The Future of Open Innovation


When InnoCentive launched in 2001, it was in a context very different from today. Innovation Insights

Four Innovation Ecosystem Building Blocks

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Greg Satell It’s hard to find anyone who wouldn’t agree that Microsoft’s 2001 antitrust case was a disaster for the company.


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Don Draper is (Finally) Dead

Innovation Excellence

I graduated from college in 2001. David Bruel – Marketing, as we learned it, is dead. We were Kings. If you wanted to learn Marketing at that time, you had two options: join a consultancy firm or work in FMCG, ideally in the food industry. I had the privilege to be selected by one. marketing Mad Men

The History Of The Killer Questions

Beyond the Obvious

I started writing the Killer Questions when I was in my short-lived “retirement” early in 2001. As I relaxed in the Virginian countryside, my mind started to flash back to various experiences I’d had during my working life. Over the course of the preceding twenty years I’d seen dozens of highly innovative products and ideas […]. Book Excerpts Killer Questions card deck Cards killer innovations card deck

Sixteen Sci-Fi Predictions Which Came True

Destination Innovation

Arthur C Clarke’s book, 2001 : A Space Odyssey, published in 1968 envisioned ‘newspads’ which astronauts used to find out what was going on. We tend to think that it is difficult to predict the future because it is. Who forecast 9/11 or Covid?

Gray wave and assisted living

Beyond the Obvious

In 2001 Apple’s sales figures were in decline. So, how do you determine where you, as an individual or a business, will be in five years? You can’t say where exactly you’re going because you can’t predict what’s going to happen in the world. However, you can challenge yourself to change. The company had yet […]. Book Book Excerpts Apple assisted living evolve gray wave iPad iPhone iPod nursing homes prediction value chain

The Default Mode Network in the brain

Idea to Value

In 2001, summarising years of seeing this activity across experiments, Marcus Raichle coined these active regions as the brain’s default mode network. What happens in your brain when you are not actively thinking about anything?

A Remote Innovation Brainstorm Method

Destination Innovation

In 2001 two musicians, Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tambrello, wanted to collaborate on some new compositions. Gibbard and Tamborello. The problem was that they lived hundreds of miles apart at opposite ends of America’s west coast.

Confirmation bias: Looking for information to prove you are right

Idea to Value

A 2001 study also showed that people who have already made a decision (so have a set view or opinion on a subject) will seek out information which confirms this view.

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Online Innovation Takes Over Startup Culture

Innovation Excellence

From about the mid-nineties through 2001, the landscape was littered with crazy speculation, business plans scratched out on cocktail napkins, and venture capital being pushed to where it never should have been. The dotcom boom never really went away. The bursting of the dotcom bubble didn’t put an end to dotcoms. It put an end. Digital Growth demographics dotcoms Hotels internet Startup taxes

Building and Testing The Killer Questions

Beyond the Obvious

I started collecting the Killer Questions when I was in my short-lived “retirement” early in 2001. As I relaxed in the Virginian countryside, my mind started to flash back to various experiences I’d had during my working life. Over the course of the preceding twenty years I’d seen dozens of highly innovative products and ideas come […]. Book Excerpts building Killer Question Killer Questions testing

Steps for Creating a Successful Innovation Program


Since 2001, 52% of the Fortune 500 has disappeared. Every organization and large company faces an existential threat from upstart competitors, changing consumer preferences, and emerging technologies. Furthermore, since 1955, the average lifespan of the Fortune 500 company has decreased from 75 to 15 years. Disruption is no longer an 'if' but a 'when

Crystallised Challenges – Some Favorites From Our Fifteen Years


InnoCentive became an official entity in 2001 and during the intervening fifteen years has posted over 2,000 Challenges and awarded nearly $20million. Starting as a brainwave in 1998, InnoCentive spent three years being scoped, explored and tested whilst within the walls of pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly.

Advance Innovation – Put World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 in your 2017 calendar, now!

Innovation Excellence

WCIW started in response to a 2001 Canadian newspaper headline to open people’s minds and hearts to the notion that everyone has the capacity to make a creative difference in their lives and and others’ It begins. Use World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15-21 (WCIW) to leverage your innovation skills, knowledge, tools, and attitudes.

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Building A Modern SharePoint Intranet with the best of Microsoft Technologies


Since its launch in 2001, SharePoint has undergone significant transformations and upgrades and so did the intranets based on it.

Wikipedia – A Lateral Idea in Action

Destination Innovation

Wikipedia was founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger in 2001 as a web-based, free encyclopaedia. In the 1930s there were 2000 salesmen in the USA knocking on doors and selling sets of Encyclopedia Britannica. They were selling a highly regarded product and were on handsome commissions. By 2000 the set comprised 32 volumes of carefully researched entries provided by 100 full time editors and 4000 contributors.

PCAST Meets to Discuss How Science & Tech Can Drive Innovation


Overview : Since 2001, the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) has drawn on outside scientists, academics, engineers, and others to guide the President on effective policy for boosting innovation and scientific advancement in America.

Bad is stronger than good: The Negativity Bias

Idea to Value

According to an analysis of hundreds of research papers in 2001 , the researchers came to the conclusion that our brain has evolved to be more attuned and focused on negative potential events than positive ones.

To Adapt, We Need To Evolve

Innovation Excellence

When scientists decoded the human genome in 2001, they found something astounding. While our DNA provides the blueprint for everything about us—from how we develop in the womb to eye color and personality traits—it takes only 20,000 genes to do so, less than one fifth of what had previously been thought. What was even more mindblowing. Innovation Leadership Apple DNA facebook Genetics human genome project Mark Zuckerberg research Science xerox

What Formula Made Steve Jobs as an Innovation Leader So Successful?


And until 2001, that was it. When Apple did debut a new product in October 2001, it was completely outside those categories as well: It was the iPod, a personal music player that worked with Macs.


Michael Michalko

Timothy McVeigh was executed on June 11, 2001. I first became fascinated with coincidences when I learned that both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on the same July 4, 50 years after the ratification of the Declaration of Independence.

How to build a great company by blending bureaucracy and holacracy

Linda Bernardi

September 2015 – In 2001, when I built a start-up in the then-new field of RFID technology, I was often fascinated by the responses in interviews I would get from potential new hires. I would say, “Tell me what you can do,” and they would answer, “What do you want me to do?” I quickly […]. Disruption Enterprise Leadership Washington Post

How to Boost Innovation by Recycling Existing Ideas


First launched in October 2001, Apple ‘s portable music device has revolutionised how we all listen to and download music. After all, the first portable MP3 players hit the market in 1998 and by 2001 there were over 50 different models available through which you could download and play music from your computer. This lightweight, technologically proficient reinvention of existing MP3 players was an global phenomenon that has since sold more than 400 million units since 2001.

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So What Exactly Should Kodak Have Done?

Destination Innovation

Kodak entered the digital camera market late but by 2001 they were number 2 in the USA behind Sony. Between 1982 and 2001 Kodak spent more than $20 billion on R&D averaging about 6% of revenues. Business commentators and writers commonly quote Kodak as an example of a company that was destroyed by disruptive innovation.

Corporates, Here's When You Know a Startup Is the Right Long-Term Partner


In 2001, Borders outsourced its online book-selling to Amazon. In 2000, Blockbuster passed on the option to acquire Netflix for $50 million. Ten years later, Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy protection, and Netflix's market cap surpassed $35 billion. Similarly, 10 years later, Borders filed for bankruptcy protection. So what went wrong?

Is Myopia the Biggest Threat to Innovation?


How did Napster, which enjoyed a brief moment of popularity in 2001, back when broadband was limited mostly to colleges, kill a $14 billion industry? Innovation is all about the ability to see clearly. A lack of clarity can be deadly to companies in any number of ways, but one of the most deadly is how it can choke off innovation. Here are a few case studies and what organizations can learn from them. Kodak. Kodak was once the most powerful company in photography.

Seven Companies That Failed to Innovate and What Happened to Them


So it seemingly made sense, in 2001, to create a second football league to offer people more football, differentiating itself from the NFL with different rules, scantier clad cheerleaders, and edgy names and logos.

Nine Short Innovation Lessons from Lego

Destination Innovation

Jorgen Vig Knudstorp joined in 2001 and was promoted to CEO three years later at the age of 36. Lego is now revered as one of the most innovative and successful companies in the world. But in 2003 the company was $800m in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy. The turn around in its fortunes has been spectacular. It is currently rated the number one toy company in the world and the world’s most powerful brand. There are many books and studies describing the company’s approach.

A Revolutionary Idea – Thinking Inside the Box

Destination Innovation

McLean died in New York in 2001. McLean in 1957. Containerization was a massively important innovation which powered the expansion of global trade but it was a difficult idea to implement. Before containerization, goods were physically manhandled as break bulk cargo. At the factory or warehouse goods were loaded onto a truck, driven to a port and then offloaded to await the next suitable ship.

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Michael Michalko

In 2001 Dr. Pronovost borrowed a concept from the aviation industry: a checklist, the kind that pilots use to clear their planes for takeoff. Imagine you gave your fiancée an engagement ring that cost over $10,000.

What Can Your Business Learn About Innovation from Shark Tank Ideas?


Shark Tank has been around in some form or another since 2001, with the Japanese series “Money Tigers.” Yet the basic concept is simple: entrepreneurs pitch their idea to a panel of investors, who will pick their idea apart before deciding whether or not to invest.

Negativity Bias: Conservatism in Funding Novel Projects?

Michael Roberto

2001, Rozin and Royzman 2001). Source: Is your organization's resource allocation process biased against funding original ideas or novel projects? Jacqueline Lane and her colleagues published a fascinating paper in Management Science in 2020.

The Agile Manifesto Re-examined

The Future Shapers

Arie is one of the co-authors of the Agile Manifesto that was written by 17 independent thinkers in February of 2001 at a ski resort in Utah, USA. Since that meeting in 2001, Agile ways of working have come a long way, and so has the field of innovation. The birth of the manifesto.

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Do We Need Managers or Management?

Tim Kastelle

It’s achieved impressive results since being founded in 2001, and is run by a committee of about ten people. Note: this was originally posted on Harvard Business Review Blogs , with terrific editing by Sarah Green Carmichael. Maybe you’ve heard the old cliché – if you’ve got “too many chiefs,” your initiative will fail. Every time I hear it, I wonder, “Why can’t everyone be a chief?”.

Stan Lee: 3 Lessons To Unlock Your Inner Visionary


Up until then it never occurred to me to ask who created these characters; that changed when the first Spider-Man movie came out in 2001. Illustration by Christian Laborin. We lost a great one! Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man, The Hulk, Fantastic 4, X-Men and other super-heroes died yesterday. He leaves a legacy of inspiration behind that will keep inspiring many more generations.

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How to Embed Agile Thinking at Every Level of Your Company


The term agile was coined in the information technology (IT) field in 2001 and was used to refer to a group of methodologies. Companies often have three levels in the management hierarchy: frontline, mid-level, and senior-level leadership.

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Are you a Fox or a Hedgehog?


In 2001, business writer Jim Collins published his touchstone book “Good to Great” and brought the Hedgehog and the Fox concept to the business world. Sometimes, lasting innovation requires being slow, quiet and even a little bit boring. By Upboard. Every single business is unique in one way or another. Businesses vary greatly depending on the products that they provide, the business models they employ and the style of service they give to their customers.

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Can you take Criticism? And was the Reformation really necessary?

Destination Innovation

On April 17, 2001, he made what became an infamous comment during a conference call with financial analysts. ‘Someone told me that I am poor at taking on board criticism so I quickly pointed out they were wrong.’ This little witticism is at the core of many a corporate disaster. Martin Luther.

If An Early Idea Got Your Business This Far, What Will Advance You Further?

Daniel Burrus

The company most notably clung to its cash cow of a camera and watched sales decline until its bankruptcy in 2001– years before camera phones ever emerged.


Innovation 360 Group

1 spot in digital camera sales as recently as 2001. You may have heard that we are living in the Age of Customer Experience. Gartner projected that 89 percent of companies compete primarily on customer experience. You might ask why on Earth anyone would say, “Don’t listen to your customers!” when customer opinions matter the most. Because your customers can’t tell you what they need. Listening to them will mislead you.

New Decade, New What?


Clarke made one bizarrely accurate prediction as two astronauts in the movie 2001 can be seen reading a newspaper on something that looks suspiciously like an iPad, that he calls a Newspad.

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The Line56 e-Business Ecosystem


In 2001 XPLANE created an infographic visualizing the e-Business ecosystem which was one of the most downloaded things on their site. I’m still proud of this diagram and it is still valid today. Download the e-Business Ecosystem (PDF


Will big data solve the innovation gap?

Jeffrey Phillips

2001 promised a journey by an intelligent AI and astronauts to Jupiter. For many companies, I think there is a relatively significant gap between what they actually generate as compelling new products and what they wish they generated. We could call this the "innovation gap". The gap is real, and it means that many companies aren't as profitable or as competitive as they'd like to be.