How to spend $200+ Billion for a Train Wreck


2002: AT&T sells AT&T Broadband to Comcast for $47.5B Culture Innovation Leadership Networking StrategyOnce upon a time, a paragon of American innovation lost its way.

Optimistic CEO, Pessimistic CFO: Optimal Pairing?

Michael Roberto

They studied 2,356 companies between 2002 and 2013. acquisitions CEOs devil's advocacy governance leadership mergersSource: Insead Professor Guoli Chen and University of Miami Professor Wei Shi have conducted some fascinating new research on mergers and acquisitions.

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From the Rock Market to the Stock Market

The Future Shapers

We believe the current news media model is broken because the reliance on advertising has caused media outlets to chase clicks, rather than create value for media and thought leadership consumers. Less and less independent cutting edge thought leadership is created.

Why Resilient Companies Embrace Strategic Innovation

Legacy Innovation Group

In their unceasing quest for market leadership, these firms have embraced the constant and relentless hunt for "what's next"⃜ for the next innovation that will advance their markets to the next stage. Why Resilient Companies Embrace Strategic Innovation.

Networks, Communities, Ecosystems and Platforms

Open Innovation

For Silicon Valley and most researchers, the “platform” definition is the sort of ICT platform identified by Bresnahan & Greenstein (1999) and studied by Gawer & Cusumano in their 2002 book. Platform Leadership. Harvard Business School Press, Boston (2002).

Disrupting Markets – Why PayPal Is Worth More Than Ebay

Adam Hartung

in 2002 , in order to grease the wheels for faster ecommerce growth. Based on its current market leadership and position as likely game changer for the banking sector, Paypall is selling for about 8 times revenue. But leadership became complacent, and now it is very likely overvalued.

Do Not Follow the Herd – Sell McDonald’s and Microsoft

Adam Hartung

Leadership touted a higher same store sales number, but that is completely misleading. McDonald’s leadership has undertaken a back to basics program. As customer counts are declining, leadership is trying to pull more money out of its declining “core.”

What do you need to innovate?

David Marks

Good leadership provide clarity and focus. Technology leadership forges a competitive advantage. Purposefulness breaks further into: Leadership and Clarity. Why are some companies more innovative than others?

How China Creates the Strongest Innovation System

The BMI Lab Blog

The growing percentage of funds allocated to technology innovation clearly shows China's ambition on innovation leadership (source: Prof. BYD became the second largest battery company in 2002. BMI Think Tank travelled to China for a Business Model Innovation Study Trip.

Corporate Vision: How To Translate Strategy Into Meaningful Execution

The Future Shapers

When working with leadership teams, I often find it is valuable to get everyone on the same page quickly. A corporate vision: Provides clarity, focus and energy to the leadership as well as providing direction, hope and belief to the wider work population. Setting The Scene.

Standardization as an open innovation activity

Open Innovation

Platform leadership: How Intel, Microsoft, and Cisco drive industry innovation. An important but understudied form of open innovation is the network form (network as defined by Powell 1990). As we noted back in West et al (2006), OI needs more research on this area: at that point, OI had emphasized studying dyadic (bilateral) cooperation between firms, and a decade later that’s still true.

Innovation – Why Bezos Succeeded, While Lampert Failed at Sears

Adam Hartung

Quick Rundown: In January, 2002 Kmart is headed for bankruptcy. Heck, leadership had discontinued the famous catalogues in 1993 to stop store cannibalization and push people into locations where the company could promote more products and services.

The Orange Socks Story I’ve Never Written Before


The occasion was presenting our first strategic market plan at Yellow Transportation (whose name was Yellow but whose color was orange) to the senior leadership team. When the Fast Company article appeared in January 2002, someone came to my office to ask if I’d seen it.