Tue.Sep 24, 2019

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Innovation Metrics: Ideation Rate vs. Implementation Rate


Measuring innovation isn’t the same as measuring traditional business metrics like market size, gross margins, or return on investment. Good innovation management requires its own set of metrics. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t measure innovation success. You simply have to know which measuring sticks to use.

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Why We Should Fear and Hail A.I.


I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Neil Sahota for an episode of the Future Squared podcast


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40 food innovations you should know about

Board of Innovation

Discover new developments in food science and explore the emerging technologies and strategies that are shaping the way we eat. The post 40 food innovations you should know about appeared first on Board of Innovation. All Inspiration

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The Impact of Beliefs on Living Your Ideal Life

Tullio Siragusa

The Impact of Beliefs on Living Your Ideal Life. It’s been said that you are what you believe. What does that mean exactly? The difference between success and failure in life can very often be traced to what we call beliefs, and the appeal beliefs have on our lives. . By success or failure, I am talking about living the life you desire, not the one you may have defaulted to as a way to survive.

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ERM Program Fundamentals for Success in the Banking Industry

Speaker: William Hord, Senior VP of Risk & Professional Services

This exclusive webinar with William Hord, Senior VP of Risk & Professional Services, will explore the foundational elements you need to start or validate your ERM program. He will also dive into topic definitions, governance structures, and framework components for success.

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Scenarios for Smart, Sustainable, Human Cities

Innovation Excellence

Intelligent, Connected, and Mobile – By Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells, Alexandra Whittington, April Koury, and Maria Romero How might technological advances in data management, artificial intelligence, and energy help shape the future of cities? A vision of the “city of the future” is often presented as a compelling symbol of the direction in which society. Innovation Trends future Smart Cities

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Are You an Entrepreneurial, Enabling or Architecting Leader?

Entrepreneur - Innovation

Finding your style can help you build a more agile company. Leadership

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5 Corporate Innovation Trends of 2019 Set to Disrupt the Business Landscape in 2020


2020 is shaping up to be a truly generation-defining year across the spectrum – from politics, to sport, to science and beyond. I mean, we’ve got the U.S presidential elections, the Tokyo Olympics, NASA’s Mars rover mission, and even the completion of the world’s tallest building – a cavalcade of truly colossal events crammed into 12 months. What’s more, the trends shaping the corporate innovation landscape in 2020 are set to be just as earth-shaking.

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Startup Lessons from Netflix Co-Founder, Marc Randolph


I recently had the pleasure of reading Marc Randolph’s That Will Never Work: The Birth of Netflix and the Amazing Life of an Idea

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#1,565 – Joshua Seth and the New Era of Creativity

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Joshua Seth understands the importance of creativity. As a best-selling author, accomplished public speaker, world famous illusionist, and the voice of nearly one hundred different animated characters he has made a career out of acting and thinking creatively. A skill that is suddenly in high demand thanks to the new Era of Creativity that we suddenly find ourselves in.

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How Do You Launch a New Business?

Innovation Leader

Through waves of technological change, the Bose brand has remained synonymous with state-of-the-art sound. But like many companies, it faces new competitors

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Retail Reimagined: What It Means To Be An Innovative Retailer

Speaker: DeAnna McIntosh, Retail Growth Strategist

Join DeAnna McIntosh, Retail Growth Strategist, for this idea-sparking session on how to multiply and diversify your revenue (and impact) with zero ad spend, how to create disruption in your industry, and how to reimagine and innovate the retail business model.

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How SOS Alarm applied a structured process to their hackathon

Innovation 360 Group

At the award event that concluded the SOS Alarm hackathon, CEO Maria Khorsand announced that the company would move forward with all five concepts presented instead of just the winning team’s concept (which was the original plan). When was the last time you were at a hackathon where top management cared about the ideas presented and had an internal system in place to take care of them? What is the story behind this remarkable result?

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How Can Failures Fuel Learning?

Innovation Leader

Failure in some of your innovation initiatives is, more often than not, inevitable. The lack of visibility into the ROI of innovation activities and the fact that today’s duds can sometimes become tomorrow’s commercial successes tells you everything you need to know about this problem. Innovation remains the most elusive

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#1,564 – Bill Gates and the Reinvented Toilet

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

A couple of years ago I went backpacking for the first time, trekking through the Grand Canyon to the Havasupai Indian Reservation, a lush waterfall infused oasis in the middle of the desert that features some of the most tranquil, crystal clear water you will ever see in your entire life. It was heaven on Earth. There was just one problem: the bathrooms near the campsites were virtually unusable. If the smell didn’t get you, the thousands of horse flies buzzing around you would.

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Seven Techniques to Tell a Great Innovation Success Story

Innovation Leader

Everyone loves a good story. Stories are a great way to inspire, engage, and share lessons learned, and this is especially true for companies that want to step up their innovation game. There are many stories of creativity and perseverance by lone inventors or small teams who beat all the

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Modern Tech and More: Empowering Your Supply Chain for Success

Speaker: Cory Skinner, Founder and CEO of FactR

Ready to dive into new tech to protect your supply chain, but not sure where or how to start? In this webinar, Cory Skinner, Founder and CEO of FactR, will break down the new, innovative technologies and strategies that you can implement to mitigate historic challenges, and even teach you what NOT to do along the way!

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#1,563 – Sushi Singularity and the Future of Food

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

People living a hundred years ago never could have predicted the invention of the microwave and the rise of the TV dinner. Nor could people living twenty years ago have predicted the Impossible Burger and other lab grown meats that are currently hitting supermarket shelves. When it comes to predicting the future of food there’s only thing that we can be certain of: it’s going to be vastly different than it is now and we’re probably going to think it’s weird.

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Finding Your Innovation Allies

Innovation Leader

How can you find innovation allies? We pull insights from our recent Benchmarking Innovation Impact 2020 Report, and head over to the Bose headquarters to find out

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IIoT Myth: IIoT Requires Long-Term Production Shutdown


ARTICLES & RESOURCES. IIoT Myth: IIoT Requires Long-Term Production Shutdown. by Taivara , Technology Innovation. Common Myth: IIoT Requires Long-Term Production Shutdown. This is a common concern we hear. When talking to manufacturers about adding sensors to their production lines, almost always the first concern (besides security ) is how long they’ll have to shut down production to get things going.

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Shortcuts Combo of XMind: ZEN


Inspiration is once in a blue moon. You miss it once, you miss them all. That’s why you need Shortcuts , to capture them at a blink. Get ready for the next level of efficiency by maneuvering the hidden tricks on your keyboard. XMind: ZEN provides 4 types of Shortcuts : File, Edit, Insert and View. Shortcuts for File refers to the general operation of the current file, including but not limited to save, save as, open and new file. File saving issue can be a real hard punch sometimes.

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The Power of Storytelling in Risk Management

Speaker: Dr. Karen Hardy, CEO and Chief Risk Officer of Strategic Leadership Advisors LLC

Join this exclusive webinar with Dr. Karen Hardy, where she will explore the power of storytelling in risk communication as a core component of a resilient organization's management framework!

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‘No Code’ Chatbot: uncomplicating the creation of a bot


However, building a bot seems to be extremely complicated, a process that requires many professionals, a lot of code, plenty of IT development, a multidisciplinary team and primarily a massive investment, correct? Nope, Wrong. Thanks to No Code (and Low Code) platforms, you can build a chatbot yourself even if you have little or no IT knowledge, and in the following paragraph we’ll explain how: What are No Code and Low Code platforms?

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