Employers: Beware of the Good Employee Reference


Why a positive review is oftentimes anything but positive


Landscape Monitor for Startups


Entrepreneurs deal with high levels of uncertainty; probably more than any other business. The more disruptive the startup, the higher the level of uncertainty. Will the customers buy? How do we reach them? Will we be able to sell at a profit? Will our partners do their part?


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The Book that Harvard Suggested New CEOs Read is Emerging as a Key Reference to All Innovation Teams

BPI Thought Leadership Commentary

Change. Disruption. Agility. Marketing conferences and business media are so dominated by calls for radical new approaches in the digital and data analytics age that there is a temptation to believe that all innovation strategies must also be new. But hang on. Marketing thought leader Ronald Brown is rapidly capturing the attention of leading executives, academics and marketers by reminding

Innovation Management: The Value of Seeing What You Have


Strategies collaboration cross reference hub innovation management network maps recombine reimagne relationships team leaders thought leadership value visual thinking visualizationIf your job is to get your company, team, or community to innovate, you know how organizational forces can make it hard to even try something new. Visualizing the resources available is an effective first step in overcoming some of those organizational forces.

How Micro-Innovations Can Drive Breakaway Results

How do micro-innovations affect businesses' way of thinking? Those small acts of 'everyday innovation' are the stuff of greatness. Download the eBook today to learn more about micro-innovations and how they have influenced some of the biggest companies to date.

Planned Change Management: What It Is and Why Innovation Managers Should Care

HYPE Innovation

We talk a lot about change here in this blog, and most of it refers to change through innovation. The Innovation Manager

A Guide to Innovation Management Models and Theories


Today we’ll be focusing on Innovation Management Models, which refers to the theories around how innovation gets organised, managed and implemented.

Book Excerpt: Think Like a Privateer, Not a Pirate

Innovation Leader

Pirates refer to startups that churn out innovative ideas. Steve Jobs once said that it’s better to be a pirate than to join the Navy. Jobs likens large organizations to the bureaucratic Navy

6 of the Worst New Product Failures | Collective Campus


Fear of failure is often referred to as the number one enemy of creativity

5 Key Skillsets of an Innovation Manager


Innovation managers may be referred to by various titles. The role of an innovation manager is diverse. It cannot be described in one single job description. Instead, it is defined by the skills needed to embrace disruption and invoke change.

The Strategic Management Process

Cascade Strategy

Strategic management refers to how organizations define the business outcomes that they want to achieve, and then how they will utilize their resources to achieve those outcomes. What is Strategic Management Process.

Two in a row | Exago innovation software recognised as a Top Performer by FeaturedCustomers


The ranking is built based on data from the reference platform, including market presence, web presence, and social presence, as well as […].

The Phoenix Checklist – Strategies for Innovation and Regeneration

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Teresa Spangler “The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought.” Sun Tzu As reference I love using Michael Michalko book, Thinkertoys. It’s been on my shelf since first released in the 1991, especially in the most challenging times. This book has gotten me and […]. Innovation Leadership Strategy change future

Evolution of Strategy: From Business Buzzword to Measure of Success

Cascade Strategy

Does it refer to corporate or business? What is this “strategy” that we hear so often in business jargon? Marketing or product design? Does it matter? Defining the term might be simple, but “figuring it out” is not easy. First, let’s see what this modern buzzword definitely is not.

How to Build Trust with Remote Teams


Trust in the workplace essentially refers to our confidence in people’s ability to get things done, as promised How can I build trust with my team working remotely?

Eating your own dog food

Idea to Value

This is often referred to as “eating your own dog food” The origin of the term is disputed. In normal business, eating your own dog food refers to using your own products, such as by testing them internally or using them as part of your normal business operations.

What is Lean Production? Frequently Asked Questions


Lean production , also referred to as Lean manufacturing or Lean business, is a methodology that helps businesses and non-profit organizations reach their short and long-term goals.


6 of the Worst Product Flops | Collective Campus

Collective Campus

Fear of failure is often referred to as the number one enemy of creativity

The Strategic Management Process

Cascade Strategy

Strategic management refers to how organizations define the business outcomes that they want to achieve, and then how they will utilize their resources to achieve those outcomes. Strategic management covers strategic planning , implementation and strategy iteration. Strategy Execution

Mapping Out Your Innovating Way Forward

Paul Hobcraft

Second, there is the need to build reference points for future innovation activities , so duplication and learning can be built into understanding. This provides identification and reference. Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com. Mapping any innovation journey can be complicated.

Innovation Passion led me here

Paul Hobcraft

There is no one “magic” reference point, simply one book to refer to, or certainly one visual that solves our needs. Having an innovating passion. So many multiple strands constantly need to be pulled together to build a complete innovation picture.

Agile 204

The Most Significant Benefits of Lean Manufacturing


Waste refers to non-value-adding activities such as transportation, motion, waiting, inventory, overproduction, over-processing, and defects that are not meaningful to the customer. No matter what industry your organization is in, competition these days is tough.


acting dumb and beginners mind


” This refers to openness, enthusiasm, and lack of bias in learning a subject, even when learning at an advanced level, as a beginner would. The idea of ??a

The creative personality: Which of the Big 5 Personality Traits is associated with creativity?

Idea to Value

It assesses and scores people’s preferences for certain types of situations, feelings and actions across five main traits, commonly referred to as the “Big Five” traits: The five traits are: Openness to Experience: how you react to new information, ideas and new experiences.

Letter Combinations Quiz

Destination Innovation

The French often refer to their country as the hexagon because of its shape. Each question contains a three letter combination in capitals. There follows a short clue with the length of the answer shown in brackets. You have to find the word which contains the unusual letter combination.

Benefits, Tools, & Examples of the Lean Business Model


The Lean approach is sometimes referred to as operational excellence or continuous improvement. The Lean business model is about making continuous improvements to business operations and implementing processes that result in optimum business efficiency.


We are falling badly behind on our invention in technology for the Energy Transition

Paul Hobcraft

So let me get back to what this post is about, providing critical reference points on technologies we need to improve and innovate. Let me briefly reference different sections of the IEA website.

acting dumb and beginners mind


” This refers to openness, enthusiasm, and lack of bias in learning a subject, even when learning at an advanced level, as a beginner would. The idea of ??a

Building out our innovation ecosystem in design and thinking

Paul Hobcraft

It moves from many “strands” of systems into one of building on one “single point of reference” that ecosystems achieve by being built and designed for a more cohesive set of innovation activities.

Design 176

Innovation As A Verb

Bill Fischer

Innovation, inventions, creative individuals, devices and the like, are typically referred to as nouns, assigning exclusivity or title to these realms.

The Best Project Management Tools for Digital Nomads


It refers to anyone who can travel the world, have a good time, and stay in touch with family and friends—all at the same time while being productive and making a good living. What’s in the name ‘Digital nomad?’

Tools 52

Shoshin: The Beginner’s Mind

Idea to Value

Shoshin refers to the idea of letting go of your preconceptions and having an attitude of openness when studying a subject. There is a concept in Zen Buddhism known as shoshin, which means “beginner’s mind.”.

Proven Lean Strategies for Optimal Business Performance


Because the framework works for many types of businesses, from healthcare to higher education, it is now often referred to as simply Lean. Most modern business management methodologies have roots in Toyota's approach to quality improvement and business optimization following World War II.


Linking sense of innovating purpose

Paul Hobcraft

So here are my points of focus with a number of reference links that I have selected and written upon in the past. Dip in, take a look, and go further by viewing the key reference tabs provided on the right-hand side. Linking innovation needs constant evolving and recognizing.

Agile 130

Don’t worry what other people are thinking of you

Idea to Value

The spotlight effect is a cognitive bias refers to the fact that people significantly overestimate how much attention other people are paying to them. They aren’t. People think that any small mistake or embarrassment is going to be noticed and judged by everyone around them.

Groups 183

How to hire your next strategic planning consultant?

Focused Momentum

Looking at multiple candidates, checking references and conducting a panel style interview are all key tactics to use to select the best fit for your organization, but there are specific things to look for when seeking help developing strategy Bringing an outside expert in to assist a strategic planning effort is typically a significant consulting investment for an organization.

Build it, and they won’t come

Idea to Value

In the 1989 movie Field of Dreams , Kevin Costner’s character builds a baseball field within his corn farm after a ghostly voice tells him “If you b uild it, he will come” In this case, the “he” refers to Costner’s character’s dead father.

How Embracing the Right Tools Can Prepare Women for Career Success

Business and Tech

Kim suggests finding other women in business and referring customers to them at every chance you get. “I I was visiting a small town in Pennsylvania the other day, and I loved how each store owner would refer me to another store that had something I may want to buy,” she said.

Tools 130

Why Simplicity Was Essential for CI at a Nuclear Plant


This important principle is a cornerstone belief of what many refer to as a High-Reliability Organization or HRO.

The Power of the Outsider Mindset

Destination Innovation

Because they are outside the normal frame of reference they can challenge the status quo and see new possibilities. Elon Musk. What do the following people have in common? Levi Strauss, Henry Ford, Estee Lauder, Walt Disney, Elon Musk, Arianna Huffington, Sergey Brin?

How new experiences make you more creative

Idea to Value

The results clearly showed that when participants experienced something they were not expecting (referred to as a schema violation), they scored higher on creativity tasks afterwards. One of the most effective ways to improve your creativity short-term is to have an unexpected experience.

Don’t be a Superfluous Man

Idea to Value

According to Wikipedia: It refers to an individual, perhaps talented and capable, who does not fit into social norms. In 19th Century Russian literature, there is the wonderful archetype of the Superfluous Man.

Fear of the light

The Future Shapers

The present pandemic has only served to underscore the many flaws endemic within the globalised edifice we refer to as human civilisation. The greatest fear emanates from those who fear change itself.