Designing Unique Workshops is hard work

Paul Hobcraft

It is the value of having good, interactive, highly particpative workshops breaks much of those initial barriers to allow the hard work to begin in a more cohesive and collaborative way. Workshops can mean different things to different people.

Design 205

Naming Workshop

Create and choose the right name to define your idea, company, brand, product or service with a naming workshop. We can take our decades of experience to design an innovative learning and naming workshop experience just for your organization. Virtual or Onsite Naming Workshops.


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Ideation Workshop Game Plan

Beyond the Obvious

So what do you need to know as the leader of an ideation workshop? A workshop has multiple elements—participants, Killer Questions, and so on—but at the end of the day, the quality of the ideas directly relates to your ability to create a highly functional, highly effective group.

Designing unique workshops is hard work

The Future Shapers

Understanding innovation requires a deep awareness- through a variety of tailored or purpose-designed workshops, dialogues or discovery trips you can rapidly enhance your awareness and grasp of what ‘makes up’ innovation.

Mission Statement Training Workshop

Our mission statement training workshop is a fast-paced program to help your group create and align on a mission statement. This training workshop is typically done with a team, group, or department within an organization. Mission Statement Workshop Design Activities.

8 surprising benefits of remote workshops

Board of Innovation

The post 8 surprising benefits of remote workshops appeared first on Board of Innovation. Thinking about a remote session? From improved efficiency and faster experimentation to introvert bravery, here are a few reasons why a digital collaboration might be a great choice.

Individual Ideas in Workshop Groups

Beyond the Obvious

At the end of the ideation part of the workshop, have the team members briefly talk through their individual ideas. Book Book Excerpts Elias Howe grouping groups ideas Ideation ideation workshop sharing

Best practices: How to facilitate a virtual workshop?


These are our 26 best practices on how to host your workshop online, and I will take you through it, step by step. These tips are from more than 500 remote collaboration and ideation workshops we have facilitated virtually. Use the tools support throughout the workshop.

Design Thinking Digital Transformation Workshop Tips

How to facilitate a design thinking workshop for digital transformation. How to navigate from onsite to digitally transformed virtual workshops. That’s the key that I like to address in the workshops. . It also shows workshop activities/formats: [link] ).

Running Effective Innovation Workshops

Innovation in Practice

And, teams that are successful at innovation are committed to ongoing growth via avenues such as innovation workshops. When it comes to running effective innovation workshops, here are some things to keep in mind: First, decide where to hold the workshop. When you begin your workshop, start by identifying the constraints around the problem. That helps keep the workshop more organized as you work through the lists.

Guest Post: Running Better Lean Startup Workshops

Grasshopper Herder

Five actionable tips on running better workshops. The post Guest Post: Running Better Lean Startup Workshops appeared first on Lean Startup Teamwork & Leadership Facilitation Workshops


VUCA Workshop Training Resource

Are you seeking more about this topic or participating in a VUCA workshop training? In our design thinking workshops , we focus on helping you learn how to apply a mindset that begins with empathy in a human-centered way, to begin to understand the real challenge, define it, and generate many ideas that can be analyzed, validated, prototyped, tested, and launched. VUCA Workshop Training. Contact us today to learn about VUCA training workshops. . What is a VUCA world?

Virtual Design Thinking Workshop from Stanford D School

The Stanford D School have recently released a new Starter Kit designed for teams looking to host a virtual design thinking workshop or training session. Expect many partner activities and discussion points that can drive your workshop or training session forward.

How does an innovation workshop work?

Lead Innovation

An innovation workshop serves to find concrete ideas for innovations and to develop initial concepts. In this article you can read how an innovation workshop at Lead Innovation works. Innovation manager & -team

Creative Problem Solving Workshop

Discover what to expect at a creative problem solving workshop and when your organization could benefit from a training session. If your organization is interested in implementing these techniques, you’ll want to learn more about this framework and how you can get started with a creative problem solving training workshop here. . About Creative Problem Solving Training Workshops. Who are Creative Problem Solving Workshops For?

Human-Centered Design Workshops

Find out what a human-centered design workshop encompasses and when your organization may benefit from a training here. If your organization is interested in becoming better at innovating with a human-centered design workshop, you’ll want to learn more about this evolving framework and how you can tap into its methodology here. A Human-Centered Design workshop will help you start and finish with the end user in mind.

Making the Virtual Workshop a Reality

The Future Shapers

And while working remotely is increasingly familiar to most professionals, collaborating virtually on an innovation workshop is still largely unchartered territory. The post Making the Virtual Workshop a Reality appeared first on The Future Shapers.

Business Storytelling Training Workshop

A business storytelling training workshop can help us to learn this craft and develop our communication skills. There are many workshops emerging designed to help leaders at many levels in organization communicate and innovate with greater impact through story. In our workshop we will lead you through activities and exercises to help you find, create, make, and share your own stories. Our workshops are highly interactive and engaging. Storytelling for Business Leaders.

Five Innovation Workshop Questions


The post Five Innovation Workshop Questions appeared first on Innovation Management. There are a lot of best practices that we recommend to our customers: start with the end in mind, adopt criteria to drive ideation, use at least seven channels to communicate with your end user, respond to ideas with positive feedback and questions.

Insight into our Design Thinking Workshops

Board of Innovation

The post Insight into our Design Thinking Workshops appeared first on Board of Innovation. Board Of Innovation Innovation design thinking workshopDesign Thinking – Case: Philadelphia (Geneva Global) When Geneva Global approached us for a Design Thinking training, we were immediately enthused.

3 problems with innovation workshops, and how to solve them

Board of Innovation

But what about problems with innovation workshops themselves? The post 3 problems with innovation workshops, and how to solve them appeared first on Board of Innovation. Expertise Innovation Consultant innovation managers innovation workshopsAs an innovator, you've learned to love — and even seek out — customer problems.

How to Run Remote Design Thinking Workshops


This leads to a couple of difficulties, especially when you are scheduled to hold an interactive and Design-Thinking-inspired workshop format that could neither be postponed nor be executed at the client facilities.

What is a SWOT Analysis Workshop?


What is a SWOT Analysis Workshop

Why Workshops Aren't Working


Traditional workshops are the go to for a myriad of businesses and their different objectives. You might be thinking, if people are continuing to host these workshops, they must be gaining something from them; IE, they must be working. Large companies with legacy products use them to explore new business initiatives or methods for improvement, while startups use them build their business model canvases, and value propositions.

Zoom Training for Innovating Virtual Workshops and Meetings

Innovate your virtual meetings through our design thinking-inspired Zoom facilitation training workshop. Our hands-on how-to workshop can walk you through how to contribute to and run a virtual workshop or session through an online meeting tool like Zoom.

The workshop from hell


Today I like to share with you the story of a workshop I was supposed to lead. It was a true workshop from hell. I am sure you’ve been to your own workshops from hell. This process ended with a 3-day strategy workshop with about 30 participants from top management. Every business unit (in this case: product group) had to carry out a strategic analysis, derive proposals for strategic options, and present its findings in the strategy workshop.

Area of Focus for Workshop Groups

Beyond the Obvious

The ideas you generate in your workshop are only ever going to be as good as the people in the group. I want people of different ages, races, education levels, economic statuses, and beliefs to come up with an area of focus.

Podcast: Online workshops and meetings


In this pod (in Swedish) Idea Hunt’s Lotta Strand speaks with Jonas Jaani , digitalisation guru, about online workshops. In today’s business environment a lot of meetings are held online (read: digital, online).

Introducing Premium Workshop Templates


Get Even Better Results with Tailored Premium Workshop Templates


Professional Grade Workshop Templates


Designed by Experts, to Give You a Leg Up

Creative Thinking Exercises – 2 Ways to Create Innovation Workshop Inspiration


We facilitated a follow-up innovation workshop for an industrial client. In previous workshops, a large group convened and re-imagined a manufacturing process to improve quality, while maintaining costs and production efficiency. A follow-up workshop moved four of the process improvement concepts into detailed project planning. They requested a follow-up innovation workshop to inspire bigger, further out thinking.

Running a Zoom Workshop? Here’s What You Need to Know


8 lessons that will make your transition to online workshops a little easier


Community Collaboration Workshops Come in All Sizes


The week included: Large scale community collaboration workshops – Nearly eighty students from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale gathered Monday night and a comparable number of Carbondale, IL residents assembled on Tuesday for community collaboration workshops to imagine the community’s future with Gigabit Internet capabilities. That is a huge change, and opens the door to some radically different future workshops.

Leadership Workshop That I Cant Recommend Enough

Rmukesh Gupta

If I were asked this question, I have no doubt in my mind that the single 100 USD or less purchase that has had a profound impact on my life has been the investment of 90USD that I made to participate in a leadership workshop organised by THE SETH GODIN. The workshop started at 12:30 AM, yes half past mid-night and went till 3:30 AM in the morning. I was active all through the workshop and that workshop has changed me significantly.

3 common innovation workshop problems and why they matter

Board of Innovation

My strategy workshop from heaven


I recently wrote a post about my workshop from hell and what I learned from it. Of course, not every workshop ends up as a disaster. Today I want to tell you about my workshop from heaven. I still worked in the same company as in my workshop from hell – a producer of high-precision metal components. We in the strategic planning department were given the task to conduct a strategy workshop in order to determine. What exactly should be the result of the workshop?

Collaborating on Zoom Guide: Remotely Facilitate a Virtual Meeting or Workshop

Lead Innovative Meetings and Workshops with Zoom. Zoom may give you the technology you need to host your next event, workshop, or conference digitally. How to Use Zoom for Facilitating Innovative Workshops and Meetings. Custom workshops with Zoom or other remote tools.

New Workshop Template Release: Brainstorming Pro


New Workshop Template Release: Brainstorming Pro

The Evolution of Workshops


Collaborative Meetings Matching Pace with Technology

Innovation Workshop Lessons – 6 Keys to Facilitating Executive Interviews


The latest confirmation took place this week as we created and presented a new Brainzooming innovation workshop on how to develop insights to fuel innovation. We developed this new Brainzooming innovation workshop for the management team within the department leading the innovation push. We routinely present strategic thinking workshops on the exercises and tools The Brainzooming Group uses to develop and implement innovative ideas.


Digital Brainstorming Workshops


Give your brainstorming a powerful boost

Evolve Your Workshops


Announcing the next new feature in Idea Hunt’s transformational SaaS Suite


7 Expectations from Creative Thinking Workshop Training


What are your expectations from a creative thinking workshop? That is the first question I ask the audience at a Brainzooming creative thinking workshop. 7 Expectations from Creative Thinking Workshop Training. Preparing for a creative thinking workshop this week, I looked back at a recent workshop to review the expectations participants shared. At that workshop, we concentrated on the “What’s It Like?”