The Shining Digital City On the Hill

Gregg Fraley

The time to invest in innovation agility is now. The team cranked out 320 ideas, wrote up 20 as elaborated concepts with mini-plans, and we roadmapped innovation projects for the next three years. Digital Technology Remains An Unharvested Field.

Creativity Is Where Innovation Starts

Gregg Fraley

If you, and/or your team, don’t have an organic, natural access to creative thinking, tools like Agile and Design Thinking are running on empty. How can an idea be useful if it’s not in play? I suppose if an idea is potentially useful it can be deemed creative without actually implementing. Innovation, according to the dictionary, is a “new method, idea, or product.” Build Innovation From The Ground Up. Creative Thinking Can Be Trained.

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Seven Facilitation Fails

Gregg Fraley

They may know frameworks, like Design Thinking or Agile, and a few tools, but very few have the extensive training and experience at hands-on facilitation required to make a difference. A professional facilitator has ways to stop the behaviour — and make people think it was their idea. Facilitation of Innovation Meetings Requires a Highly Specific Set of Skills, Frameworks, Tools — and Experience. Professional Facilitation and/or Training Makes a Difference*.

Accelerate Innovation — With Experiential Learning

Gregg Fraley

That improved understanding, directly applied to an innovation challenge, is how you get to a breakthrough idea. Insights gained inspire ideas to create something new. Sessions often fail to find breakthrough ideas. The hard part is the integration with the challenge, but if you do it properly, it pays off in breakthrough ideas. Design Thinking, Agile, CPS/Osborn-Parnes, Lean, TRIZ and other innovation frameworks all have some scaffolding built-in.

Seven Innovation Fundamentals for Leaders

Gregg Fraley

You will fail with: Lean, Agile, Design Thinking, TRIZ, Stage-Gate, Osborn-Parnes CPS, KILN’s FuseTrail, or a homegrown/blended framework. Creativity, and creative ideas, are essential ingredients, and, without other fundamentals , like projects and implementation — great ideas are a waste of time. Someone needs a spark of superior inventive talent, or you won’t have the quality ideas you need to succeed. Innovation Fundamentals for Leaders.

Nine Questions CEO’s Should Ask About Innovation

Gregg Fraley

Small “i” innovation can be generated at any level, so communicate to all that you seek ideas to improve. If a good idea pops up, by all means resource it and get it into action. Are ideas for new things encouraged and worked or are they barely tolerated? Is it a “pitch” culture where ideas for projects get a chance to be put into play? Stealing ideas from other industries is a fast path to innovation.

Purpose Driven Innovation

Gregg Fraley

Just kidding, Design Thinking can be a good choice, as can Agile, or Lean, or your own blended system. Energized idea generation about potential projects (that is, what projects might we do?). Do Purpose First, Select a Framework, Then Do Projects. Without a Clear Purpose, Innovation Drifts Off Course. It may seem obvious but unless you know who you are, and what your purpose is, as an organization you will flounder. Innovation Leaders sometimes get it backwards.


Innovation Training Under Utilized

Gregg Fraley

When I step into a room to facilitate a strategy, innovation, or idea generation session I usually find a great deal of energy. Training the teams, having a skilled facilitator in-house, and frequent practice of divergent thinking are essential to effective idea generation sessions. Knowledge of frameworks like Lean, Agile, CPS and Design Thinking are essential. Training Accelerates Innovation.

Empower Operational Employees to Innovate

Gregg Fraley

Companies are investing in innovation training, mostly learning frameworks like Lean, Agile, or Design Thinking. When asked to support innovation, or integrate new ideas from an innovation team, they resist — because they are being paid to execute, not experiment. The “ideas” become complaints. Then there is usually not enough communication about what is done with the few ideas that do have merit. She submitted the idea the next day.

The Billion Dollar Breakthrough You Missed

Gregg Fraley

I can almost guarantee you’ll have ideas. This simple combination experiment only scratches the surface, you usually need more scaffolding and structure to go beyond obvious ideas. Why are idea generation tools for deliberate combinations needed? Design Thinking, Agile, Lean, and older frameworks like CPS (aka Osborn-Parnes) are all attempts to find the system, the process steps, that will assist in repeating innovation. It’s deep idea exploration.

GFi Innovation — Fall Training Course Schedule

Gregg Fraley

If you don’t know the newer more advanced tools, and some neglected old technologies, including Agile, Lean, TRIZ, Synectics, Stage-Gate, Theory of Constraints, and CPS, you’re missing opportunities. The course covers management mandates, project cycles, resourcing, idea management systems, idea generation tools, concept development, prototyping, and pitch presentations. All participants walk away with a shell framework and ideas they can put to immediate use.

GFi Innovation Public Training Course

Gregg Fraley

It includes an overview of key frameworks ( Design Thinking, Agile, Lean, TRIZ, Synectics, Stage-Gate, CPS ) and their essential tools. In addition, it covers management mandates, project cycles, resourcing, idea management systems, idea generation, concept development, prototyping, and pitch presentations. More ideas, better ideas, and tools for amping and refining ideas. Innovation Intensive .

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Gregg Fraley

The focus is on the front-end-of-innovation, where challenges are identified, ideas are generated, refined, and pitched to management for further development and resourcing. Gregg instructs ways to blend frameworks and use the best tools within frameworks such as Lean, Agile, CPS, or Design Thinking. The Innovation Intensive course outline: Approaches to innovation (Design Thinking, Lean, Agile, TRIZ, CPS, and blended systems). Innovation Training.

Eleven Innovation Bullets to Dodge

Gregg Fraley

Design Thinking alone will not guarantee success (or any other framework, Agile, Lean, etc.). Very few organization’s are any good at all at Brainstorming/Idea Generation. What You Should Be Learning in Innovation Training. But you probably are not! Eleven Innovation Bullets to Dodge, in no particular order. Lack of Managment support will effectively kill any innovation program no matter how well conceived.

Improv for Business

Gregg Fraley

Classic Improv games are adaptable for visioning, exploration, problem framing, idea generation, solution development, and planning. The key benefit is simply getting to a breakthrough insight or idea much faster. By the end of our time they’re eagerly jumping into “scene work” and jamming ideas and problem frames based on scene-stimuli. There are laughs of course, but that’s incidental to the ideas being furiously written down in notebooks.

The Innovation Imperative

Gregg Fraley

Developing ideas for products, services, and improvements (idea generation). Pitching ideas, prototyping, and resourcing innovation. Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Creativity and Self-Expression Entrepreneurial Guerilla Innovation Innovation Open Innovation Agile CPS Creativity design thinking innovation frameworks innovation process innovation projects Lean why innovationThe Innovation Imperative… growing innovation culture and capacity.

Balancing Innovation via Organizational Ambidexterity – Part 3

Integrative Innovation

The funnel describes the main stages and gates every idea has to pass through on its way to a product, service or business model innovation. Ideation : Ideas for innovation in products, services and business models are generated. More and more, Enterprise 2.0/Social Business platforms are becoming a critical tool for discussing, enriching and prioritizing these ideas. Concept : In the concept phase, the most promising ideas are worked out with all relevant aspects.

Have your customers develop your next product?


And along with this information, their ideas. The recommendation goes hand in hand with a series of competitive advantages, such as reducing the risk of failure in product launches, as they are validated by large groups of consumers, or using said information as a basis for product development; this entails using up less resources or gaining agility during development. Our innovation software democratizes idea generation with your employees, clients….

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How to Speed Up Your New Product Development Process by 30%

Innovation 360 Group

Fill up your pipeline with new, vetted ideas. Horizon Two (H2) is your adjacent business arena where innovation is driven by new uses of existing technology and ideas. Using the Horizon Model enables businesses to make appropriate investments in the development of new ideas and cascade them from conceptual to practical products systematically while mitigating risks. It refines the hypotheses by clustering many ideas and use components to refine the hypotheses.

A Mother’s Innovation Hacks to Cope With Boredom

Innovation Excellence

Let’s start with my experience: We decided to follow agile principles in our quest to implement an autonomous ‘idea generation’ process to fight boredom and channelize extraneous energy. We now felt we had followed due process and this idea of a team centric innovative practice would bring desired results. It is either sans process or not agile enough 2) Overthinking the workspace: would it have really mattered which bedroom got plastered in shampoo?

Shifting Radically the Innovation Business Model

Paul Hobcraft

I get the distinct impression the focus of most innovation consultants is still locked into product innovation or improving the process of the pipeline / portfolio, the idea generation and project execution model. There is this growing redundancy of idle assets that are struggling to be reconfigured to take on new challenges and new purpose and failing to be agile, flexible and adaptive. Shifting Radically the Innovation Business Model.

The problem with corporate innovation

Jeffrey Phillips

Larger organizations lack the freedom and agility that smaller organizations have. Further, even if the organization gets better at generating ideas, they haven't resolved how to commercialize good ideas quickly, due to long decision making and product development processes. Outsourcing innovation means that the corporation becomes even more focused on day to day operations and may become blindsided by a new entrant, while paying top dollar for new ideas.

Innovate your processes before innovating your products

Jeffrey Phillips

I was leading an innovation training session, talking about the reasons for conducting trend spotting and scenario planning prior to idea generation. No matter how good your ideas are today, most firms cannot hope to realize them as new products or services for months or years. What will the world look like when we are ready to finally release a product based on an idea from the past?

Overcoming the barriers to innovation in the legal sector

Idea Drop

Often caused by a disconnect between the idea generators and decision makers, innovation can never truly thrive unless every person within a law firm is onboarded. Generating ideas is all very well but the difficulty lies in commercialising the innovation process to justify the level of input. With structured goals in place and a clear strategy for innovation, a law firm will be in a far better position to curate ideas, develop and flourish.

The difference between buying innovation and becoming innovative


So how can the idea of becoming more innovative be translated into reality? The Business Units themselves are then responsible for the implementation and commercialization of those ideas generated by the cross-functional innovation team. The idea is that innovation efforts are once again dispersed throughout the organization and become core to strategy, execution and capabilities within and across functions.

Warm and Fuzzy at the Front End of Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

I wrote about “ hearing all the voices of ideas at the front end and the “ two distinct parts of the innovation funnel ” building from my original post “ the new extended innovation funnel “, written in 2011. I often find it takes time to percolate down breaking ideas into organizations, it often tends to be a “wait and see” or what is best practice on this? The value of ideas is not valuable unless connected.

Déjà vu all over again: Corporate innovation is stuck in a rut

The Future Shapers

Other established innovators are exploring how to move innovation decisions ever closer to the customer using agile processes, lean startup models and design thinking. They are morphing innovation from a somewhat nebulous but very segmented management process into a more free-wheeling, nimble and agile activity that anyone in the organization can master. Since the corporate world has adopted a lot of new thinking (lean, agile, outsourcing, right sizing, etc.)

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Why do innovation programs fail


Similarly, you will need a robust process to collect and evaluate ideas in the ideation phase. Number of ideas generated. Number of ideas shortlisted. Number of ideas funded. Agility is not an option. Design your innovation programs in such way they are swift and agile to meet the rapid pace of technology and changing consumer demands. Committing your company resources to work on new ideas.

The Winning Formula for Financial Process Improvement – How TSYS is Defining the Future of Fintech


Rapidly changing customer behaviours, disruptive digital technologies, and the emergence of agile fintech start-ups means that disruption is an ever-present danger. As a result of this project, TSYS was able to address employee pain points and inefficiencies, enhance corporate leadership strategies, increase savings, and implement lucrative new ideas. This left employees sceptical of the idea that future programs would be any different.

Rules of enterprise innovation


These is a reason why in some companies, such as Facebook and Google, even interns come up with ideas that are rolled out to millions of users. These companies understand that good idea can come from anywhere. Identify good ideas, discard bad ideas, compartmentalize incremental and transformational ideas, select the best, and execute. Is unlike your organization structure and allows the idea of an entry-level employee to be heard by the top-level management.

Top 10 short-term online innovation management courses


It is generally viewed as a process of creative ideation, which is a combination of creative ideas and sustainably profitable business models. As described by Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google, “Innovation is more of an idea than location.”. Every organization needs to find methods innovate ideas and solutions based on the nature of their jobs and the types of challenges that need to be solved. Creativity and idea management. Idea generation.

Scaling-Up: Crossing the Internal Chasm in Corporate Innovation

Integrative Innovation

The race is on for companies to find big, explorative or even “disruptive” innovation ideas. There is a huge noise around what companies should do to find the big ideas. Compared to it, the discussion about the best way of turning those ideas into substantial businesses is almost silent. Hackathons’ or comparable formats are used to bring together external ideators with internal experts for drumming out disruptive ideas.

Top 10 short-term online innovation management courses


It is generally viewed as a process of creative ideation, which is a combination of creative ideas and sustainably profitable business models. As described by Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google, “Innovation is more of an idea than location.”. Every organization needs to find methods innovate ideas and solutions based on the nature of their jobs and the types of challenges that need to be solved. Creativity and idea management. Idea generation.

7 Habits of Highly Innovative Companies


Large corporations have taken steps towards being more agile and adapting to the rapid pace of digitization by improving their oftentimes long innovation processes and giving more autonomy to employees. In their turn, startups will benefit from a generous financial support for their pitched ideas and an access to the global network of experts and customers of Daimler AG ( 40+ markets and a lot of industry knowledge and data). Audi won big time from its Audi Ideas Program.

The Challenges being Faced by Innovation Consultants

Paul Hobcraft

There also seems this perpetual dilemma of clients’ wishes that are hard to reconcile with operational realities to turn their organizations from being focused on effective and efficient into agile and adaptive ,required for innovation. Wherever possible consultants want to manage as much as possible internally to ‘keep’ the fees generated inside.

Improving the success of your employees in the front end of innovation


In result, reducing the overall quality of ideas produced. Furthermore, by selecting issues and challenges that align with strategic objectives, Management is likely to choose ideas a more during the selection phase. Finally, guidelines determined when ideas proceeded further. What’s important here is the ability to run parallel actions and allow for ideas to proceed in warranted situations, even if the idea has not met all the criteria.