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Five Barriers to the Innovation Process and How to Overcome Them


It would seem that the innovation process is simple: Get an idea, refine that idea, implement it, and repeat the process. Here are five common problems with the innovation process and how to resolve them. If a company developed a way of doing things in 2015, then it was likely the ideal one at the time.

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Innovation Teams within Organizations

Tips for building and sustaining innovation teams within your organizational culture. Successful organizations understand that innovation should be embedded directly into their culture and way of doing business. This is an individual innovative mindset that also is alive in innovative teams.


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How Innovative Is Your Organization? Take This Brief Assessment to Find Out!


Staying on top is about more than just beating the competition. Innovation drives economic growth. The most innovative companies understand the importance of developing solutions that solve critical problems. In 2021, approximately $600 billion will go toward research and development in the U.S. Risk Tolerance.

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The Final Perspective: A Composable Innovation Enterprise Framework

Paul Hobcraft

In my view any new approach to innovation needs to aim to achieve interdependent and interlocking innovation, solving problems that have not been addressed before and offering sustainable value, impact, and returns to all involved or significantly improving on the existing solutions.

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Innovation project or Innovation Capability?

Jeffrey Phillips

Today, I'm not going to write about "innovation theater" - that is, the concept of talking about innovation and moving some pieces around but failing to achieve any meaningful benefits. Innovation theater is very similar to what ecologists call "greenwashing" and both are bad for their respective movements.

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The Future of Design Thinking: Integrating Artificial Intelligence for Success


This process is widely adopted by managers, executives, and consultants to drive new product development, service innovation, and business model refinement. Its collaborative nature fosters creativity, leveraging diverse perspectives to uncover innovative solutions.

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Why Every Large Organization Should Decentralize Innovation

Idea to Value

A fully centralized ownership of innovation and idea management naturally makes it easier to achieve “maturity”, since that one team can manage everything in a controlled manner, often with the same exact process for every idea and innovation. That, however, is where the problem lies.