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What’s the ROI of an idea management platform? Can you put a figure on it?


Taking this back to idea management, Do you know the business value of implemented ideas? They can be a series of small and incremental ideas, customer-centric ideas designed to improve the customer experience or big and disruptive ideas opening new markets or sectors. Yammer or intranet) or something else to manage ideas within your business?

The Pirate Approach to Innovation Leadership: How Thinking Like a Buccaneer Can Create Value for Your Enterprise


Despite being members of often tightly-managed crews, pirates were known for their fierce independence. Truly great innovation leadership will result in employees being encouraged to think outside of the box and inspire them to contribute bold ideas that could yield major returns. It’s important to venture into uncharted waters with bold and original ideas if blue ocean markets are to be secured. Our Blog Innovation Leader

Going Nuts

Gregg Fraley

A quick note to those who follow this blog. Also, soon to come, is a revisiting of Idea Management Systems in the new context of digital technology. Idea Management Systems were smart before, and are nearly a necessity now. Gregg Fraley is fine, in fact, better than ever. He’s also busier than a one-armed paper hanger. Training and ideation projects have him traveling and away from his desk.