Five Product Innovations that Evolved Over Time


The product innovations that generate the most excitement and public interest are the disruptive innovations. However, these innovations aren’t that common. To illustrate how this can happen, it’s helpful to look at innovations that evolved over time.

Forget products, innovate your business model

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Innovation and change destroy complacent, unchanging business structures and models. In every market. Product life cycles are collapsing - I was recently in a conference where a camera manufacturer estimated the average shelf life for a new camera was between 3 and 6 months, or less than half the product development cycle time! Instead they offer single solutions or products that are equal to or better than what the banks offer, in areas that are more profitable.

Marketing and Innovation are Inseparable

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So, how does your Marketing serve your innovation? Build Capability Consumer Innovation Innovation Leadership Management marketing Product Innovation R&D Sales Strategy Technology Creativity Customers Disruptive Innovation Innovation Management technology

When Disruptive Innovation Gets Disrupted

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Why Innovation. Why Legacy Innovation. Market Analysis. Product Design. Go-To-Market Strategy. Innovation Strategy. Corporate Innovation. Innovation Management. Open Innovation. Innovation Spaces. Innovation Strategy Course.

Data From 3.5 Million Employees Shows How Innovation Really Works

INNOVATION Data From 3.5 Million Employees Shows How Innovation Really Works by Dylan Minor, Paul Brook, and Josh Bernoff OCTOBER 09, 2017 UPDATED OCTOBER 09, 2017 JUAN DÍAZ-FAES FOR HBR Sales and marketing were once disciplines ruled by emotions. ectively engaged in innovation.

Is it REALLY disruptive? It matters.

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At the recent ISPIM conference, I sat in several presentations ostensibly describing approaches to disruptive innovation when, in reality, it was difficult to see what (a market or a company) was actually being disrupted.

50 Ways a Driverless Future Could Impact (almost) Everything

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Disruption Entrepreneurship marketing Open Innovation Product Innovation R&D Research Technology Automobile Industry driverless car Innovation MIT software technologyWhat could happen when cars and trucks drive themselves?

Welcome to the Mid Zone of Innovation

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Continue reading → Business Models Change Disruption Feature Of The Week Governance Growth Innovation Innovation Perspectives Leadership & Infrastructure Management People & Skills Product Innovation Strategy marketing Back End of Innovation front end Front End of Innovation Start-up

Trust, Motivation, Creativity, Innovation, Results (the real story)

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Yes, the management that, according to Clayton Christensen, is not supporting the creation of radical ideas that will change markets. I can’t believe I’m about to do this. Don’t tell anyone, but today I’m going to defend management.

How Product Quality Transforms Your Ability to Innovate [Case Study]

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Too often, companies are sold on a target price for their product. They want to charge somewhere between what the market is willing to pay and what’s necessary to turn a profit — sometimes at four to five times the manufacturing cost.

Should innovators trust their intuition more?

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A quick Google search churns up endless articles and blogs extolling the virtues of using instinct, intuition and gut feel for making better business decisions and being more innovative. In this article I pick apart what governs intuition and how to use it for better insight interpretations and marketing decisions. Consumer Innovation Experience Innovation Innovation Product Innovation Disruptive Innovation ideas Innovation Management Innovation Mindset innovative thinking Insight

Accelerating Innovation with Rapid Learning Cycles

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As innovators, we all want to do three key things: Create something new, fantastic and disruptive; Bring it to the market fast enough to capture its value and grow our business; Do it again (and again, and again.).

Moving towards a new innovation service model

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The realization that innovation goes way beyond product innovation is a massive hurdle for many of our existing organizations to overcome, certainly in what they are offering today as solutions. I would suggest on the very way we manage innovation.

What Is Business Intelligence?

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This can include information about the company internally, customer information, market information, sales velocity, competitive information and numerous other metrics. When used correctly this data can allow companies to reasonably predict the outcome and validate their decisions while still moving quickly and innovating. If you’re creating a new product historical data can provide a good measure as to what costs and revenue can be expected.

Key Issues in Innovation Management – Revisited – Part 1

Tim Kastelle

At the beginning of 2013, Tim Kastelle and I identified four key issues in innovation management for the time to come. Let’s have a brief look at each of them: Differentiating and integrative innovation concepts. Reinvention through business model innovation.

Innovation Types that Will Surprise You (With Examples)


Disrupt this, disrupt that. You’ve heard of disruptive innovation because it’s the most discussed out of all innovation types. Being able to change an industry, or an entire market, is great - it makes you rich and famous. Facing the beasts of innovation.

Reap a Competitive Advantage with Effective Business Model Innovation


Business model innovation is a fundamental restructuring of the beliefs that underlie existing ways that businesses create value. To a greater extent than product innovation, business model innovation forces rethinking of core beliefs about how businesses operate.

Top Jobs for Innovation Professionals in 2019


Companies in every industry are accepting that complacency and failure to innovate are tantamount to negligence. Failing to innovate can cause even a large established business to lose ground to competitors that more fully embrace innovation. Innovation Consultant.

Key Innovation Issues for 2016 and Beyond

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Hence, I gave it some thought, starting by revisting an earlier reflection: Beginning of 2013, Tim Kastelle and I identified four key issues in innovation management for the time to come. Let’s have a brief look at each of them: Differentiating and integrative innovation concepts.

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Samsung and Innovation

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The scope of products and services they provide is mind boggling. 70,000 of those are engineers working to create the next generation of Samsung products. Innovation has always been at the core of Samsung, pushing to not just be the market leader in sales but also product technology.

Why innovation portfolios matter

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At this point in business evolution, every CEO understands the need for more innovation. After a decade of reading about it, getting pounded over the head with the Jobs/Apple story and watching new innovations disrupt entire industries, businesses are starting to react. More and more of them are doing innovation, with drastically different outcomes. In many cases it's as if executives throw up their hands and succumb to the idea that innovation is black magic.

We Require A Shift of Innovation Management Solution Providers

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There is still a real reluctance that the supplier of innovation software solutions has to change. They have had a model of a constant growth success for years but it is getting harder as the market is fragmenting and looking for greater flexibility within the range of solutions.

Khaldoun Aboul-Saoud

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He has long proven career history of operating at senior level in Sales & Business Development, Marketing and Management positions with Multinational High Profiles organizations. Design Thinking & Innovation. Disruptive Strategy. Innovation Management.

Crowdsourcing Internal Innovation

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Regardless of what kind of business you are in there are numerous different types of innovation that can give you a clear competitive advantage and make you more successful. Product Innovation : Creates a difference with an existing product line and existing market, usually through features.

What 2019 holds for innovation

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I wrote my obligatory look back at 2018 article on innovation recently, so it is natural that we should turn our attention to where innovation will take us in 2019. In the 2018 review I made some disparaging remarks about Apple, which may or may not have caused it to lose a tremendous amount of market capitalization. Or perhaps the stock was overvalued and Apple has become more interested in margin than in innovation. What do we know about the state of innovation?

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Where Are You on an Innovation Scale?


In this article, we share Creators’ experiences and market observations to give you a brief overview of a typical corporate innovation journey. In today’s constantly evolving markets, the need for innovation is as important as ever. internal innovation activities (e.g.

The "whole product" is more relevant than ever

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You simply must tip your hat to Geoffrey Moore and others who created the concept of the "whole product". I've written about this concept several times, and I raise it again because the underlying ideas are about to become really important in innovation circles. If you haven't read Crossing the Chasm or aren't quite familiar with what a " whole product " is, then it may make sense to go and read up. Whole product (1.0) Safety has become a component of the core product.

Seven Roads of Innovation-Based Growth

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Why Innovation. Why Legacy Innovation. Market Analysis. Product Design. Go-To-Market Strategy. Innovation Strategy. Corporate Innovation. Innovation Management. Open Innovation. Innovation Spaces. Innovation Strategy Course.

Are Digital Transformation and Innovation the Same Thing?


Some companies have an innovation strategy. Innovation. Innovation is the introduction of any significant, positive change. This can be changes in public policy, small improvements to a company’s processes, totally new, disruptive product offerings, and more.

Innovation: Exploiting and Exploring

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Take innovation for example. No matter where you turn companies and experts are creating all sorts of innovation dichotomies. Products or services? Incremental or disruptive? I can say without fear of rejection that most innovation at the corporate level is incremental, extending existing products and services by adding new capabilities or features. There's nothing wrong with incremental innovation. Assign your best people to innovation.

Becoming an innovative company: better late

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So, after over a decade of innovation consulting, I can say without doubt that companies that are just starting to innovate have it much better than those that were attempting it years ago. That's because as more companies try more innovation, more tools are vetted, more methods explored and exposed. Today, there are more proven methods and more people with more innovation skill and experience, so if you are starting now you can get started on the right foot.

Overcoming fixedness before being locked in amber

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It seems strange to me, after working for over 12 years in innovation, that so many people can view the same set of circumstances and opportunities in so many different ways. Our economy is awash in innovation opportunities, and the opportunities are growing and expanding. There are opportunities to innovate new products and services, of course, but also new channels and new business models. Customer experience is rapidly becoming an important innovation avenue.

The gulf between innovation goals and execution

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Accenture has recently published an innovation survey of 500 executives in the US. I'm particularly partial to portions of this survey because the authors identify a real and growing problem - the gap between what executives want from innovation, and the organization's ability to deliver. By now everyone knows that innovation is a top three priority for executives. But saying that innovation is important doesn't mean it will get funded, get prioritized and get done.

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The innovation value lies within the new system

Paul Hobcraft

As many of our business organizations seek to optimize their processes across the company, they are constantly reaching more outside to gain growing partnerships and greater innovation interactions. Building new innovative collaborations. The evolving innovation lab.

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Innovation cannot expand without the 4th Industrial Revolution

Paul Hobcraft

“After a decade of flat productivity, the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is expected to create up to $3.7 It is equally holding a new form of innovation back, one that is highly collaborative where partners come together to work on more complex problems.

Innovation through intrapreneurship


This article published in the Harvard Business Review argues that they certainly exist, provided they have an environment that favors and promotes innovation, with prior knowledge of existing needs in the market. Intrapreneurship programs: focusing on innovation.

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The problem of scaling can confuse those innovating.

Paul Hobcraft

The problem of scaling can confuse those innovating and can this be changed? You can follow their work over on innovation-3, where they help companies to set the Scaling-Up of a fully validated innovation concept up for success. The shedding of legacy can equally liberate innovation.

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Why passion is the key innovation driver

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For years people have debated the reasons why some companies innovate and others don't. To some extent, the business models and corporate strategies dictate where and how much innovation is done. For example, when I worked at Texas Instruments, the strategy was to drive costs out of products that other firms created. Yet, within the DRAM and microprocessor markets and some other product lines, there was very little product innovation.

Why Musk and Branson are the vanguard of new innovation

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While the discovery itself is interesting, what I'd like to think about is how cavemen innovated, and what that may tell us about how we innovate today, both in terms of the nature of innovation and the pace of innovation. I'd like to argue that the nature and pace of innovation is always accelerating, and is evolving more rapidly as we have more and more information around us. Innovation happened when the first ancestor created a club, but it didn't stop there.

Innovation and Maturation

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So many companies make so many claims about innovation, and yet so few are really, deeply engaged in innovation. In the next decade we'll say goodbye to some of the firms who are talking about innovation but aren't exercising the muscles. Disruption and market transformation will occur (will? How do we get a better understanding of who is merely talking about innovation, and who is actually practicing it? How radical or disruptive are any of the outcomes?

The new ROI for digital innovation

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Innovation has had a bigger brother moving into the house next door; Digital Technology and between them, they have been busily knocking the walls down, to share the future going forward. Data specific, technology driven, innovation invigorating. gross domestic product (GDP).

Why business model innovation is so compelling

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There's a real sense that we in the corporate world are standing on the brink of an amazing transition, moving from relatively older, static models of competition based on corporate size and mass, to new competitive realities dictated by speed, agility and innovation. By growing large you can distribute costs more effectively, serve more customers from the same basic set of products, scale revenues and introduce efficiencies and command market power and dominate sales channels.

Don't forget the steak: What Super Bowl ads forget

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There's an old marketing adage that you sell the sizzle, not the steak. I wonder, as I watch Super Bowl television ads, how many marketing people have forgotten the basic tenets of their craft. The rap battle was great, but the products they were featuring were barely acknowledged. It's as if we are supposed to buy the products because of the really interesting advertising, rather than the benefits they provide. What's this diatribe got to do with innovation?