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Customer, Culture, and Learning: Takeaways from the Lean Startup Conference

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Anyone who has ever attended Lean Startup Conference (previously known as Lean Startup Week) in the past knows that this annual event regularly features invigorating speakers that divulge the newest insights and innovations in modern management for a wide array of industries and company types. Click to Tweet. Click to Tweet.

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17 Innovation, Digital Marketing, and Life Quotes from Inbound15


These (para)quotes on innovation , digital marketing, and life were the most memorable ones I took away from Inbound15. Digital Marketing. “Can we start by acknowledging that golf is a really bad spectator sport. Innovation. “Commit to a highly experimental process. Don’t just follow best practices.


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Corporate Challenges to Innovation – How Do You Keep It Going


Elementary School Math aside, when the IdeaScale team approached us about doing a joint marketing effort, I got excited. With the reason being that we at Ever Evolving , LOVE this tool and their team. This process is what allows them to routinely takes in new ideas and develop them from conception to completion.

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How to Properly Engage with Customers to Receive Meaningful Insights

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The rise of online ratings and reviews, social media where product stories are shared (both good and bad), and the overwhelming amount of information means that grabbing attention in this endless fight for eyeballs is a daunting task. Dominance of traditional market research is one of the biggest obstacles in achieving “customer centricity.”

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Unleash Your Visual Superpower!

Boxes and Arrows

Yet at conference after conference, I meet designers at firms talking about their struggle for influence. Developers own the code, business owns the proposition, yet design is considered a “service.” One team I’ve worked with helps bridge this gap on strategic projects by maintaining an “experience roadmap.”

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Start With Mindset


Yet, when we look around we don’t find the corresponding adoption across teams. often part of a mandated checklist imposed upon teams. I’m always happy, for instance, to see Lean Canvas posters in conference rooms. I’ve watched teams come to my workshops and leave with a full understanding of the framework.

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10 Reasons to Invest in Your Employees (and How It Can Pay Off)


A company invests its money and resources into advertising, research and development, social media, partnerships, technology, security, and much more. It may be the best way to raise the value of your company and secure your place in the market, and it doesn’t have to cost much at all. Poor Communication Costs Money.