Destructive and Constructive Innovation

OVO Innovation

Today I read a long post that claimed that up to 30% of the banking jobs in the US would be "destroyed" by innovation. No longer will we need bank tellers. Any job that can be automated or done by machines will be. This is a classic case of creative destruction, described by Schumpeter as a component of innovation. Innovation will always create disruption in existing conventions, economies and industries. This means that it will also destroy EXISTING jobs.

Constructing Innovation as Value Management

Paul Hobcraft

Innovation needs to create value, both short-term and progressively over time. It fuels the growth and fires the imagination.

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InnoCentive Partners with bauma Open Innovation to Solve Challenges in the Construction Industry


bauma is the leading trade fair for the construction and construction machinery industry and the world's largest trade show. With the launch of the second Challenge on the bauma Open Innovation (OI) platform , we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight this exciting collaboration!

How IoT is Transforming Unexpected Industries

Innovation Excellence

Consumer Innovation Industry Innovation R&D Science Technology agriculture construction ecology Internet of Things productivity Telematics

2017 Business Innovation Report


Moving Lean Construction into the Digital Age: Last Planner Meets Collective Intelligence


Our clients in the construction business tell me that the industry enjoys flush times, once again. Many construction firms are family led. Connecting Lean Construction with Collective Intelligence. Figure 1: the six tenets of lean from the Lean Construction Institute.

Andy Grove: Silicon Valley Legend

Michael Roberto

In the book, he discusses the importance of constructive conflict as a means of making sound decisions particularly at strategic inflection points. constructive conflict Grove IntelSource: Time magazine Andy Grove died this week. A Silicon Valley legend, Grove led Intel for many years.

Technology Is Rebuilding the Construction Industry

Daniel Burrus

The construction industry is notoriously slow when it comes to adopting and utilizing technological solutions. Elsewhere, some suggested that the builder of the future will replace his/her nail gun with a new technology that will completely overhaul the construction industry. However, it’s easy to forget that there is already a wealth of software in the industry, such as Construction Manager, PlanGrid, and many more, but they all are criminally underused.

The Engineering Behind Modern Superstructures


Enabling Factors collaborative innovation construction engineeringHuman talent, drive and innovation can achieve incredible feats - and what more tangible example than modern superstructures? Let’s take a look at some of the drivers behind building bigger and better buildings worldwide, from improved materials, to cross-sector collaboration and beyond.

Moving Lean Construction into the Digital Age: Last Planner Meets Collective Intelligence


Our clients in the construction business tell me that the industry enjoys flush times, once again. Many construction firms are family led. Connecting Lean Construction with Collective Intelligence. The construction industry does not need to make the case for innovation.

The Innovative Home: Sustainable, Smart, Mainstream

Innovation Excellence

This piece looks at the future between now and 2030, and predicts that the greatest need for innovation is going to be in green and smart construction in both residential and commercial construction.

This guy made a fun video while renovating his garage

Idea to Value

Youtuber Hampton Rutland explains how he’s finishing a construction project with wood he reclaimed from a derelict demolished house. This video might start off looking like just another DIY project, but partway through it shows the fun and creativity that the author put into it.

Are you a Lateral Leader?

Destination Innovation

Encourage constructive dissent. Leadership of Innovation constructive dissent conventional leader empower innovate inspire lateral lateral leaderAs a leader which column do you fall into? Conventional Leaders. Lateral Leaders. Lead from the front. Lead from alongside. Direct. Inspire. Use conventional methods and seek to improve effectiveness and efficiency. Develop new methods and seek to change the rules, change partners or change the approach to the problem.

ikeGPS – How To Invest in Trends To Escape Your Core and Grow Explosively

Adam Hartung

EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) companies like Black & Veatch, Bechtel. The earliest adopters, and biggest fans of laser measuring via mobile devices weren’t in the construction business. Would you like to triple your revenue next year?

Innovate like a Software Start-up

Destination Innovation

Construct a model, a screen shot, a story board or a picture and show it to real customers who have the problem. Large organisations tend to treat major new product developments as serious projects which require serious resources. They use project planning tools and stage gate processes.

Leadership Mobilizes and Energizes A Company Culture with Shawn Parr


It’s leadership’s responsibility to involve the entire organization, informing and inspiring them to live out the purpose the organization in the construct of the values.

This guy just built an unbelievable instrument with 2000 marbles

Idea to Value

It’s made of over 3000 pieces, constructed out of nothing but plywood, screws, wire, marbles, pieces of instruments and LEGO (the trademark sign of any creative project).

10 Famous inventions that were the culmination of other people’s work

Idea to Value

And as the industrial revolution and the growth of cities led to taller buildings being constructed, people became tired of having to climb multiple flights of stairs. A dirty (yet open) secret about innovation is that most great breakthroughs don’t happen thanks to a single lone genius.

The Wearable Foreseeable Future of the Workplace

Innovation Excellence

Enterprises are scrambling to establish a competitive edge through the use of these glasses, goggles, and phone carriers, and pilots are rolling out globally in factories, construction.

To Get Big, Start Really Small

Tim Kastelle

Eventually, all new buildings will be constructed using Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the offsite manufacturing of modular components. But right now, those technologies are only being used in the most challenging settings for construction, like the Leadenhall Building in London.

Four Reasons to Take a Rapid Prototyping Approach to Your PLM Implementation

Innovation Excellence

The waterfall approach, which originates from very structured project methodologies in the manufacturing and construction industries, is a linear and sequential approach to software implementations.

The Value of Having A Curators Platform for Innovators

Guide 4 Innovating

Keys have to be: know how to narrow the vision, construct the ‘appropriate’ content that is required (needs related driven), understanding the differences in true value and screen out the noise factor and build up the sensing signal.

Learning Platforms and Personal Learning Pathways

Guide 4 Innovating

Clearly, many of these are digital to construct, so as to apply the more modern design process that works for each of us individually, at our time of need. My mind has been swirling around the significant changes taking place around learning.

Needing To Think Applied Innovation Services

Paul Hobcraft

Can we find ways to be highly adaptable, agile and fluid in grabbing and taking the parts of the innovation system and constructing them into that design and process that works for that specific challenge?

The limitations, criticisms and new pathways for Design Thinking – Part two

Paul Hobcraft

We often lose sight that if we lack customer or outcome focus we are more likely to fail, and if the construction and framing of the design thinking are not well stated it simply becomes a failure potential before any investment is made.

The TRUE story of Post-It Notes, and how they almost failed

Idea to Value

This is apparently true, as in 1968 3M’s Spencer Silver was working on developing an ultra-strong adhesive for use in aircraft construction. Everyone knows the story of the humble Post-It Note, and how it represents an idea’s ability to evolve and flourish.

Mega Capital Projects and Product Documentation: How PLM Can Help

Innovation Excellence

The quantity and scale of mega capital projects is encouraging for the engineering and construction industries. Investment activity in infrastructure and other major capital projects has regained its upward trend following the 2008 crash.

Exploring frameworks and methods you need to know as an Innovator

Paul Hobcraft

The integrated framework was constructed in a collaboration with Jeffrey Phillips over at Ovo Innovation and then I added a post for building this integrated framework out from this by taking out specifically, the Business Case building as an important need.

Jobs-to-be-Done and the Internet of Things


These metrics (which are specially constructed need statements we call desired outcomes) are the metrics that growers use to measure how well products help them get the job done.

Generalists Are Hardwired for Reinvention


You live in a box you’ve carefully constructed to protect yourself, same goes for organizations.

What I Tell My Team

Innovation Excellence

We also have to set the stage, carefully constructing an atmosphere of trust where. Ask the hard questions. As a thriving consultancy, our primary vocation is providing insight that adds value to our clients.

Building an Integrated Reward Culture

Tata Consultancy

Throughout history, employers have been challenged with the task of attracting, developing, retaining, and motivating employees.

We are in need of a common language for innovation

Paul Hobcraft

the 1370s) depiction of the construction of the tower. It needs building and constructing in conscious ways and design. German Late Medieval (c. Any innovation common language needs working upon. It firstly needs recognition it is in our best interests to find a common point.

The New Innovation Need: Organizing within a Networks of Collaborators

Paul Hobcraft

We are living in a connected, constantly adapting, world where networks and relationships are the essential wiring connections we all need to construct. We are facing tough challenges within the business world.

The New Innovation Need: Organizing within a Networks of Collaborators

Paul Hobcraft

We are facing tough challenges within the business world. To work through these we are all being asked to transform but there has to be a clear end, a return for all this energy and resources it requires, that we are being asked to spend?

Open Innovation Just Got Easier


It helps to make the case for open innovation and shows how to co-create or crowdsource relevant ideas, prototype the best ones and construct strong partnerships. This week we’re launching our new free open innovation toolkit. Our existing toolkit has been a success – with over 3,000 subscribers globally – and we’re building on our experience these past 3 years by iterating! We have designed our toolkit to be used by those new to open innovation and old hands alike.

The role Human Resources can play in Innovation and its needed Design

Paul Hobcraft

Building capabilities and capacities for innovation are essential to our organisation’s future well-being and for me, the HR groups within our organisations do need to step up and become far more engaged in constructing this innovation design through building the capacities needed.

Building the Core Competencies for Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

The net effect, is it does prompt a greater desire, clarity of purpose, identification, and fit required at the senior management level and in general for innovation management construction.

No idea is an island

OVO Innovation

The consumer, on the other hand, encounters the product, which has a number of new capabilities, bells and whistles, but doesn't integrate usefully or seamlessly into a set of products, services, business models, channels, data and interactions that the customer has already constructed, or had constructed for them. The title of this post is a bit provocative, and that's on purpose.

Going Lean, Again


On a recent client visit to a German OEM of construction machinery, the CEO and the Head of Production gave me a tour of the shop floor – where the final assembly and inspection take place.