Planbox Acquires Imaginatik Creating an Agile Innovation Powerhouse


Planbox, the pioneering provider of AI-Powered Agile Innovation Management software, and Imaginatik, the #1 ranked leader in Corporate Innovation Management according to Forrester Research, will join forces to seize on the innovation boom.

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Agility and Anticipation, a Tale of Two Business Strategies 

Daniel Burrus

In short, you use agility to change directions and head the competition off at the pass. Put them in context with the concept of agility. Agility doesn’t allow you to innovate and jump ahead of the competition. The reason is that agility is a form of reaction to an outside force.

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Secure Innovation Management for US Government-Wide Mandates


In 2011 the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released a government-wide cloud security memo and guidance policy known as the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). To learn more about IdeaScale’s FedRAMP offering for government, get in touch with me.

Future Squared Episode #51: Agile Government Starts With You *midweek keynote special* | Collective Campus

Collective Campus

Collective Campus recently hosted an event called Disrupt the Public Sector, as part of the Australian Government’s Innovation Month 2016

Empowering Every Resident with Tools for Change and Innovation

Braden Kelley

What if you could empower every citizen with tools that will help your city, state or country innovate and change faster than the competition for a penny a person?

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A Model for Dual Corporate Innovation Management

Innovation Excellence

As rightly pointed out by Tim Kastelle recently, it’s imperative to distinguish discovery from execution when it comes to startup and innovation activities – bearing in mind that both purposes are complementary and equally important.

A Model for Dual Corporate Innovation Management

Tim Kastelle

Premise 3 : Exploitation- and exploration-oriented initiatives are separated in terms of organizational anchoring, governance and funding. Innovation governance is carried out by divisional executive management as overall responsible and a dedicated innovation board as supporting structure.

Swimming along a road in a flood of digital transformation

Paul Hobcraft

The blurring of our lives, of the breaking down of the different old industry demarcations, the blending of government, corporate and social engagements is giving increasing voice to each of us as individuals, all happening due to this exponential set of connections.

A Model for Integrative Innovation Management

Integrative Innovation

Premise 3 : Exploitation- and exploration-oriented initiatives are separated in terms of organizational anchoring, governance and funding. Innovation governance is carried out by divisional executive management as overall responsible and a dedicated innovation board as supporting structure.

Finding the Advantage in Regulation

Daniel Burrus

One of the categories of Hard Trends—government regulations—might surprise you. No matter what any politician of any philosophical persuasion might argue, we’re going to have more government regulation in the future, not less. In speaking to audiences throughout the world, I often make the following statement: “There will be more government regulations in the future. Big Ideas Strategy Trends Government Government Regulations Hard Trends Regulations Soft Trends

Digital technology is changing the innovation ‘game’

Paul Hobcraft

The whole process is highly dynamic and reliant on the ‘network and social media effect’, and the job of the innovator is to translate this and respond in fast, nimble, agile ways, to fulfill the needs and capitalize in responsive ways.

The backdrop of digital transformation and its consequences

Paul Hobcraft

They need to experiment and be ready to be agile and adapt as they go, as their customers will radically alter their perceptions and past positions. Digital transformation is now omnipresent and has the potential to reshape the way all organizations operate.

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Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Intelligence, not just Our Processes?

Daniel Burrus

Being agile does allow you to react faster than your slower competitors and does help you with unpredictable change. Business and government leaders from around the world could do something about this now before it happens, thus changing this outcome.

Crisis Manager or Opportunity Manager? You Decide.

Daniel Burrus

No matter how agile you might be in putting out fires, constantly reacting to problems and issues is not only exhausting, it can become an unending cycle. For instance, one clearly defined Hard Trend is that there will be greater government regulation in the future, not less.

The Billion Dollar Breakthrough You Missed

Gregg Fraley

Deliberate combinations, aka concept blends, can be done by individuals, companies, non-profits, or governments. Design Thinking, Agile, Lean, and older frameworks like CPS (aka Osborn-Parnes) are all attempts to find the system, the process steps, that will assist in repeating innovation.

Pause, Think, and Focus to Win

The Human Factor

With current governments, religious leaders, corporations and individuals unprecedented unpredictability factor, the need for certainty and closure skyrockets. Green Pause-Think-Focus Science of Thinking strategic agility The Human Factor Using Your Brain to Win

What does it mean to cultivate a Fail Fast Culture?


It is a useful and important agile concept, that allows developer to reduce the time lag and costs in detecting the opportunity, problem or the failure, and relaying the detection back to the responsible developer to iterate and pivot the next phase of its development.

Integrity as a Competitive Advantage

The Human Factor

Instead of working together to effectively govern the country, Republicans, Democrats, AND others pander to the extremists in their parties. Green integrity Pause-Think-Focus Science of Thinking strategic agility The Human Factor Using Your Brain to Win

Key Innovation Issues for 2016 and Beyond

Integrative Innovation

Operating in unpredictable environments relies on an agile organization , following an adaptive, evolutionary and more bottom-up approach, resembling complex adaptive systems, e.g. in biology. A well-suited way to govern this approach is to manage a portfolio of initiatives.

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How much innovation energy does your bureaucracy have left?

RTI Innovation Advisors

These issues are exhibited in cultures that are resistant to change, processes that become too rigid when agility is required, limits on decision making and risk taking. In fact I think one could easily say that there are real strengths and real barriers to any bureaucracy, whether that bureaucracy is housed in a government agency - think the driver's license bureau - or a corporation.

The state of innovation at the end of 2018

RTI Innovation Advisors

Many earlier writers, inventors or consultants were individuals or very small teams, either by necessity or government dictate or other reason. The Trump administration's work on tariffs will create government sponsored winners and losers, accelerating profits for some industries and placing a pall over others. As consumers pull back to pay down debt, the federal government will only be able to do so much in a divided Congress.

Kickstart Innovation by Removing the Barriers

Destination Innovation

If you want to make your organisation more agile and innovative where should you start? It is remarkable how similar the problems are across different organisations in different sectors – whether in government, charities or private enterprise.

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The legend of the Gordian Knot and today’s oganizations “knotty” problems

Paul Hobcraft

We need to be agile, fluid and adaptive in allowing design, systems, and processes to continually adjust, to reflect the constant challenge of change going on continuously. We need to express the bounds as a governing set of principles that are known, reinforced and measured against.

So Where Is Innovation Heading?

Paul Hobcraft

Digital is demanding so much in new processes that need to be more agile, responsive, reflective of new insights at increased speed and fluid in the design of those undertaking the solution to react.

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What’s New in Corporate Innovation – Dec 18, 2017


Bersin is quick to mention ‘learning agility’ a very powerful phrase used by psychologists to describe your ability to rapidly learn new things. In particular, the GDS (UK Government Digital Service) is a great example of a citizen-driven design that has increased weekly visitors and decreased operational costs by millions. To wit: Australia is home to important developments in the digital transformation of business and government.

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A new cycle of innovation design

The Future Shapers

The blurring of our lives, of the breaking down of the different old industry demarcations, the blending of government, corporate and social engagements are all giving increasing voice to each of us as individuals, all happening due to this exponential set of connections. A key need of this digital transformation is going to be asking the question of how we can build in ‘greater agility’ and what is presently stopping us from achieving this.

Why Corporate Innovation is Harder Now

Steve Blank

I shared my current thinking about innovation in companies and government agencies. 08:18 Agile Development and Lean – Eric Ries. 13:58 Startups operate with alacrity, agility and at times a death wish. 27:30 We can’t afford to have our government go out of business. I was at Stanford in the Graduate School of Business and was interviewed by Peter Gardner of StartGrid for his On The Road podcast.


Innovation at Speed – when you have 2 million employees

Steve Blank

If you read these quotes, you’d think they were from a CEO who just took over a company facing disruption from agile startups and a changing environment. Instead the focus is on global and rapid maneuver capabilities of smaller, dispersed units to “increase agility, speed, and resiliency.

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The Perfect Conditions for Entering A New Innovation Era in 2017

Paul Hobcraft

There is a time where each business has to become highly adaptive, agile, open and mutually dependent on others to deliver in this ‘connected’ world to exploit these conditions and explore the opportunities that will emerge.

Needing To Think Applied Innovation Services

Paul Hobcraft

Yet we still get caught out by no t resolving or addressing the essential building blocks of innovation (culture, environment, climate, governance, alignment. Creating a fluid, adaptive, agile innovation system unique each time.

Army Futures Command - fighting the last war?

RTI Innovation Advisors

It is meant to be more nimble and agile than "big Army", meant to cut through red tape and create new combat systems, weapons, and platforms at a faster pace. It's a good sign that the Army believes it needs to be more agile and develop new ideas and systems more quickly.

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Could a high street Bank challenge Apple?

Matthew Griffin

The news that the UK Government is considering introducing legislation that force the Financial Services industry to develop common, publicly available Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The Power of Leveraging Your Network as a Program Management Strategy

Leveraging Networks

Conventional modalities, such as the long-established hierarchical delegations that tend to govern project management efforts, consume far too many resources and lack efficiency. This agile team construction means jobs are completed faster, at a higher level of quality, and on a smaller budget thanks to the largely self-sufficient and autonomous structure of network-based collaborations. In the digital age, traditional ways of doing business are starting to fade into obsolescence.

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Digital Transformation: The Why, What & How For Transformational Leaders…

The Future Shapers

A successful digital transformation requires a transformational approach, you will need to consider and adopt new ways-of-working, thinking and planning – that are beyond silos, outside-in and agile in nature. Each organisations path to a new more agile digital operating model is unique.

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The chance to think differently about Ecosystems for Innovation

Paul Hobcraft

Ecosystems that ultimately produce new business models rest on a large capacity for agility within the participating organizations. This will open up the whole need to re-evaluate the governance, the risk management and the resources needed to operate in this new innovating world.

Guresh Ahuja

Innovation 360

My experience spans as a client-side program manager delivering capital infrastructure (EPCM), design management, business transformation, strategic procurement, construction management and IT system projects for health, sustainable utilities, smart cities, and NSW government.

Agile 52

We Have A Moral Obligation

Steve Blank

I was in Boston and was interviewed by The Growth Show about my current thinking about innovation in companies and government agencies.The interviewer was great and managed to get me to summarize several years of learning in one podcast. 7:11 Agile Engineering – Eric Ries. 17:08 Government Agency innovation limitations. 20:18 Is Innovation doomed in Companies and Government? 27:45 Why Does the Government need to be Innovative?