First fossil-fuel-free steel produced in Sweden [Innovation highlight]

Idea to Value

This was sent to Volvo for a trial and should begin commercial-scale production in 2026. Steel production is one of the world’s largest producers of carbon dioxide. In fact, some estimates say that it produces up to 8% of all carbon emissions.

Crowdsourced Innovation: Three Things I Learned


Since then, that number has continuously fallen to a lifespan of 20 years in 1990 and is expected to fall to 14 years by 2026.


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Examining the State of Crowdsourced Innovation in 2019


By the year 2026, forecasters expect that the average length of time spent on the Fortune 500 will be 14 years. The average number of years a company spends on the Fortune 500 list is dropping. World-class corporations spend less time at the top than they once did. Fifty years ago, a company on the Fortune 500 list could expect to stay there for 33 years, but by 1990, that tenure had shrunk to 20 years.

#2,128 – Brain Week: Wearable Ketamine

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

The company is betting on the device getting FDA approval by 2026. As bad as the COVID-19 global pandemic has been in and of itself it’s only part of the story. For we’re also going through a mental health crisis at the same time as a result.

Employer Responsibility: 4 Workplace Health and Safety Tips That You Should Not Ignore

The Human Factor

million in 2026, this group is more prone to injuries. source. Besides the burden of meeting targets and increasing productivity , workplace safety is a dominant area to focus on.

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Enterprise Level Innovation


By 1990, it shrank to 20 years, and it’s expected to drop to 14 years by 2026. Enterprise level innovation is the practice of looking beyond the organization’s R&D systems and past its discrete departments, to connect with global collaborators and improve business agility. This practice harnesses the benefits of open innovation to achieve specific enterprise-level goals. Why Enterprise Level Innovation (ELI) Matters.

Agile 40

Disruptive Innovation: SpaceX

Collective Innovation

Currently SpaceX has an unammed mission planned for 2020 and has stated they plant to have humans on Mars by 2026. There can be few industries as small and incredibly hard to enter as that of putting rockets into space. For decades a near monopoly existed between the few companies that had the capability and government funding to accomplish this. Given the huge cost and risk of entering rocket manufacturing it makes sense that so few companies dared to enter the market.

Blockchain: Distributed Shared Ledger Technology in Banking

Hacker Earth Developers Blog

trillion) by 2026. Over 90% of the world’s leading banks are either exploring, experimenting (PoCs), or formulating a strategy for leveraging blockchain technology, says an Accenture survey. Since its inception ten years ago, there has been plenty of hype around blockchain. Though much of the hype can be attributed to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, there is more to blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies.