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Designing Unique Workshops is hard work

Paul Hobcraft

It is the value of having good, interactive, highly particpative workshops breaks much of those initial barriers to allow the hard work to begin in a more cohesive and collaborative way. I believe any design of workshops must meet your needs, to push the thinking and to generate new returns in innovation understanding.

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Design Thinking & Workshops in VR (Virtual Reality)

In this article we will: Explore how we can use VR (virtual reality) during the different steps of the design thinking process. Teach you how to design a VR workshop using an app called Zoe Immersive. Design Thinking Process & VR. VR & Design Thinking Limitations. How to Run a VR Design Thinking Workshop.


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What You Need to Know Before Leading a Design Thinking Workshop

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Douglas Ferguson Leading a design thinking workshop can completely transform your company for the better. According to the 71% of brands that champion design thinking, making a shift to a design-centered mindset will dramatically improve productivity and … Continue reading →

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ChatGPT Workshop Course

Now, we’d like to offer a live virtual workshop that will help our participants learn ChatGPT and how to use this tool (and other similar generative AI tools) in their work for their own unique projects and programs. Ultimately, we like to design our workshops for our clients and can go in many different directions.

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Sustainability Workshops and Programs

A sustainability workshop applying design thinking and an innovation process to create vision, strategy and action Recently we’ve had a number of requests for our design thinking sprints, innovation workshops, interactive training sessions, and strategy hackathons applied for the purpose of environmental sustainability.

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Design Thinking Digital Transformation Workshop Tips

How to facilitate a design thinking workshop for digital transformation. Digital transformation is a significant and common challenge for organizations and thus a great design thinking project. Leaders, facilitators and design thinking project leaders also have to be creative about working virtually.

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Virtual Design Thinking Workshop from Stanford D School

Learn design thinking in this new virtual course from the Stanford D School. The Stanford D School have recently released a new Starter Kit designed for teams looking to host a virtual design thinking workshop or training session. Virtual Design Thinking Course: What to Expect. Day in the life mapping.