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Innovation Manager (m/w/d). Senior Manager. Wir brauchen MitarbeiterInnen, die den Tanz zwischen Strategie, Querdenken, Prozess, Innovation, Vorbildrolle und Überzeugung durch Umsetzung leichtfüßig aufs Parkett legen. Du lebst Lean Startup, Design Thinking, New Work.

Sorting through our Innovation Management Tools

Paul Hobcraft

We all are caught up in handling and understanding different management tools. There are management tools that have become ‘enshrined’ in organizations and many of the executives become settled on the ones they have bothered to learn or seemingly do the job. Disruptive Innovation Labs.

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Key Issues in Innovation Management – Revisited – Part 1

Tim Kastelle

At the beginning of 2013, Tim Kastelle and I identified four key issues in innovation management for the time to come. Let’s have a brief look at each of them: Differentiating and integrative innovation concepts. Reinvention through business model innovation.

The Design of Value Proposition Design with Alex Osterwalder

Innovation Excellence

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Key Issues in Innovation Management – Revisited – Part 2

Tim Kastelle

In part 1 of this post , Ralph revisited key innovation issues that were already addressed by us three years ago. It doesn’t always translate to managers, however. Co-Innovation and startup engagement. It will become a hotbed for innovation in 2016 and the coming years.

15 most important Innovation Theories your company should be using

Idea to Value

Every company says that innovation is important, and that they value the ideas of their people. Yet the problem lies in the fact that so few established companies actually know how to go about getting value out of their innovation ambitions, let alone turning it into profit.

Agile Innovation Manager Training


We offer a training to become an Agile Innovation manager in cooperation with our partners from Innovation Alliance. Modul II – From ideas to opportunities / Ideation, concepting, innovation culture. get an insight into how Agile Innovation Management really works.

Scaling Up Startups in Corporate Settings

Innovation Excellence

In recent years, an increasing intensity in collaboration between incumbent companies and startups has been observed. Meanwhile, close to 80% of corporations and startups have already been or are collaborating.

In defense of industry-agnostic innovation management

David Marks

He is in charge of the innovation and development in his company. I was telling him about the innovation assessments I conduct. “ The innovations required by a fashion retailer are not equivalent to those of a pharmaceutical or a telecom company.

Innovating: So What Is Possible?

Paul Hobcraft

Often we forget to frame what we want to really achieve in our innovation activity, instead we simply dive in and start innovating. I believe until we know what solutions we feel we need or the market wants, we will more often than not, end up disappointed in our innovation solutions.

The 9 biggest challenges for corporates to implement lean startup

Board of Innovation

This post is written for innovation managers & corporate lean startup coaches. Here are the 9 biggest challenges for corporates to implement lean startup and 23 great best practices to tackle them: CHAPTER 1: Organizations designed to maximize efficiency Product development/Engineers have no direct contact with clients. The post The 9 biggest challenges for corporates to implement lean startup appeared first on Board of Innovation.


Lean Start-Up’s Newest Tool is a Game Changer for All Innovators

Innovation Excellence

Use Innovation Accounting to Drive the Metrics that Matter Most for Your New Venture or Start-Up As the field of innovation management matures, many entrepreneurs and companies have built solid capabilities in design thinking, rapid prototyping, portfolio management, open innovation, and the list goes on. Innovation Leadership


Let’s digitize the innovation process!

Innovation Excellence

What if mobile was the right media to support, democratize, and streamline the innovation process? The innovation management dilemma Is really. Design Innovation Collaborne Design Thinking Innovation Management lean startup mobile app Moodi MahmoudiMoodi Mahmoudi is one of the founders of Collaborne, and thats’ excatly what his startup is trying to achieve.

Key Innovation Issues for the Near Future – Part 1

Innovation Excellence

The challenge for companies will be to find their positions in upcoming platform ecosystems. Not every company has the capability and influence to act as an orchestrating platform builder. But even participating in other firms’ ecosystems can be highly attractive.

The fallacy of "modern" management when it comes to innovation management

Moves the Needle

Doing so means a new kind innovation management because the management most of us learned in school won’t quite do the trick. His very lean progressive assembly process was the result. Cascading management hierarchies told workers what to do, and they did it.

He-Man can Teach You Powerful Lessons about how to Successfully Manage Continuous Innovation


The whiplash journey of Mattel’s beloved kids’ toy range perfectly sums up the fundamentals and key challenges of managing continuous, successful corporate innovation.

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Jobs in innovation: our field guide

Board of Innovation

For most companies, developing a winning innovation strategy isn’t usual business. Though essential for long term business growth, innovation is often killed due to the focus on core business processes.

Implement an Innovation Management System in 90 days

Innovation 360

Wanting to add strategy and structure to your innovation initiative without killing it with administration? HBR published an interesting article a year ago ([link] describing an innovation governance system that go hand in hand with our experience at Innovation 360 group. In the article Innosight describes a concept called the Minimum Viable Innovation System (MVIS). The InnoSurvey ™ map, showing internal, and external capabilities mapped to innovation strategy.

Let’s digitize innovation process! with Collaborne mobile app

Rapid Innovation in digital time

What if mobile was the right media to support, democratize, and streamline the innovation process? He tells us more about it, … Continue reading → Digital & Internet Execution Innovation Mobile Collaborne Design Thinking Innovation Management Lean startup mobile app Moodi MahmoudiMoodi Mahmoudi is one of the founders of Collaborne, and thats’ excatly what his startup is trying to achieve.

Implement an Innovation Management System in 90 days

Innovation 360 Group

Wanting to add strategy and structure to your innovation initiative without killing it with administration? HBR published an interesting article a year ago ([link] describing an innovation governance system that go hand in hand with our experience at Innovation 360 group.

How to Achieve Excellence in the Fuzzy Front-End – Part 2

Innovation Excellence

Read about Key Findings in part 2 this two-part series on the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation.

5 Innovation Management Best Practices for Amplifying ROI – Qmarkets’ Head of Customer Success Shares Her Insights


The great American oceanographer Edith Widder once said: “Exploration is the engine that drives innovation, and Innovation drives economic growth… So let’s all go exploring.” ?? Remember, innovation is an ongoing process. So, what lesson does this hold for corporate innovators?

Key Innovation Issues for the Time Ahead – Part 2

Innovation Excellence

In addition to the still highly topical issues, outlined in part 1, I’d like to raise another four points which I personally foresee key for innovation management in the time to come – making no claim to completeness: Organizational Ambidexterity As you can see from previous posts, I’ve been passionately advocating the importance of organizational ambidexterity for a couple of years.


The Case for Dual Innovation

Tim Kastelle

The first time I was advocating the idea of a dual innovation approach, here also referred to as organizational ambidexterity, is now more than 5 years ago. As recently outlined, I consider organizational ambidexterity to be a key innovation issue for organizations in 2016 and beyond.

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Leading with Lean Agile Principles: What the 2019 NBA Finals Can Teach Businesses About ‘Winning on the Rebound’


Having instigated one of the biggest debacles in NBA history, the negligence of Golden State’s managers – who also allowed two other injured players onto the court – presents a warning that decision-makers in the business realm would do well to heed.

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All Innovation

Integrative Innovation

Yesterday, I was quite delighted to see my post Integrating Lean Startup and Design Thinking ranked #11 of the Top 100 Innovation Posts 2014 at Innovation Excellence. In fact, the real power lies in combining different innovation approaches to fit a unique context.

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Key Innovation Issues for 2016 and Beyond

Integrative Innovation

Hence, I gave it some thought, starting by revisting an earlier reflection: Beginning of 2013, Tim Kastelle and I identified four key issues in innovation management for the time to come. Innovation can’t be tackled through broad-brush recipes or tools.

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Scaling Up Startups in Corporate Settings

Integrative Innovation

outsourcing’ uncertainty, particularly in early phases of radical/disruptive innovation activities. However, startup engagement is also increasingly used for tapping into entirely new markets or technologies as well as spotting disruptive innovation opportunities.

Scaling-Up: The Foundation

Integrative Innovation

The – in the truest sense of words – ‘billion-dollar-question’ we are addressing is: How can companies generate more business impact from non-incremental innovation? Companies are working hard to future-proof their innovation management.

Sinking the unthinkable

Paul Hobcraft

I believe Innovation is becoming overwhelmed by all the changes we are applying into innovation activity and its management. Orchestration is increasingly playing its part to manage all the assets and knowledge coming into play.

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Exploring frameworks and methods you need to know as an Innovator

Paul Hobcraft

Recently, well actually, over the past twelve or eighteen months, I was asked to explore and explain different frameworks that the innovator might need to know or at least have an opinion upon. Valuing an integrated framework- introducing the Executive Innovation Work Mat.

Scaling-Up: Crossing the Internal Chasm in Corporate Innovation

Integrative Innovation

This article was co-written with Frank Mattes from Dual Innovation and innovation-3. The race is on for companies to find big, explorative or even “disruptive” innovation ideas. Vehicles used for the corporate innovation race. It cannot be avoided – but it can be managed.

The wheel inbetween

The Future Shapers

Get innovation rolling: discover your Wheel Inbetween. Everyone knows that innovation is vital, and there is lots of great published thinking on smart ways to develop winning innovation ideas. Consequently, the full value of successful innovation is diluted.

On the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, does your company have what it takes for a moonshot?

The Future Shapers

Cordless tools: power drills and vacuum cleaners use technology designed to drill for moon samples. Shoe insoles: athletic shoe companies adapted space boot designs to lessen impact by adding spring and ventilation. But his words could have very well been NASA’s innovation thesis.

Innovation Activity KPIs: Building Bridges across Organization


Just like an orchestra, innovation is an interaction of all employees. The moment your company starts introducing innovation-driven activities, there will always be employees who question the purpose or the effectiveness of these strategies. There are different types of innovation KPIs.


35 Ways to Use Idea Management Software to Drive Business Results

The Future Shapers

Getting the best out of your idea management system (IMS) requires some planning and know-how, and a well thought through approach will definitely yield above average ROI. However, if we look back at the 70%-20%-10% rule for innovation , it simply makes sense.

Balancing Innovation via Organizational Ambidexterity – Part 3

Integrative Innovation

The first part highlighted that radical and incremental innovation build on two different innovation set-ups (exploration and exploitation, respect. New research: ambidexterity well done is a key driver for innovation performance.

Navigating Innovation Options


Innovation is a core business process. Most executives today would say that innovation is a core activity of their company. Processes to prioritize, conceptualize and commercialize ideas are implemented either within NPD or as part of a broader innovation portfolio approach.

SCALING UP: From Corporate Startup to Innovation Impact

Integrative Innovation

More than three years ago, we noticed a pain point in corporate innovation: How should companies balance the different requirements in searching for tomorrow’s business and in running today’s business? Furthermore, a recent survey of German corporate innovators found that 100% (!)

How to enable Disruptive Innovation in an enterprise? [video included]


Disruptive Innovation is not a linear process. This is why we need to change a few aspects of the traditional innovation management approach to encourage employees to become intrapreneurs and drive more breakthrough results. and the real innovators know that.

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Building a case for managing innovation


“Building a startup is an exercise in institution building; thus, it necessarily involves management.”- Eric Ries, Lean Startup. Why should creativity and innovation be given such a high position in the hierarchy, to an extent that it should be reserved for a select few?

Why Corporate Entrepreneurs are Extraordinary – the Rebel Alliance

Steve Blank

I’ve spent this year working with corporations and government agencies that are adopting and adapting Lean Methodologies. The biggest surprise for me was getting schooled on how extremely difficult it is to be an innovator inside a company of executors.

Balancing Large and Small Firm Capabilities

Integrative Innovation

The corresponding integration of incremental and radical innovation can basically be achieved in different ways: Building ambidextrous and lean startup capabilities. Mastering disruptive innovation in a large company requires: – different people.