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Book Review: What about the Future? by Fred Phillips

Jeffrey Phillips

I'm returning today to one of my favorite activities - a book review. Good books are simply too rare, and good books about topics important to innovators are unfortunately even more rare. The book I'm reviewing today is entitled What about the Future? And that's what this book seeks to provide.

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Revolutionize Your Event: Selecting the Best Innovation Keynote Speaker


A speaker specializing in innovation can also highlight trends, emerging technologies, and industry disruptions, providing valuable context for future strategic planning. Publications and Thought Leadership : Authoring books, articles, or maintaining an active blog on innovation topics can demonstrate thought leadership.


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Creative Construction – Book review

The Inovo Group

Well-respected Harvard Business School professor and HBR contributor Gary Pisano has weighed in on the topic of large company innovation in his new book ‘Creative Construction’. This book is a worthwhile, albeit high-level, treatment of the topic with a rich set of descriptions and examples. Highlights. Gary Pisano, PhD.

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Top Jobs to be Done Books (JTBD)

Check out these popular JTBD book recommendations. If you’ve already reviewed our introductory training article, you may be interested in finding more resources to expand your knowledge about this framework and how to apply it to your own creative challenges and innovative problem-solving experiments. Get it here. Get it here.

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The Book that Took 9 Years to Publish

Stephen Shapiro

One week from today, my 6th book, Invisible Solutions , will be released. I’ve been asked, “How long did it take to write the book?” December 2 – 10, 2018, I locked myself in a hotel room and started working on the book. In fact, upon reflection, the book took nine years to write and publish.

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Ignite Inspiration: Selecting an Innovation Keynote Speaker for Your Corporate Event


A focus on innovation helps companies to adapt to rapidly changing markets, embrace new technologies, and stay ahead of the competition. Industry Insights Provide updates on the latest industry trends and technologies. Are they predominantly from a technical field, or do they have a diverse set of roles within the organization?

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Podcast S7E151: Jim Euchner – Lean Startup in Large Organisations

Idea to Value

Jim is Honorary Professor at Aston Business School (UK) and Editor in Chief of Research-Technology Management, a peer-reviewed journal for practitioners of innovation, technology and research management. Jim’s book: Lean Startup in Large Organizations: Overcoming Resistance to Innovation: [link].

LEAN 201