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Working together to shape innovation for meaningful change

Paul Hobcraft

Shaping Innovation for a Meaningful Change Following on from my initial post, “ Our Need is to Shape Innovation Dynamically, ” this post outlines the eight value-adding points that I can help build out and deliver alongside you in different delivery modules to fit your circumstances and budgets.

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Elevate Your Strategy: Leading Executive Team Offsites for Business Success


Setting the Stage for Success In the ever-evolving business landscape, executive team offsites have become a cornerstone for strategic planning and decision-making. By stepping away from the daily operations, you and your leadership team can focus on long-term goals, team building, and innovative thinking.


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Harnessing the Power: Navigating AI-Driven Rapid Change in Business Strategy


The Age of AI and Business Strategy Understanding AI-Driven Rapid Change In the current landscape, AI-driven technologies are reshaping industries at an unprecedented pace. Artificial Intelligence is not just a tool but a revolutionary force, catalyzing fundamental changes in how businesses operate, compete, and deliver value.

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You need a red team, not a red pill

Jeffrey Phillips

You don't need a pill, you need a team. Red Team / Blue Team The idea of a red team (attacker or hacker) versus the blue team (defender or good guy) has become a staple of cybersecurity, but it has an older history than that. What should happen next, and rarely does, is the creation of a disinterested red team.

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Using Lean Innovation in the Product Development and Commercialization Process

Moves the Needle

Companies that successfully bring new products to market rapidly, benefit from having a leg up on their competition while diminishing the negative effects of shrinking product life cycles. However, moving a product from lab to market is a process that in itself could use re-invention. What is Commercialization?

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Future-Proof Your Business: Building Strategies for a Disruptive World


To survive and thrive, it’s critical that you recognize the signs of disruption and understand the necessity of adapting to these changes. For insights on staying ahead of the curve, consider exploring creating business strategy in a world of AI-driven rapid change.

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Ambidextrous organisations: Where innovation should sit in an organisation

Idea to Value

Exploration on the other hand requires a mentality where not everything is known, new ideas need to be developed, tried, iterated and improved, and not everything that is attempted will work out as it was planned. Option 2: Innovation teams within each company brand / product unit. Positives: Simple.