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ChatGPT Workshop Course

Now, we’d like to offer a live virtual workshop that will help our participants learn ChatGPT and how to use this tool (and other similar generative AI tools) in their work for their own unique projects and programs. Ultimately, we like to design our workshops for our clients and can go in many different directions.

ChatGPT 75
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Ideation Activities, Exercises and Templates (from Miro)

These top ideation activity templates from Miro can be used when working remotely or in the same room. Miro is a fantastic resource for finding idea generation activity templates for everything from empathy mapping and design sprints to brainstorming. Ideation Space. Lotus Flower Ideation Session.


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AI for Ideation | How to use AI to brainstorm and generate ideas

AI can be a powerful tool to use in your innovation, design thinking, or ideation projects. We demonstrate how to use popular tools like OpenAI playground and ChatGPT to generate and develop ideas for a number of questions and purpose. AI Ideation Demo (Generate Ideas with Artificial Intelligence on OpenAI).

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Naming Workshop

Create and choose the right name to define your idea, company, brand, product or service with a naming workshop. We can take our decades of experience to design an innovative learning and naming workshop experience just for your organization. Virtual or Onsite Naming Workshops. What’s in a name? It turns out, a lot!

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Design Thinking & Workshops in VR (Virtual Reality)

Teach you how to design a VR workshop using an app called Zoe Immersive. Let’s start by reviewing the 5 steps of the Design Thinking process ( Empathize / Define / Ideate / Prototype / Test ) from a VR use case POV. How to Run a VR Design Thinking Workshop. VR workshops are a great vector of imagination and creativity.

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Innovation Unleashed: Developing a Culture of Innovation in High Potential Leaders


To ensure that leaders have the necessary skills to foster such a culture, it is crucial to integrate innovation into leadership development programs and offer leadership development workshops focused on enhancing innovation leadership skills.

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Creative Problem Solving Process

While divergent thinking, or brainstorming, generates lots of potential possibilities, convergent thinking involves evaluating and choosing the most promising one. Oftentimes, we suffer by combining these two processes into one, stifling idea generation. Four principles of creative problem solving.