Mon.May 03, 2021

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Did these scientists just find the genes which allowed Humans to become creative?

Idea to Value

A fascinating new study could shed some light on the evolution of creativity in Homo Sapiens. The April 2021 publication Evolution of genetic networks for human creativity by Zwir, I., Del-Val, C., Hintsanen, M. et al. looked at the genetic differences between Homo Sapiens (us, modern humans), Neanderthals and Chimpanzees, looking for genes related to coding three different modern mental systems: emotional reactivity. self-control. self-awareness.

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How to Use Teamwork to Become More Innovative

Innovation in Practice

Creativity is a team sport. It is not a solo event. . When you try to generate creative ideas all by yourself, you’re sitting in a vacuum. You aren’t making the most of the resources at your disposal! . However, if you leverage the brainpower of other people, you can boost your creative output in amazing ways. . So, how do you start using teamwork to become more innovative?


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How to Design and Use an A3 Management Process Template


Whether you’ve read volumes about various business methodologies and the philosophy of continuous improvement or just a few articles, you can’t be blamed if you’ve started to wonder if Toyota developed every improvement technique. They certainly contributed a lot but, companies like Motorola, General Electric, Nike, and others have enhanced thinking about the power of positive change.

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How to Let Purpose and Passion Find You

Tullio Siragusa

How to Let Purpose and Passion Find You. A lot of people get confused with the concepts of living your passion versus your purpose. There are those who substitute their purpose for their passion and over time, this misconception messes with their lives and their careers. We all want to live passionately and with purpose, but it is not something we pursue, it is something that finds us instead.

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The Best Product Strategy Is a Customer-Facing Portfolio Strategy

Speaker: John Mansour - President, Product Management University

You know that sinking feeling. You’ve come up with a winning product strategy, everyone’s on board and energized, and you’re halfway down the path to execution only to have it submarined by something someone convinced your leadership was more strategic! It’s a scenario that’s all too familiar and it exemplifies one of the biggest struggles with individual product strategies.

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How to Select Your Best Value Innovation Project – The Secret is in a Well-Managed Product Project Portfolio!


Innovation is on everyone's lips as a solution to post-COVID economic recovery. The world of innovation has a very broad definition: It’s often referred to as an information technology innovation. but our worldwide economy is still very reliant on manufacturing. How you select your best innovation project is undoubtedly a starting point! The post How to Select Your Best Value Innovation Project – The Secret is in a Well-Managed Product Project Portfolio!

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does fear of technology keep us from living happier lives?


We futurists like to use cool examples to illustrate future concepts – back in 2013, when there was a lot of talk about the Internet of Things and how it would affect us – there was an example of an “auto-fridge” floating around. In short, it was a refrigerator that would automatically stock itself. The… The post does fear of technology keep us from living happier lives?

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11 Ways to Be More Successful in 2021

The Human Factor

The impact of 2020 will remain with us for the rest of our lives. It was a year that blindsided us all; from the US presidential election to the global COVID-19 pandemic and more. However, the new year brought with it a range of amazing opportunities. If you want to make the most of the opportunities available to you and you want to be more successful in 2021, here are some of our top tips: source. 1.

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What Exactly Does an IT Support Company Do?

The Human Factor

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels. If you have realized that you need IT support for your business, it means you have some idea of what IT support services can do for you. However, you may not be aware of everything that you can gain by hiring this type of service. An IT support service can take your business to the next level and free you up to focus on the more important aspects of your business.

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Making Your Mark! 3 Ways To Spark Intrigue in Your Business Contemporaries

The Human Factor

Image – CC0 License . The key to achieving success in business might seem to be all about getting that edge. And as nice as it is to have that friendly competition from time to time, we must remember that our contemporaries are more likely the people that have been there and done that! This means that when we’re trying to truly make our contemporaries jealous or make an impression on them, what can we really do?