5G Entrepreneurs Creating Billion-Dollar Businesses

Daniel Burrus

New multibillion-dollar businesses will appear that didn’t exist before due to 5G wireless technology. The first generation (1G) of wireless came with the introduction of cell phones constrained to phone calls and high-level executives. Restructured Global Technology Economy.

Digital Technology MoshPit

Gregg Fraley

New Service Offering for Digital Technology Innovation. It’s designed to uncover unlikely, but useful, combinations of technologies, products, services, trends, and insights that lead to breakthrough innovation. The new service is called Digital Technology MoshPit. .

The Evolution of Digital Transformation and the CIO


Our elementary vision of it is of fish growing legs, crawling out of the muck as alligators turning into rodents then monkeys then apes and finally something resembling people. Of course, this is not how it works. Digital Transformation Internet of Things Technology

Technology leads, innovation exploitation is lagging

Paul Hobcraft

The new combination is the new connections through people and things (IoT) that we can achieve a new innovation potential. It is still managed mainly through a linear process of stage-gates and investigation / validation to decide to move on or not.

Being Digital : Innovating For a Smarter, Faster, Lighter Enterprise

Tata Consultancy

This is especially true of enterprises that were ready to innovate early and began their computing journey decades ago, like we did. To me, any enterprise that wants to meet the demands of its digital native consumers, should start ‘thinking’ digitally, not just ‘adopt’ digital.

Managing IOT Services the DevOps Way

Tata Consultancy

The Internet of Things (IoT) is now all pervasive and disrupting every industry, right from travel, transportation and hospitality to manufacturing. The business case for any IoT project starts with optimization, personalization and quality of experience.

Tesla Is Redefining the Customer Experience

Daniel Burrus

One of the harsh realities of this fast-paced digital world is that almost everything we buy is out of date by the time we get it home. After that test drive, my view of the other brands was changed. Technology now surrounds us.

Applying the Three Horizon Thinking to a Fresh Perspective of Innovation Design

Paul Hobcraft

Thinking in different horizons prompts you to go beyond the usual focus of fixing innovation just in the present it provides the connections of the present with the desired future. Innovation today conflicts with much of our existing organizational designs.

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The Industry 4.0 Advantage

Daniel Burrus

This visceral image of “industry” being gritty and exclusively blue-collar is true to some degree, but when “4.0” advanced automation and robotics, 3D printing, and other industrial Internet of Things (IoT) advancements often replace mundane tasks in manufacturing, Industry 4.0 Manufacturing evolved to optimized labor performed by the use of water- and steam-powered engines with human beings working alongside them. The general definition of Industry 4.0

Mapping the customer journey is the top driver for digital transformation

Paul Hobcraft

Organizations are struggling to understand the behaviors of the ‘connected’ customer. The lack of having a well mapped out customer journey means missing out on opportunities caused by not knowing this complete set of connections being made into you.

Report 213

Capabilities and Leadership Close the Skills Gap in Manufacturing

Innovation 360 Group

As the manufacturing sector speeds into a world of futuristic tech and disruptive business models, creativity and innovation are becoming critical skills for figuring out how to unlock value strategically. The End of “Jobs” and the Beginning of Capabilities.

Jumping to a fresh cycle of innovation design

Paul Hobcraft

In my opinion, it needs to be based on the thinking around the shift from products to solutions, from transactions to building far more value-adding ongoing relationships, from a supplier of product services into highly valued network partnerships, exploring innovation across all options.

Design 214

Nine Questions CEO’s Should Ask About Innovation

Gregg Fraley

The man asking, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, was dead sincere. ” Now I knew he was having a bit of fun. Do you have an innovation plan for the integration of digital tech? If there is some aspect of this I can assist with, please get in touch, gregg@greggfraley.com.

The Billion Dollar Breakthrough You Missed

Gregg Fraley

Fresh combinations of technologies, processes, materials, people, trends, concepts, and other factors are what creates innovation. It’s interesting that large organizations with lots of intellectual property don’t systematically examine what they can combine to innovate.

Focus On Customer Experience – Your Customers Will Thank You

Leveraging Networks

According to a recent Walker study, by 2020 customer experience (CX) will overtake price as the key brand differentiator, with customer interactions occurring at every stage of the buying journey. In addition, businesses must consider their global customers, meaning they must be able to cater to a variety of needs and preferences that stem from different cultures, languages, and laws. It is absolutely critical in today’s environment to stay on top of processes.

Digital transformation in the insurance industry: innovation revolutionizes business model


In order to meet new demands and be updated in a competitive market, companies are increasingly investing in digital solutions, with mobile devices, Internet of Things, Telemetry, among others. The new consumer places high expectations on the products offered by insurers, which demands a combination of speed, transparency, convenience and technology. “The crisis has cooled down the pace of industry growth, but not its enthusiasm for innovation.

The enemy is already within. The flood gates are open. Can GE recover?

Paul Hobcraft

Managing cash, balancing this out with your liabilities and obligations, knowing your market dynamics, and equally, having a good understanding of where the future growth lies, are all essential for managing any healthy business. It seems in GE, all of these have been forgotten or collapsed.

Is Digital Disruption Keeping You Awake at Night?

Daniel Burrus

Two of the biggest Hard Trends right now are around organizations moving their data into the cloud and the very real increase in online security disruption threats we face on a daily basis. The fear of suffering a data breach or even data loss is unthinkable; it’s what keeps most CEOs awake at night. This is where we are starting to see a new wave of digital disruption as conflicts are forcing a change in the technology landscape.

3 Warning Signs Your IT Strategy is All Wrong


Ultimately, the goal of strategic planning and road mapping is to determine how the business will win, what capabilities are needed and how the leadership will prioritize initiatives. must be flexible and agile to support increasingly dynamic requirements as digital business models evolve.

Open Innovation: A critical success factor when you build your innovation journey


We are currently experiencing one of the most significant transformations of our history. In 2030, 75% of the global employees will be “digital natives,” who grew up surrounded by mobile devices, mobile communication and the Internet.

What’s New in Corporate Innovation – Dec 18, 2017


Hello folks, and welcome to our first edition of “What’s New in Corporate Innovation.” Everyone’s talking about innovation these days – a profusion of content ranging from social posts on Medium and LinkedIn to the hallowed pages of HBR and the Economist – and everything in between. What’s new with the Internet of Things? In this piece, McKinsey consultants summarize the findings from a research study into corporate adoption of IoT technologies.

Trends 126

Insurtech: what it is, examples and how to seize opportunities


Notice the term “transformation”: that’s right, the Insurtechs – startups that work within this concept – are revitalizing a well-established industry to make it even more vibrant, sustainable and agile.

We are transcending traditional industry and product boundaries

Paul Hobcraft

It seems this is the era of the digitally savvy entrepreneur. With the dizzy array of choices, combined with technology prowess and ‘plugging’ these into ‘seen’ customer needs, they are setting about disrupting existing businesses and establishing new ones, on an ever-increasing global scale.

AI Developers Take Note: The Bartender of the Future Will Probably Be a Robot


Sometimes, they’re simply new to the job and struggle to stay on top of each customer’s request; this can make it difficult to get a drink. As technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to improve, these types of problems may become less common.

Legacy is all around us. Innovation and insights suffer greatly

Paul Hobcraft

When you think we are on a roll, we are making that transformation in technology, systems, new organizational designs, you are suddenly stopped in your tracks. They were designed on outdated technologies, designed in a world where data was stored not mined 24 x 7.

System 170

Industry 4.0: what it is and what are its current impacts


It is nothing more than the phenomenon of adopting innovative tools, resources and technological services to optimize the management of the most varied industrial aspects. Scholars of the Industry 4.0 Increase of the productivity. Agility and flexibility.

Finding the Meaning and Purpose of Digital Transformation

The Future Shapers

It is believed that 50% of the traditional companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since 2000 due to digitalisation. It is one evidence of the brutality of digital transformation and a scenario that has never been seen in the history of economics and business.

Tomorrow thinking for CEOs

The Future Shapers

Why does it seem that most large organisations are too paralyzed to move fast enough in times when corporate agility is the only response that will help them win? A myriad of responses are possible in order to be future fit. Read on for a summary of suggestions. Out of sync.

Agile 68

System of Engagement

Information Playground

Earlier this month David Goulden wrote about pushing information technology beyond yesterday's function. One of the key points that he made was that traditional IT systems function as a system of record. Delivery of security is evolutionary and agile.

Customer Acquisition: Turbulent Times Ahead?


Certainly, we’ve come a long way from the database marketing days of the 1980s where direct marketing lists ruled the roost. Remember those purchased or rented lists of names, addresses and phone numbers? With the boom in internet adoption came coveted email addresses. Now, of course, customers give information away in their everyday activities in an effort to better the experience for themselves. Become a fast follower of new channels, technologies and capabilities.

Data 40

Open and Closed Innovation: what are the differences?


When we think of Open Innovation, it is tempting to associate it with the opposite of Closed Innovation, the traditional one, generated by our own efforts in organizations, without the aid of external entities and agents. In fact, the best thing to do is to think of these two concepts as complementary. Let us begin by recalling that the term Open Innovation was coined by Henry Chesbrough, a researcher at the University of California.

Digital Transformation: The Why, What & How For Transformational Leaders…

The Future Shapers

The execution of a successful digital agenda starts with a mind-set shift that places a heightened emphasis on people a nd social systems to effect positive and sustainable change. As yet I have not yet come across an industry standard definition of digital transformation.

Agile 81

Top 7 Business Innovation Trends for 2017


To select the right system for your needs, you can read the in-depth reviews of software products in a reputable SaaS directory. In this article, we look at a few key business trends of 2017 in different sectors and how they are redefining technology and business strategy this year.

Davos Innovation Analysis: Will The Fourth Industrial Revolution lead to Households as employers?

Innovation 360 Group

The echo form the Davos meeting just begun… To quote Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of the MIT Initiative for the Digital Economy, “The idea that robots will take our jobs is the biggest misconception I’ve heard here at Davos.” Instead, he emphasized technology’s potential as a powerful tool.

Business Analytics: how to implement in your company


In the “Data Age,” the volume of information produced and shared every second has become so large that the traditional methods used to process them are no longer adequate. It is in this new scenario that the concepts of Big Data, Analytics, Internet of Things, etc.