Workshops Come in All Sizes


On Wednesday, I delivered the closing keynote at the Real Time Marketing Lab with a mini-workshop on using strategic thinking super models to help C-suite executives understand social networking and content marketing strategy.

The workshop from hell


Today I like to share with you the story of a workshop I was supposed to lead. It was a true workshop from hell. I am sure you’ve been to your own workshops from hell. This process ended with a 3-day strategy workshop with about 30 participants from top management. Every business unit (in this case: product group) had to carry out a strategic analysis, derive proposals for strategic options, and present its findings in the strategy workshop.

How to design a workshop


Insights and Tips from Idea Hunt Experts Elia Morling and Jonas Soderstrom

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Leadership Workshop That I Cant Recommend Enough

Rmukesh Gupta

If I were asked this question, I have no doubt in my mind that the single 100 USD or less purchase that has had a profound impact on my life has been the investment of 90USD that I made to participate in a leadership workshop organised by THE SETH GODIN.

Tips for Becoming a Better Workshop Leader


You host a workshop When you need ideas, game changing, take your business to the next level ideas, how do you get them?

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How to Prepare to Facilitate a Workshop


4 Tips to help you prepare for success

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Innovation Workshop Lessons – 6 Keys to Facilitating Executive Interviews


The latest confirmation took place this week as we created and presented a new Brainzooming innovation workshop on how to develop insights to fuel innovation. We developed this new Brainzooming innovation workshop for the management team within the department leading the innovation push.


7 Expectations from Creative Thinking Workshop Training


What are your expectations from a creative thinking workshop? That is the first question I ask the audience at a Brainzooming creative thinking workshop. 7 Expectations from Creative Thinking Workshop Training. At that workshop, we concentrated on the “What’s It Like?”

Strategic Planning Process – Creating a Workshop to Develop Strategy


Suppose you are on the hook to put together a team meeting or workshop to develop a strategy. Is there something or some place you can go to get ideas on how to develop a strategy workshop? Strategic Planning Process – Ideas for a Workshop to Develop Strategy.

The 6 Types of Strategic Planning Activities for a Workshop


What types of strategic planning activities are in a strategic thinking workshop ? As we collaborate with a client to design strategic planning activities for a strategic thinking workshop , we explore various possibilities. 6 Potential Strategic Planning Activities for a Workshop.

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5 Ideas for Expanding Innovation Strategy Workshop Participants


Who should you invite to participate in an innovation strategy workshop ? Working with a client to identify potential participants for an innovation strategy workshop, we identified five other participant profiles to expand the workshop diversity: 1.

Are you starving for powerful female leaders in your strategy planning workshop?


We were facilitating report outs at a strategy planning workshop after multiple teams tackled developing high-level plans to improve various employee challenges in a relatively high-performing company.

My strategy workshop from heaven


I recently wrote a post about my workshop from hell and what I learned from it. Of course, not every workshop ends up as a disaster. Today I want to tell you about my workshop from heaven. I still worked in the same company as in my workshop from hell – a producer of high-precision metal components. We in the strategic planning department were given the task to conduct a strategy workshop in order to determine. What exactly should be the result of the workshop?

So You Ran a Design Thinking Workshop. What’s Next? | Collective Campus


Have you ever attended a design thinking workshop? If the answer is yes, then there is a high chance you left the session feeling like this

Here’s A Great Workshop Exercise To Help Your Leadership Team Challenge Their Beliefs / Assumptions


I’ve recently been asked to recommend a good workshop exercise for a leadership team to help them challenge their beliefs / assumptions. How do you think what no one else thinks?

Content Marketing Strategy – 43 Resources from Our Curaçao Workshop!


On Friday, June 17 th , I was in Curaçao, located just north of Venezuela, to present a ¾ day workshop on social media and content marketing strategy for the Curaçao Tourist Board. The workshop and the entire trip generated a lot of questions, learnings, and lessons.

5 Ways to Lower Risk in an Innovation Strategy Workshop


Right after that article, The Brainzooming Group facilitated a small innovation strategy workshop with a client. We discussed the approach for the client’s upcoming thirty-person new process innovation strategy workshop. 5 Ways to Lower Risk in an Innovation Strategy Workshop.

The DNA of Idea Champions Workshops and Trainings

Idea Champions

The contradictions that show up in a corporate environment (or workshop) can either be innovation depleters or innovation catalysts. Our workshops, trainings, and consulting interventions help our clients do exactly that.

Creative Thinking – 13 Unexpected Benefits of a Strategic Thinking Workshop


Last week, we presented a creative and strategic thinking workshop for a Brainzooming reader who leads the national sales division of a global industrial manufacturer. We integrated the Brainzooming strategic thinking workshop into their annual sales meeting.

6 Guidelines for a Great Strategic Thinking Workshop


We put this infographic together for a client today to distill The Brainzooming Group approach into a few images depicting what we do to pave the way for a great strategic thinking workshop. 6 Guidelines for a Great Strategic Thinking Workshop.

Strategic Thinking Workshop Success – Beware Too Much Creativity


Interestingly, the most challenging situation for Brainzooming strategic thinking workshop success is when it includes TOO MANY individuals viewing themselves as creative. Talking with someone about the most difficult Brainzooming strategic thinking workshop EVER inspired the blurb below.

Creative Thinking Skills for Sales – A Workshop Approach


We’re with a client today, delivering a strategic and creative thinking skills for sales workshop. We’re scheduled to have more than 120 of the client’s sales team members participate in an interactive, half-day Brainzooming workshop in the Chicago area.

Cuisine vs. Food: Why Specificity Makes or Breaks a Creative Thinking Workshop


During the creative thinking workshop we facilitated inside an internal management meeting, participants worked through multiple exercises to identify ideas for internal and customer initiatives. Why Specificity Makes or Breaks a Creative Thinking Workshop by Chuck Dymer.

First Enterprise Data Value Workshop

Information Playground

  Next week, as a result of Dr. Short's year-long study of data valuation, he is hosting the First Workshop on Enterprise Data Value in order to create one of the first-ever industry/academic data valuation communities.

6 Ways a Strategy Workshop (or NFL Practice) Is Most Productive


Not wasting time is a major part of why a Brainzooming strategy workshop is so focused on effective time management. The moves the Buffalo Bills are making and the associated reasons and benefits match closely to how The Brainzooming Group designs a strategy workshop.

Upcoming Conferences, Keynote Speeches and Workshops


Welcome to 2018! We’ll be participating in a few key events soon that we wanted to let you know about. You’re welcome to join us at these events!